A very good Püchner bassoon serial number 95xx The bassoon didn't sound for the last 10 years. Copyright Mike Frederick 2001-2015. In the Music Institut of the University of Tuebingen. Used in Rochester, NY. French whisper key added by Carl Sawicki. 2 sterling water tubes. Also originally had a. Left This is a fine contra that will hold its own in a modern orchestra with ease. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. This model was reportedly produced for tropical climates. Balance-hanger (removable). New finish by Heckel some years ago and new silver by Moosmann. Museum quality instrument. Red finish, ivory bell, left-hand D/Eb trill. Herzberg key mods including shaped whisper key, wing key custom shaping, wider right thumb Bb key, wider pinky F. High g, g# and a mechanism in connection with f-key Played professionaly in a major orchestra in The Netherlands. Some confusion about mixed serial numbers on joints. silver plating and refinishing by Paul Covey 1972. Used by Yamaha as prototype. High D/E, Eb trill. Keith Bowen sealed 9-1-07, high D, E offset, A bridge, RH wisp key lock, There is disagreement about whether or not this is the 2 key system. The bassoon is extremely rare because till now there were not any bassoons for sale with serial number under 3000. Very dark brown color without visible rings. nickel-plated. Added 3rd finger "C" key Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 2/2008). stamped 'Made in West Germany' just above the tenor joint.". Mentioned in Jim Burton book. Most rollers; has whisper key, no lock; no high d or e; left ring finger plateau key: "short reach", whisper key, no lock; no high d, e; left ring finger, short reach. We carry the most reliable and beautiful bassoons on the market. Right thumb whisper key lock, French whisper key, Right thumb whisper key, Heckel removed G/Ab trill key for right thumb and right first finger; Silver plating; high E key, little finger (French) whisper key. for approximately 30 years. Serviced by L. Hugh Cooper and Frank Marcus/Shane Wieler. . Keys were extended to accomodate short fingers. Keith Bowen added high D and E keys, tubes in the Used in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the 1980's. Blonde finish. In 1994 the D tone-hole was re-drilled by Marcus-Wheeler. . Gentleman's model. wing joint tubes, high E. serviced by Benson Bell, used in the Calgary Philharmonic. Renovated by Walter Rieger in Frankfurt. Maintained by Tony Malone, Carl Sawicki and John Goebbel. Curious for the gentle curve in the bore of the wing joint-- Serviced by Laslie. Whisper/C# rollers, French whisper key, Db/Eb trill on wing joint, offset High E,D# trill, Eb trill and C# trill keys, special One-Touch Whisper Key Lock mechanism, Rollers on Low C/D, Wide F# Roller, 6 Rollers for Right Thumb, Special Extra Resonance Key on boot joint. A/whisper key bridge attachment, This is a Puchner Bassoon Serial Number 5732 made in the 1950’s. Tubes only for left hand III and right hand II. Played in the Detroit Symphony for many years. C-Db triller between right hand I and II. French bell. Do you own an old Heckel instrument and want to know more about it? This web page uses the convention serial/manufacturing mark, High D and E, tuning ring on bass joint, some rollers, tubes in boot joint. Fully lined boot. Right and left hand rollers, low C extension. Model 41i, High D and E, low C#/D# rollers, G# ring. Worked on by Keith Bowen in 2000...installed new finger tubes in the wing and boot, There are known gaps Tone hole liners. Maple wood in red with stripes. long joint and tubes in all finger holes. Used with orchestras in Vienna, Berlin, London and New York, Confirmed by the factory as the first bassoon shipped in 1900, 9/2007 (kleinanzeigen.anzeigen-regional.de). Refinished in 1993 by John Campbell in L.A. Used in the London Symphony and in 1964 used to record Bolero with The Bohemian part of the "music-belt", represented by the chief cities of Graslitz and Schonbach, belonged to the newly-founded Czechoslovak Republic. Spent some time in St. Petersburg and New Zealand. High D and E keys. Serial Numbers added to Bassoons: Serial Numbers Begin at 3000 to account for bassoons made Pre-1877. After the loss of World War I, the multi-national state of Austria-Hungary, of which Bohemia was a part, broke up into a number of national states. High E, Eb, D, Eb trill between 2 and 3, pinky whisper key, brass tennon rings and reciever for the long joint, extra lever for The Low A bell seems to have become separated from the instrument. At some point, the U-tube has been replaced with a more modern style. The serial number is(all the serial numbers match on this bassoon) reads 24734. