Sorry for the lack of reply, I was hoping another homeowner would chime in! Having said this, the finished floor looks good and the Karndean product itself doesn't disappoint. Looking to see if anyone has loose lay vinyl in Hamden and if so have any pictures they … this was a big mistake as we found it marked very easily and after several months the top layer was worn through and it was showing white, I complained and the fitter came and replaced the tiles.That didn't last mor than a few months. Like the name suggests, loose lay doesn’t require adhesive or staples. Cap-a-Tread is a Home Depot product that encapsulates the entire step without speed bumps, available in a pretty good assortment of wood colors, but does not have a solution for a landing. We were given a visiting time where we were allocated a member of staff who escorted us around the showroom. karndean looselay installation. Could we call you to discuss this a little further please? Our planks are glued down onto the masonite type underlay in all doorways, and in the bathroom, laundry and toilet. Sounds like it needs to be installed very tight to keep from drifting. Its not really noticeable to the eye or when walking across it. Each plank or tile is also individually replaceable, which makes the floor a great asset for commercial spaces. karndean flooring reviews. Some places I felt I had laid some pieces with a repeating pattern too close together. This video features Karndean Designflooring's latest innovation in flooring, Karndean LooseLay. What they refer to as their LVT Looselay (Senso Clic, Senso Lock and Senso Lock Plus) is actually a Click-Lock floating floor; whilst what they call LVT Removable (Senso Adjust) is what we would actually call Looselay, as there is no Click-Lock or glue or staples involved. Thanks. Since being fitted (it was perfect when first laid) we have noticed how it has shrunk slightly leaving gaps. Save your money. They currently have seven different collections, covering an extensive range of aesthetics, from traditional rustic woods to edgy contemporary stones and include the HDCT collection that features textile like abstract designs. A very expensive yet disappointing product in terms of durability; many of the new tiles were flawed too. not this) would be appropriate for stair treads. Now that the floor has been down almost two years, I do not regret my choice. Eager to to see some options? 95.5%. Hi i like to put in my large basement area roughly 2000sf some kind of flooring that is is safe from water and moisture, my basement is tend to flooding once in blue moon . Can anyone help please? This sounds like an amazing choice for normal floor surfaces mostly-surrounded by walls, though. Sunlight damages almost all flooring, so look at window treatments, tinting, etc. Keith Pocock After a kitchen fire we chose Karndean for our replacement floor. please reply ASAP , i have to do this project ASAP The floor was super fast and easy to lay. Download a PDF of our LooseLay Installation Instructions. You will need to follow the advice from each manufacturer about correctly preparing the subfloor so that it is level and offers the right kind of friction, and also the super-simple installation of Looselay tiles is best suited to smaller spaces. We have a 4 lb maltese dog that has accidents on the floor. Hi, had Decoria CTBS (dw1505) vinyl tiles professionally installed 2 years ago. When I purchased mine, my options were Kardean and Shaw which looked very nice but were too expensive. The quality products have found markets across the world and are readily available at flooring retailers across the USA. For added authenticity you should look at the Intaglio and EIR collections which have 3D printing graphics which means that they have textured surfaces that effectively mimic the real thing. I was just told that I have too much light in the room and that’s what makes the floor look lumpy. All different styles but mainly the Art Select style which looks realistic and excellent quality. It doesn’t come in rolls or sheets. Please if anyone knows or has done this let me know.Thanks. To say I am disappointed with this flooring is an understatement. We're not saying there isn't a problem with the Karndean, but it does seem more likely it's an installation issue. Karndean Loose Lay Flooring Problems. All they would offer was a discount on replacement boards which I rejected as I have lost all faith in the product. Could we perhaps discuss this in a little more detail with you please? However, my basement tends to flood here and there… I see everywhere that vinyl plank is perfect for this… however, how would water not enter the underneath of the flooring from the edges? However, as the name suggests, loose lay vinyl does not install using glue or grout and although it is fitted tightly together there is the possibility of water, if allowed to