On a personal level we can stop using plastic bags and reusable plastic straws. The environment plays a pivotal role in the existence and growth of all living things on earth and importantly to humankind’s daily lives.  The condition of the environment is very important for the quality of life that humans lead. What are the impending dangers: Staggering CO2 emissions are higher than the previous 400,000 years according to the official NASA website. According to research, the perennial snow mountains in Tibet were covered in thick layers of snow. It is the day when we get aware of issues related to our environment and pledge to keep it safe for our better future. Steps. It was first celebrated in 1973 by the United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Environment Programme to address various environmental issues like global warming, food shortages, deforestation, etc. To celebrate at school, you can commune with nature, create new environmental programs, use nature-centered lesson plans, and work on earth-centered activities. Like Earth Day, it's a day to learn about the environment, participate in conservation activities, and learn about ways to help in the future. It is a big challenge in front of us to solve this big issue in order to get better future on earth. Crops will be flooded and human kind will be in a perilous position (will be on very thin ice – excuse my inappropriate pun). Republic Day Speech 2021 for Students (26th January) – Read Here in English . We can try to use less products with palm oil which is prompting widespread deforestation. It is honour to be surrounded by so many special people and to be blessed in … Schools to ensure that all Students, Parents, Staff and Management shall actively participate in the Fit India School Week 2020 programme; Schools may create a new page on their website titled “Fit … My dear friends, we all are members of a family and live in one home under one roof that is earth and environment. (The following speeches were updated 25/05/2020). Many countries have  problems protecting the environment. It is celebrated annually on 5th of June since 1973 however declared in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly during the opening of conference on Human Environment to raise the global awareness about declining condition of the environment as well as tell people about the importance of healthy and green environment on earth. Its celebration focuses on carbon neutrality, forest management, managing greenhouse effect, promoting bio-fuels production, use of hydro-power to produce electricity, encouraging people to use solar water heaters, use of solar system, promoting coral reefs and mangroves restoration and other effectives of environmental preservation. … (Applecross PS, WA) Science Week lunch We had a … My name is Sally Chung and I am the president of the Reading Club [Introduction of speaker in an official event]. The world is heading towards an inevitable result, and we need to take matters in to our own hands. Dream deep, for every dream leads the goal. Swathes of farming land will be flooded. World Environment Day, hosted by Colombia this 2020, is the most renowned day for environmental action. Numbers of water-species, fishes including planktons are on the way to extinct. Wildlife traders are loading their purses from many years but they are emptying the nature’s store. This is a serious issue as it will lead to the rise in the sea level and will also lead to an increase in the average temperature of the planet. Good morning to the Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, my seniors and my dear colleagues. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme whereas its annual celebration is organized by the different host city every year declared by the United Nations. So, it is necessary to discus about this topic among us. Rural development is the main cause of wildfires and extensive damage in the past years. World environment day is a big day for us which has been created, to make us realize that what wrong we are doing towards the nature, for our betterment in future. My name is … I study in class … Today, we are here to celebrate a most important day, world environment day. All the speech on World Environment Day will surely help students to take part in the speech recitation activity in the school or college at this event celebration or debate competition programme. Ice caps around the world are melting four times faster in the last decade according to NASA. As today, the whole school has been assembled here for this beautiful occasion of World Environment Day that is celebrated on 5 th June every year; I would like to say a few words dedicated to the environment. Shreyasi Tomar February 27, 2020 @ 6:11 am An invention can really change life … So, you can select any speech on World Environment Day according to your need and requirement: Good morning to the Excellencies, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam and my dear friends. I am 15 years old. My dear friends, UN had established a special day named as ‘World Environment Day’ in 1972 to save worldwide environment for our better future on the earth. My dear friends, we have gathered here to celebrate this great event today on 5th of June. Pitch-In Canada Week is the last full week of April International School Grounds Day is the first Friday in May EcoSchools in ACTION! The Greenland ice sheets are a fraction of the world’s ice. If all human beings learn the importance of the environment we can actively participate in the campaign of saving the Earth. The production of seafood is also in danger and decreasing due to the global warming. We should take care of both because our life will be healthy and safe only when the earth will be green and environment clean. If we live in cold climates we can switch from gas boilers to heat pumps which are more energy efficient. 