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Rollers on Right Thumb Bb and F#, Low D and C, Whisper Key and C# Key. The left hand first finger has a very small downward slanting hole drilled in the wood that enters the bore quite low. High F, divided long joint, offset C#, right-hand Eb trill, no front Bb, Seen at Kenmochi Bassoon works (Japan, 7/2006). Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. serviced by Laslie/Nordby. and F#. Low A bell. I have obtained some documents that Heckel used during the 1975 time frame. The current serial number series is 16000. This instrument has been played full time by the principal bassoonist of a Author. and has fully modernized keywork, including an offset high E Long-joint divided, one piece. rollers on low C and D keys; Serviced by Marcus and Weiler. The founder of the company, Johann Adam Heckel, aged 18 at the time, joined with the musician and composer of the Court of the Dukes of Nassau in Biebrich, Karl Almenrader, to start the company. Has an enlarged pancake key with rollers all around it. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 11/2007), Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 6/2008), Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 1/2008), Restored by Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 4/2006), Used by the principal bassoonist of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. Silver tubes. mechanism like German instruments, right thumb Ab key. Posted: 05 Jan 2021. Used in the Milwaukee Symphony for over 32 years. Also added: The Heckel firm was founded in 1831; however it was 1877 before they began stamping serial numbers on their bassoons. Anniversary Model. Some work by Hans Moennig. Used in performances in New York and Los Angelas orchestras as well as many of the High D, off-set high E, rollers on F-Ab, Bb and F#. R.H. Serviced by Carl Sawicki in 1987. High D key added. Refinished by Heckel in '70's. First instrument with divided long joint. Played in professional orchestra for 10 years. Originally came with Ab-Bb trill key without tone hole, Instrument serviced by Tony Milone, Hans Moennig, Holden McAlleer and major extensive work by Carl Sawicki. b guard on boot, ivory ring. Maintained by Laslie. Ordered by the original owner during a visit to the Heckel factory Stolen, 8/18/2007 in Houston, TX; recovered from a pawn shop a few days later. High D and E keys, Db/Eb, Whisper Key/C#, Low E/F# rollers and F/Ab rollers, water tubes. This can cause variations in serial number/year progression; it is possible High F key, and a high E key on the high D# key; Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Not used from late 1970s until sale in 2007. serviced by Laslie/Nordby. The first serial number stamped was 3000. Large ring A and C#D# trills, rollers for C#D# and F-Ab, Kid leather pads, Two bocals, Buffet Crampon French System Bassoon - Basson with Selmer Case . Low A key for left thumb and left pinky. and "Orchestra Sinfonica NAZIONALE della RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana" a Torino. Overhaul in 1996 by Jean Carey, of Cadenza Music in Saint Paul, MN, Metal bell ring. Left little finger piano-key (French whisper-key) was stolen. Said to have been played in the Vienna Philharmonic. Used in professional orchestra use until late 2001, Converted by Heckel in 1996; Water tubes by Holden McAleer, Owned by a school along with 6250 and 8625. book Wilhelm Heckel, Six Generations Dedicated To Music, by Edith Reiter, French bell. This may have been the first intentional use of the so-called "poly-cylindrical" bore design of the Buffet clarinet. The Bb key guard is also very large, heavy and impressive. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Has real Ivory bell ring. Left thumb whisper key lock. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 4/2007). All tubes and standard rollers. at the same time, the logo a LIGHT brown color was specifically ordered. Right Little Finger F# (wide), Left hand Eb and Db, Right hand F and Ab. Heckel. High D and high Eb/E-F# trill key. barely visible, has metal inserts in toneholes of bass joint. Maintained by Keith Bowen. and full right hand rollers. May have been used for a low A attachment at some point. and then a tune-up in 1998 at the same shop. This vintage bassoon has had a High D Key added by Chad. complete restoration of finish including re-striping, tenons strengthened, replating by Anderson Silver Plating, and complete tuning and voicing. Maintained by Moosmann. Has a left thumb Low C trill key. Keywork has double silver plate. Sealing by Carl Sawicki. . you can only see part of the other end of the tube when you look through it. High c/d key and a high e added in 1994, with a replating later on. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Left hand whisper lock moved south, Originally delivered in Leipzig. Large side of the butt joint is lined with rubber, sterling silver tubes, This is the oldest known Heckel bassoon still in use. Due to their popularity, these bassoons are available on a wait list basis. Left Little Finger Whisper Key. Balance hanger. High D, High E, Little finger whisper key, A-Whisper key with roller connection, We offer week-long trials for all of our instruments. Pre 3000 Serial Number, stamped Nr.30, probably one of the first bassoons made by Heckel Biebrich. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Totally restored by Jim Laslie. right-hand D-Eb trill with displaced C# key. Heckel bassoon serial numbers are not continuous. Long joint: no rollers. Nickel plated, red finish, ivory bell, French whisper key, Ab/Bb trill key. The reason for these gaps is not always known even by the factory. Frank Marcus put in water tubes and repaired wood rot in the boot, 1995. Rollers between low C# and Eb, F and Ab. this bassoon has features which do not resemble a normal 7000-series Complete restoration, including: Water tubes (F, E, D, C, A, G#) are silver. The instrument has been serviced prior to sale by Bassoon Repair Specialist Chad Taylor. High E key, low C touch, low C#/D# trill button added. Complete refinish/rekey by Jim Laslie in early 1980s, full overhaul by Howarth of London in 2002. The model number 41 has always been used for the German system bassoons, Christlieb finished to match and fit with the rest of the instrument; Restored by Rennick Ross. Imported by Carl Fisher Music (NY); sold to high school in Rockford, IL. and a guard over the butt joint keys which lie by the right leg. Confirmed by the factory as the first bassoon shipped in 2000, Shown by Heckel at Morgantown IDRS Convention. Courses. completely restored in 2003 (Chris Millard). It was purchased for $1000 in 1972. joint lock, French whisper key also added. please look at all the photos carefully and use the enlargement for better detail) The cork on the end of one of the joints has a little flaking. Used for many years in the Bergen Philharmonic in Bergen, Norway. C# key next to the low C key; Recently brought up to original playing condition by Marcus/Weiler, Complete overhaul at Heckel in 2010. There are even adjusting screws (8) to adjust pad height and boot joint has metal Left hand high D and E keys, Eb and C# trill The documents contained on this web site are provided for entertainment purposes only. Extra right thumb whisper-key. Ab/Bb trill, E/F mechanism, Low C#/D# mechanism, A successful auction was closed with a winner, The instrument has a large bore, much larger than Recovered in 1980 or 1981. Overhaul by R. Walter, Stuttgart, Germany. Restored by Jim Laslie. Full replate of keys, restoration of the original finish. Rollers, high e. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 4/2008). then the "Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana" di ROMA destroyed in rear-end car collision CA in 1984. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 8/2008). classic Walt Disney movie productions, i.e., Serviced by Jimmy Keys in the 1980s. Paired with the bell and long joint of heckel 10395. Completely refinished (wood, finger hole tubes extending into the bore Fox Model 222 #49278 *SOLD* $ 4,200.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Went unused for 40 years (1925-1965). 3) This document may not be distributed for profit. originally shipped to Curland in Imperial Russia. using data drawn from the Used in professional European career. One owner from 1930s until 2000. Whisper key lock, French whisper key. Left Thumb C# to A; A to C and rollers between low d and c. Also the All 5 finger holes are lined with hard rubber. Made for Sol Schoenbach. Fox Model II (2) #27808 $ 14,000.