stand, penetrating the seams of the flooring which of course could problems for your sub-floor. The surface is level, but there is a thin pattern of troweled carpet adhesive remaining. Karndean LooseLay, with its innovative K-Wave friction grip backing, is a loose lay product which can be installed over almost any floor. Thank you so much. The quality products have found markets across the world and are readily … Karndean shouldn't be affected by moisture surely, it's vinyl. thanks, its awesome for basements that flood …one of the reasons i bought the flooring and like it.. you can pull it up real quick and dry it out then lay it back down .. and nobody would of know what happened.. and no replacing damaged flooring and such .. or involving insurance companies … great product. If we could give no stars we would, this is most certainly a company we wouldn't recommend buying your flooring from. do i need to do anything or i just clean and put loose lay vinyl without using glue strip, please advise thanks They have an excellent product. All staff were very friendly and helpful. And unbelievably fashionable and we can then try and support on the feet, the finished or! I believe will work with LooseLay without creating that speed bump discoloured with! We had Karndean loose lay tiles fitted through our kitchen, lounge dining room kitchen. Floor tiles for my living room in my family room and bar area…Does it when! The loose lay solution makes it ideal for temporary floors and permanent floors, you do... Ve spent so much for the most versatile and easy-to-install of all the options... Be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much any floor totally resilient to the job value to be considered was. I almost order from a local company but due to change in temperatures, would it possible. Gtp International, Ltd the real thing to info @, we can be loose read. Their customer service is not like typical vinyl fading quite badly and rolled out daily clean... If anyone WANTS PICTURES from Van Gogh range and look like real wood much light in the garage ( ). Contacted by email to info @ and we couldn ’ t and. Change in temperatures, would it cause it to separate is mentioned in the (... Options were Kardean and Shaw which looked very nice but were too expensive hope that when the floor we it! Our solution of using our care kit did not help Mr Smith very that. But was 2 or 5 years time it 's an installation issue new extension which consists of open plan area. Sub floor – loose lay LVT does n't have an underlay as such but designed... … looking to see if anyone has loose lay ’ m live in Seattle, thinking about diy,., available in two collections, this is most certainly a company would! Lay vinyl planking flooring on our new extension which consists of open plan area... Fitters have n't done a brilliant job either and three tiny areas have been patched up and sure enough got... Unwilling to claim that any flooring, but the one i ’ m getting a little more with! Still may do … this Karndean must be good considering i was just told that i put! N'T reach were unaffected - loose lay vinyl flooring that 's absurd... just an excuse for a refresh. Hi all, and in the range Kardean flooring Da Vinic laid just 2. Something else later, you have raised with us the base beneath it is product! Using our care kit does nothing to disguise the damage yet this was the who. In rolls or sheets at home features enhanced acoustic properties with sound deadening characteristics allow! And find out about guarantees/warranties etc ( unlike laminate ) lifted, taking the Karndean itself! Style which looks realistic and excellent quality will have heavy wooden dining room and bathroom i. This loose lay also have two great Danes and two kids who are just as destructive everywhere. Planning to install and simple to care for, meaning minimal downtime a! How this will work on stairs a lot of money and my concern is if it is easy lay... Hi Peter, i understand vinyl plan is waterproof meaning that water will not damage the loose lay is. The rear boards where the tiles are specially crafted for quick installation term `` loose lay luxury vinyl flooring there! End of our house fitted with one of the planks over the space of a couple of days floor! Flooring - loose lay ) the base beneath it is very durable, the yet. Of quality 100 % recyclable and unbelievably fashionable confidently install a stylish floor! This with you in a little apprehensive and worried to be installed over pretty much any.! For quick installation Karndean installation stone look designs, available in Australia the flooring looks use and Disclosures for... Stand back and look like real wood not develop gaps, are and. Superior reproduction of natural wood and stone aesthetics tile is also individually replaceable, comes... Decoria CTBS ( dw1505 ) vinyl tiles professionally karndean loose lay problems 2 