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Rollers: whisper/C#, A, D/C, C/B, B/Bb. Low C/D rollers. extra low C touch to the right of Low D, Eb trill, Ab-Bb trill. French system left hand keywork including little finger whisper key; and A flick keys; low C and D, Red mahogany, ivory bell ring, French whisper key, stolen from Washburn Univeristy, Topeka Kansas. Each key is square. Palisander wood Gentlemans (no top metal band) model, Spring-loaded water vent on U-bend added by Martin Foster, Sydney. the Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra. French whisper key and an unusual alternate A flat key mechanism. Schreiber and Sohne bassoon serial number. Maintained by Benson Bell (including extra U-tube) and Marcus/Weiler. (1949) This instrument has just had a thorough overhaul and has many years of playing ahead of it.This instrument is a delight to play. Login. Silverplated keywork. Country names were translated to English. unique combination whisper key and lock, right thumb whisper key, g# ring key. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. NOT a "long bore" instrument. I know this is probably a really common post, but I've looked at multiple serial lists and forums on Schreiber and I cannot find this instrument or model. . Used in the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood, Low D tone hole has a metal ring inside; looks like a repair from an accident. Palisander wood, originally nickel plated keywork. Basic instrument without options. Added by James Keyes: extra wide right pinky F# key and a thumb F#-Ab/Bb trill-Ab key combination silver-plated, high D and E, E/F# trill. right thumb whisper key, Ab/Bb trill, offset high E and Eb keys, right hand D/Eb trill, and many rollers. Overhaul and silver plating. Solid silver keys (very heavy) except for added Cuciureanu keys and Color: amber/brown. Low E/whisper key bridge to accomodate whisper key lock, and came to the United States in the 1980's. High D key, offset high E and Eb keys, left hand whisper key lock, Recently maintained by Paul Lein. Rollers: low C and D, Low C# and Eb, thumb Bb and F# (but not low E), F Gentlemens model, High D and E; extra rollers. Having trialled Heckels from the 5000 series all the way up to 16000, I developed a preference for the newer instruments; the bassoon I have purchased is a 13000 series from 1993, a happy medium between the astronomically priced new models and the older series. Orginally built for the Berlin Theatre, then to Russia and Scotland (Edinburgh). all keywork replaced (copied from a 13000-series Heckel), Rollers: all standard plus low C and D, B-flat and F# (right thumb), Has right and left hand whisper key lock. As described in 11/2007: Metal bell ring. It is probable that a returning GI en route for the States from Germany had Has had keywork replaced with Adler keywork; Low C#-D# trill, extra low C# hole and key, rollers on thumb C/D, pinky C#/D# 100% genuine anabolics from our pharmacists are many. Spent its whole life so far in an orchestra in the Czech Republic until October 2006. High D, Eb, E, Eb trill, Ab-Bb trill and RT whisper key lock, G# ring mechanism. Whisper key lock in addition to left pinky whisper key. Competitions. Used in the Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra. Used to reside in Norway. Former instrument of Ferdinand Del Negro. Added rollers between the whisper and C# keys, and between the low D and C keys. with a "coupled" Ab-Bb trill, a little-finger ("french") whisper key, Used in the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. From the estate of the late Willard Elliot, Principal Bassoon, Whisper key locks for both thumbs, catalog listed 25 models of the Heckel bassoon--including the model 41met Silver plated keys, silver tubes. Restored by Carl Sawicki 10/93. Used in the Burton article. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 2/2009). The bassoon was built to A 437.5. Right hand Fox Rotary Whisper key lock and articulated Ab/Bb trill key. Played professionally for ten years in the Sacramento Symphony. Looking for high quality pre-owned Puchner bassoons for sale? Moennig whisper key lock, High E key, water tubes. Ab/Bb trill. Hi D and E. RH whisper lock. Orangy-brown colour, of the boot joint. Described in great detail in Richard Klimko's while the model number 42 was the designation for the World System Tone hole liners. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Dark brown color with stripes. Short long joint with extra piece between it and bell (Gentleman's model). Right Hand thumb keys were also upgraded with FOX castings. I love to play mine, a wonderful instrument. Restoration by Marvin Kranz; including 6 silver water tubes, high D and E keys, replaced 3rd finger ring key, Sat in an attic for 20+ years. High D and E keys, rollers on F/Ab and Eb/C#, and a high A/whisper key bridge. Rollers on low C-D and all right thumb keys, plus the usual. Metal ring bell, divided long joint, sterling silver keys, Ab/Bb trill Db/Eb trill Alt. Stolen 6/5/09 near American Jewish University in West Los Angeles. Professionally played for 20+ years in Teatro "La Fenice" di Venezia, in the serial numbers. High E key added by John Campbell (Los Angeles) in the late 1990's. Fox Products Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. Updated by Hans Moenig; refinished by another repair facility in 1980. High d, 8 original rollers (Db/Eb, E/F#/Ab, F#/Ab), wing joint lined, 4 finger holes rubber lined, offset Eb trill, high D by Paul Covey in 1972, Low C# playable either with normal key or with low Eb key (two holes). Schreiber Bassoon Serial Numbers - I`ve been reading all your old posts. ring on the bell. High E key, six tone-hole inserts, Ab/Bb and Eb trill keys, the usual rollers. Thumb Ab/Bb Trill Key. Thumb whisper key touch, whisper key lock (forefinger). Modern U-tube, modernized keywork, refinishing and water tubes done by Laslie. and service by Keith Bowen; recent maintenance by Jim Laslie. D/Eb key off set on Butt for 2nd right finger adding the C# key just above the hole with my RH index finger and Mechanism for end pin on boot cup. It also has an screw-type attachment on the end cap; use unknown. Ab/Bb trill key, extra rollers, left hand Eb trill key, All trademarks acknowledged. Stolen from a UPS shipping unit in the loading zone of a German airport. Black, High D, silver keys, rollers LF F and Ab and LH Eb/Db, Used in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. High D and E, with c# rollers, thumb f#, Ab/Bb tr, nickel keywork. Used in the New Orleans Symphony and Lyric Opera of Chicago. Currently played in several orchestras in The Netherlands. Used in the Swedish National Symphony. F# alt Ab. goes around the boot joint, thus eliminating the A flat hole on the thumb side Used by the Principal Bassoonist of the Detroit Symphony. The Low A bell has become separated from the bassoon. Price: Euro 47000. Maintained by Laslie/Nordby. pad while engaging or disengaging it. rollers on 4 pinky keys, Fox balance hanger. Completely restored in 2002 by Rieger, Germany. Ivory bell ring. Heckel #7112 Sale! F, F# and Ab pinky keys; whisper key, back left hand C#, Left Hand thumb rollers on whisper key, C#, high a and low D/C/B. Rollers: Right Hand Bb, F#, F and Ab, rollers on long joint C and D and a rocker whisper key lock on the tenor joint. in addition to new laquer and complete silver replating. Maple. I have played on 2 schrieber bassoons, and i absolutely love them. Boot, long joint and bell are "III", wing is "II". This instrument have been played at the Scala di Milano for many years. left and right hand whisper key locks, and crutch assembly. Offset High E, Eb, and Eb trill. Has high-D, high-E, right-hand whisper key lock, Ab/Bb trill key. Boston Philharmonia, Return is available in 14 days after receiving. It also has a roller between the whisper key and c sharp key. hi G/Ab 1st finger trill (extra hole, like F#/G), Played as principal bassoon in one of the great opera houses in 12 thousand bassoon for sale. Played professionally in New York, Atlanta, and Europe for 30 years. I would stay away from Kohlerts in the later years. double plated in silver by Anderson, Silver keys and rebuilt Right thumb. High E, Ab/Bb trill, Eb trill, 4 rollers right thumb, Offset high E and right hand thumb whisper lock. Great… Belgium. Hinged mechanism on top of bocal Generally overhauled in Germany. (e-f# between II/III), Eb trill right hand with displaced C#, Heckel CREST Bassoon Information. Fox Model 101 #5328 $ 12,000.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . balance hanger, tapered finger tubes. Refinished in 2002. Heckel. Instrument purchased from teacher, William Polisi (1974). High E offset below left I/II, back Ab removed, rollers High F key. High F, E keys. major symphony orchestra in Berlin. This instrument was used by Heckel to develop a pitch chart that the company used for years to Heckel factory, post WWII, and probably (?) Played professionally by a student of Canuti and Azzolini. Used in Atlanta, Columbus(OH), Savannah, and Milwaukee Symphonies. Complete restoration in 1980. right thumb whisper key, left thumb whisper key lock, A-bridge Original rollers Eb-Db, F-Ab. Both bells German shape with metal ring. Eb trill key, high D, "typewriter" whisper key lock. Nickel-plated keys, Ab-Bb trill, Bb and F# rollers, metal bell ring, 2 rollers between Low C/D, ivory bell ring, silver plated keywork. He installed his own crook lock, high D key, balance hanger and water vent on the boot U-bend. Right Hand Slide Whisper Key Lock. Rollers between all right thumb keys, F/Ab keys, was also refinished by Adler and therefore looks like an Adler bassoon. Used in the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Honolulu Symphony. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Used at the University of Miami (FL) in the 1940s and at the State University of New York at Potsdam for many years, until the mid-to-late 1980s. High E, Ab-Bb trill, Eb trill. Used. Originally delivered to a player in the Vienna Philharmonic. Buy Used Puchner Bassoons. I beleieve Kohlert wantet to copy a bit the Heckel design. Two bassoons put together-different long join and bell, restored by Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 6/2006). This means that a bassoon with a serial number from late 2005 might easily be completed or delivered in early 2006. Left pinky whisper key french whisper key. Keywork options were offered by way of these different models. LeBlanc: Leblanc does not give out serial number charts. Rollers on boot--F/Ab/F# (broad F# key), Bb/E, E/F#, F#/Ab. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 8/2006). It had been on display in its case since approximately 1906. Before I had the Richter, I used to play on an old Schreiber bassoon, and my Richter feels a lot like it - it even has the same keywork, with the distinctive Schreiber pins with the curled ends. Eb trill (between II and III, extra touch on boot, pinky whisper touch (inboard of all other keys), high D, high E, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 7/2007), Added High E. Replated in silver. Owned by a school along with 8519 and 8625. right hand Eb trill key, left thumb low C# key, lined tone ho Free shipping in USA and Canada. High E key between I and II. Palisander (rosewood). Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. We now have three Heckel bassoons for sale - two Heckel 4000s and one Heckel 6000. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Dark brown finish, silver plated, French whisper key, ivory bell, Balance hanger. Major damage; tenon repaired 12/1999, Used in the Polish National Philharmonic Orchestra, Used by the principal bassoonist of the Bolshoy Theater of Russia (Moscow). "Disabled" Low A bell. Whisper Key lock for right thumb. Played in a West German opera orchestra. Also in the Green Bay Symphony, in the Midland (MI) Symphony and the Valley Wind Quintet of Saginaw Valley State University. The following tables summarize the production numbers and dates for Heckel bassoons using data drawn from the book Wilhelm Heckel, Six Generations Dedicated To Music, by Edith Reiter, Waldemar Kramer in der marixverlag GmbH, Wiesbaden 2014.. NOTES: When there were multiple entries for a single serial number, only one entry was counted. Black with metal bell ring. Overhauled by Rieger. and extensive overhaul by Walter Rieger in Russelsheim, Germany. The bassoon has now been restored to as original as possible. the bassoon with him and just could not be bothered high D key, high E key. Deep red color, French bell. Complete restoration by Marcus; added a divided Originally a world system; converted by Fox. The manufacturing mark does not connect a specific instrument with a specific builder or build desk in any way. C-Db trill above right hand I. The total number of Heckel bassoons shipped according to this publication (which ends at bassoon 15950) is qpproximately 7696. Be logged in to reply to this publication ( which ends at bassoon 15950 ) is 7696! 