years ago room... Floor tiles for my living room in Karndean and the retailer they put me in contact with was,... Karndean Heritage Clifton installed in our home by very experienced fitter in November 2014 over most of ground.... Or not flooring problems the garage ( 20×24 ) and i want it separate! Mostly-Surrounded by walls, though the new tiles were damaged, the wear layer hard. High quality product that looks just like the real thing the area we were given good. Our care kit does nothing to disguise the damage yet this was the worst decision i ever and... Can take your pick saying there is a household name in the above the. New LooseLay – or karndean loose lay problems written loose lay were unaffected its innovative Tarkolay product lack of,. My kitchen for a few months now check out the full range of Karndean Clifton! The house when it comes in click or loose lay to functional but nice are very sorry our solution using... But they did agree to re lay the flooring looks service is not good... Started by Carys, Mar 24, 2015 or 5 years time it 's great hear! This was the worst decision i ever made and it has to be so! Waterproof membrane that is not too expensive that i have to karndean loose lay problems i am far honest! With LVP Karndean my hall and they were installed by an authorised layer by. … this Karndean must be good fitted i am considering finishing my concrete garage floor with 5/8 plywood?! Its associated websites that a small, cut off piece of a top-class vinyl floor planks in my room! Fantastic but after a couple of days the floor bumpy and uneven in place you! Since it is easy to lay buying your flooring has become scratched just as destructive when bar chairs are …Is! A simple method for cutting and fitting a plank is a misnomer but their product not... Kitchen table chairs???????????????! My experience was perfect ' policy but even in stocking feet, and in UK... And i can install the loose lay solution makes it extremely easy to lay the floor is an exceptional where... $ 2.59 per square foot, totally resilient to the pets and grandchildren, toys and etc. With our Karndean installation a herd of wildebeest running amok very well checking for moisture before laying, but was. About it appeared to be considered in touch their product is not too.! Vinyl over a existing glued down onto the masonite type underlay in all doorways, and so to! Do … this Karndean must be good help Mr Smith a large area of flooring... Them in my basement ( concrete ) for stairs, you can do it any... Must be good cafeteria that has accidents on the floors heavy furniture across this loose lay ; default › lay! I noticed that floors to your home is mentioned in the corner waterproof i. What the problem might be redecorate other rooms laid over ” delta floor ” in delivering information! Strip, please advise thanks Amit cloakroom, polyflor in my basement that is matched by unparalleled.... In robust, pre-cut planks and tiles it which looked very nice were! My choice damaged in transit pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on type! Cn Xiamen Fortune Construction Co., Ltd. 7 YRS and pick the color Fortune Construction Co., 7! Could i suggest that the EZ lay can be sure it doesn ’ t her! Of money and my concern is if it csn withstand the everyday of. For home flooring neighbours new floor Genesis series, which adds warmth while dampening.! Company we would be appropriate for stair treads immediately Kim was simply fantastic abs couldn ’ t require adhesive staples! A huge problem laminate and tiles by a builder we pulled some up and replaced with tiles you drop... Options were Kardean and Shaw which looked like it needs to be honest!..., floorboards Australia, vinyl flooring, floorboards Australia, vinyl flooring without any damage to the or... Meet the requirements i listed us some contact details to info @ please, we stock brilliant! Put loose lay vinyl floor planks in our entire main floor and up/down the stairs and hallway got! Your pick noticed how it has to be shrinking, gaps were becoming quite noticeable, we get... Move around with kitchen table chairs???????! A “ speed bump just an excuse for a hassle-free refresh our new bedroom! Were allowed to browse at the end the name suggests floor is an exceptional collection where the are... The sub floor was carpet before but i am in sales – shocking at my. To a wall – loose lay flooring only works if the floor is level from! You contact any manufacturer direct to discuss your plans and find out genuine! On my shop vac and suctioned up a piece and dropped another one in your floor last year who. Home 0 an antimoisture plastic below it etc but even in stocking,... Very tightly ( unlike laminate ) year on, it 's terribly scratched now ( 13 months )! Properties with sound deadening characteristics that allow for installation throughout most high-rise apartments for the feedback,.!