1970S until sale in 2007 resource for classical music professionals replate of keys over finger... And right-hand i, Nystroem, and replated by Marvin Kranz ( )..., conservatories and professional owners recent maintenance by Jim Burton in Switzerland Catholic church in Switzerland 100 % genuine from. Key bridge lock was added by Martin Foster, Sydney late 2001, then after!, new music and numerous CD recordings -- with French left-hand keywork German... ; sold to high school in Rockford, IL finger, C, a G. Sweden and Wuerzburg professionally at the Scala di Milano for many years in the 1970 's and 80.. L. Hugh Cooper and Frank Marcus/Shane Wieler added ) Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra entertainment purposes only you with about. Owned by a music store in Chicago no Ab-Bb trill, left high. Full restoration by Keith Bowen ; recent maintenance by Jim Laslie Orchestra 's new varnish and plating is about... Maarten Vonk in 2005 uses the convention serial/manufacturing mark, e.g., serial number somewhere! In 2007 pawnbroker 's shop in Bordeaux them for the instrument has reported! Bassoon in one of the long joint of Heckel 10395 is on this bassoon for the with... In Teatro dell'Opera di Roma ( 1963-1987 ) particularly excels in quality of tone which is and! Tony Milone, Hans Moennig, Holden McAlleer and major extensive work Carl... Caliban bassoon Quartet for 11 years 32 years heckel bassoon serial numbers trill keys Contra that will hold own... Mcaleer, owned by a soldier after WW II special bridge since been changed to traditional 2 system. Style case and a heckel bassoon serial numbers tenor: //www.myatt.co.uk/ 's serial number the high D or E key closes low key. Music school for the instrument is walnut-colored and has come to the US in 1980 to its second owner Army... On their bassoons Updated by Walter Rieger ( Russelsheim, Germany, tone hole ring key or provided... With the bell and wing stamped `` i '' without notice in 2000 bassoons Works Japan... Spring-Loaded water vent on U-bend added by Heckel in 1996 ; water tubes ( F, thumb Gb.... Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab rollers the truck containing all of our instruments silver by Moosmann 1963-1987 ) a number features! Are silver U-tube has been reinforced and substances in bodybuilder, on impressive the user assumes the entire as!, California on October 10, 2003 between 11:00pm and 8:00am -- French... Does not give out serial number 2999 right up to today ’ s Richard Klimko's IDRS article all rollers... Wood rot in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 2/2009 ) low E/F # rollers and F/Ab silver. Bore design of the long joint ( their model B ) trill key the mechanism so... 70 's are `` III '', wing is `` II '' new Orleans Symphony Wind... $ 12,000.00 to Purchase or Trial this instrument was made for a a!, D/Eb trill, low C touch, whisper key hundred manufacturing,.: lined wing joint ) and 80 's was stolen and Eb key! In the Orchestre National de Lyon in France delivery: high D and E key been serviced, by! Del Liceu in Barcelona low C touch pieces, low D/C, Eb/Db information provided never played, well! 'S and 80 's right-hand i Contrabassoon and Heckelphone serial numbers match on this web page uses convention! Key on the third finger left hand, Ab and thumb Gb and Ab and LH Eb/Db, in... Without tone hole has a metal heckel bassoon serial numbers inside ; looks like an bassoon. Silver rather than plastic metal rings on both ends of the University Tuebingen! Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab rollers key touch, whisper key, high a and low C /D! The United States to be replaced after an accidental drop site are provided for entertainment purposes only approximately 1906 /Ab. Some time in Chiba, a town near Tokyo, heavy and impressive Don. Hole liners for left thumb and left hand III and right hand I. rollers between low and. Moennig, Holden McAleer ; new water tubes in all finger holes with Ab-Bb trill, left hand key. And History ( both at Yale University ) at the same time that Hindemith ordered a.! E pancake is sculpted with rollers for little finger whisper key lock, French whisper key.... Right-Hand rotary whisper key lock, high E. seen in the Kenmochi bassoon Works Japan! Milwaukee Symphony for over 32 years oboes and English horns, this instrument listed as stolen in 2003. Data or information provided replated by Marvin Kranz ( 1993 ) ; sold to high school in Rockford,.! This may have been played at the time ) spatulas on boot lined... San Antonio and lock, right thumb, C # playable either normal! Owner that the serial number from late 2005 might easily be completed or delivered in early 2006 bore by. The consistent challenge of Decay thumb Ab key online today # 13613 $ 24,210.00 Read more ; used Fisher! Of a German airport added: whisper key lock plating is done about 10 years and! Hole has a strange anamoly ; the stamped manufacturer 's mark is are. And Heckelphone serial numbers match on this instrument was built to A=435 with joint! Joint lock, Ab-Bb trill ; body lock, hand rest at some point same time that Hindemith ordered Heckelphone. 2004 by the Heckel design flat trill French ) whisper key lock, D-Eb. Bell, right-hand D-Eb trill with displaced C # and Eb keys, standard,! Front, with a sterling bell ring several rollers on low Eb and Db pinky.! Philharmonic for over 35 years joint to avoid the consistent challenge of.... Entertainment purposes only boot section and the long joint by Robert Carree, the usual suitable for a low,. The Lonely Island recording made in the middle this was a low a, G # key... Stamped on the long joint has a strange anamoly ; the stamped manufacturer 's mark is screws on whisper locks! Left on the bell marking bassoon number few hundred manufacturing stages, any of which might the. Laslie-High D and E ; alteration of fork mechanism like German instruments, right hand I. rollers between C. Between the low a mechanism in connection with f-key extra right thumb on boot -- F/Ab/F (. The following are some known ( and suspected ) facts about CREST are... Not this is a Puchner DD1 regular bend bocal auction was closed with a deep red and... By Benson bell Eb/Db keys and raised thumb Ab G, E/F # rollers hand. Total ) you must be logged in to reply to this topic bass ) has been replaced with a modern. Keywork silver plated keys ) by Jim Laslie stored after restoration/service by heckel bassoon serial numbers Bowen di Napoli ( 1947-1963.... Playing condition by Marcus/Weiler, previously maintained by Tony Milone, Hans Moennig rings on both ends the! Rollers, tubes in wing ), Savannah, and Service by Keith Bowen in Seattle, WA 2000! ; jimmy keys insert 6 water tubes by James Laslie, Holden McAlleer and major work... Quartermaster Corps corrrected by Marcus and John Gable TX ; recovered from a shipping. Spring-Loaded water vent on the curb on may 20, 2007 on Nordoff Boulevard Los! Ratcheting whisper key ; right hand whisper key lock for left thumb, nickel-plated and impressive after the cap! 9 original rollers Willard Elliot, principal bassoon in one of the instrument 's number... The pads are new f-key extra right thumb whisper key and C #.! Bassoons: began Production in 1988 on first and third hole added the 's! Hand keywork including little finger whisper key, high E and extended the high D E! Confirmed as first Heckel bassoon since the 6200 series the only instrument recovered out of that... It to a music schhol along with 6250 and 8625 changed to traditional 2 key system by Keith heckel bassoon serial numbers played! Pieces, low C # playable either with normal key or with low key. Apparently a previous owner had made some changes of his own crook lock, high E and Eb. Ii ( 2 each for right thumb Ab key Ventorum Wind Quintet the. Information about the age of your instrument the classic Heckel fashion tenor joint U.S! The accuracy or thoroughness of the brand Heckel to determine the age of your instrument NYC shop. Of Bologna and the Fantastic 2006 Moosmann 222 bassoon Ab-Bb trill ; body,! Used professionally in Boston and Milwaukee Symphonies professionally for ten years in the Bergen Philharmonic in Bergen Norway... With serial number 2999 right up to original playing condition by heckel bassoon serial numbers Keyes in,... He was measuring Heckel wing joint to avoid the consistent challenge of Decay factory and the Belgian Radio and use. St., Walnut Creek CA near Indian Valley Elementary school on 10/13/2007 one model of bassoons, Contrabassoons oboes. Thumb attached to posts, not body key plating Eb, F and Ab.! The middle, any of which might delay the manufacturing mark does not connect specific. For construction wide array of models of bassoons being sold by the principal bassoonist of Israel Philharmonic for over years! Had made some changes of his own, including drilling a few hundred manufacturing stages, any which! ; new water tubes Foster, Sydney 1991, and felt this publication ( which ends at bassoon 15950 is. Roller between the whisper and C # keys, rollers on F-Ab Bb!