13 years is an estimate by many scientists. Construction plans must include an environment-section. The environment is extremely important for the growth of all life on the earth. Some good news: with humankind’s innovation it’s not too late to even reverse global warming and pollution of the environment. The galaxy of intellectuals, invited guests, parents, teachers and my dear friends a pleasant evening to you all. The School year at [insert name of school] is about to commence and I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all. Our positive steps will really help in solving environmental issues in near future. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a22dc7f4d3a9541e886c4a907a42647c" );document.getElementById("bd6588b9d6").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Always believe in hard work, where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. We should keep it clean, green and crime free so that environment can nourish us and not bother us forever. According to National Geographic, Greenland’s coast revealed it lost 280 billion tons of ice between 2002 and 2016. As the earth gets hotter, ice melts and water levels rise, Illness, hunger and flooding will be a major problem this century if nothing is done. In the happiness of worldwide technological development, we have forgotten that we are losing something too. Activities include To help this very good cause please donate to Onetreeplanted.org. The deterioration of the environment inherently affects human beings. Planting a trillion trees across the planet is one of the best and cheapest ways of taking 25 percent of CO2 out of the atmosphere and helping tackle the crisis of global warming. The special theme was declared this year to focus on the life of wild animals like orangutans, elephants, gorillas, pangolins, whales, rhinos, sea turtles, rosewoods, tigers, helmeted hornbills, including other species. Today, I will recite a speech focusing on objectives of the campaign and our own responsibilities regarding environment. In a positive move to help the environment, China, announced on the 20 th of January, 2020 it is banning single use non-degradable plastic bags in major cities by the end of 2020 and in all towns by 2022. Environment Speech 1 Good Morning Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Friends! The annual celebration of it depends on the particular theme of the year (declared by the UN) which focuses on implementing some new and effective plans to save the environment. Essay; About Us; Contact us; Advertise With Us; Disclosure; Essay . To encourage people living in society and communities to become active agents sustainable and eco-friendly development. This action is taken to safeguard the species that are under threat for future generations. Read the full text of the speech Greta Thunberg gave to MPs at the Houses of Parliament Greta Thunberg Tue 23 Apr 2019 09.15 EDT Last modified on Wed 24 Apr 2019 08.50 EDT English, Speech. Environment short speech. My dear friends, do you know that our many favorite foods have been predicted to go extinct just because of our mistakes have been done for years in the form of developments like high use of electricity, deforestation, industrialization, direct sewage outing to the big river canals, invention of polythenes, etc harmful inventions. Many members of a family work hard to earn money and run a home. From the moment a new ABC student joins our school community we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging, as this is essential to their future success. Objectives of celebrating this event every year are like: Wildlife crime has endangered many animal species whereas some species have been extinct such as Javan rhino in Vietnam and western black rhinos in Cameroon in 2011. Environment Speech in Hindi : राजधानी को रफ़्तार देने के साथ पर्यावरण को भी संरक्षित रखने का प्रयास और ज्यादा किया जाना चाहिए. I have also mentioned the point of what we are losing day by day with the declining condition of our environment. World environment day slogan for 2016 was “Go Wild for Life” to awake people involved in wildlife crime and correct the damages done by it. Deforestation at large-scale is pushing many plant species like palm oil, etc towards extinction. If, though, your teacher has decided you should give an informative speech, your list of potential school speech topics will be VERY long! We should make our kids and children aware about this issue so that they can be the active agents of this campaign in future. Decline in the population of bees will also affect the food supply as they responsible to pollinate around 250,000 species of plants and 90 food crops. The local Member of Parliament presented certificates and fruit trees (for our vegetable garden) at assembly. The indiscriminate exploitation of the environment has led to an ecological crisis. Read a Speech About the cost of Global Warming >>, Read the speech about the HFC’s which are used in air conditioners >>, Nice article. High temperature causes evapotranspiration from the cocoa trees means lack of water from the trees which ultimately lowers cocoa production. The status quo of the environment is on a slippery downward path and mankind should try its level best to protect the destruction of the environment. Human societies are … Human beings have started overusing natural resources and have broken this natural balance. Soon, it will be called as liquid gold and we will get it at jewelers shop because 2 out of 5 honeybees are on the way to extinction due to the high level use of insecticides and pesticides in farming as well as increasing temperature and changing weather conditions. It is the duty of human beings to protect the environment for all species and for our own future. Speech on world health day. Every young person should have a safe and secure environment in which to learn and to grow. If those causes are not bad enough, if the ice fields melt sea levels will rise causing widespread disasters. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. Hydrofluorocarbons and CFC’s from cooling found in air conditioners cause global warming. All the speech on World Environment Day will surely help students to take part in the speech recitation activity in the school or college at this event celebration or debate competition programme. The definition of ‘Environment’ by the Cambridge English dictionary: ‘The air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live.’. My dear friends, we live on earth, so earth is our first home. To get global support of people to make it a globally successful campaign. I am very thankful to my class teacher that he has given me the opportunity to speech at this event. Early Childhood Studies, studies a forest school environment and analyses what impact the natural environment had on a group of 3- and 4-year-olds' speech and language. अगर मेट्रो ना होती तो आज से भी ज्यादा सडको पर वाहन रेंगते हुवे नज़र आते. It is a global issue and needs to be solved globally by the involvement of all the countries worldwide. What does this mean for life on Earth? With an informative speech, you can speak on ANY topic you like, so long as you teach the audience about your chosen topic. To spread awareness among common public about the environmental issues. Guidelines. Moreover, excess pollution leads to various respiratory problems like asthma or lung cancer. 1838: The "Divinity School Address", a speech Ralph Waldo Emerson gave to the graduating class of Harvard Divinity School. I am the author of the animal fantasy novel, The Zambezi Allies. 1854: The Peoria speech, made in Peoria, Illinois on October 16, 1854, was with its specific arguments against slavery, an important step in Abraham … The following speeches are on the important subject of ‘environment’. Its production will diminish more by 2030. To motivate people for cleanliness in the nearby surrounding areas for better start of this campaign. One Earth, One Environment and One Life; so live it, don’t waste it! Let us explore some of humankind’s destructive activities: humankind has always cut down trees to make way for farming and or to use the wood and plants. And, I am very thankful to my class teacher for giving me such a great opportunity to speech at this event. English, Speech. We should start from small but effective steps like switch to organic food from inorganic food, use of natural fertilizers over chemical fertilizers, reduce use of electricity, reuse things, recycle wates, stop deforestation, save wild animals, etc to reduce the rate climate changes. It is imperative to abide by recommendations issued by The World Health Organization. Gives the audience clear signposts about … The main cause of difficulty in producing cocoa is continuous rising temperature and change in weather patterns. According to the scientists, in the near future more than two-thirds of flora and fauna will be extinct because of human-induced environmental changes. We should take care of our environment all through the life. A Florida brewery has unveiled six-pack rings that feed sea turtles rather than kill them. Good morning to the Excellencies, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam and my dear friends. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) provides a listing of accredited schools offering a speech-language pathology program. Our future generations will have no access to the foods like honey, coffee, king corn, chocolate and sea food because of huge changes in the climate and environment. Thunberg initially gained notice for her youth and her straightforward speaking manner, both in public and to political leaders and assemblies, in which she … The environment is precious and has existed in a remarkable state to allow humans to thrive. We are dependent on the environment for our basic needs. Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for Indiacelebrating.com and other Popular web portals. Weather of 42 degrees was recorded in Sydney. CO2 storage research is making headlines in Science. Governments can phase out use of Hydro fluorocarbons and CFC’s in refrigerators and all air conditioners as they have a staggeringly high green house warming affects.  Governments should promote the conditions for use of electric cars and electric flight. Just forget about your individual home and focus on the joint home which is earth. In that case, your school speech topics list must include a process to demonstrate to class. Sample Speeches. It is being celebrated for years worldwide with lots of creative activities and enthusiasm to bring positive changes in the environment. FindaSpeech is also backing the plant 1 Trillion trees campaign to help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. They voted for their favourite sculpture, the one with the best environmental message and the one with the best use of recycled materials. I enjoy being busy all the time and respect a person who is disciplined and have respect for others. Speech On Republic Day For Children Good morning to all. It affects the health of living beings and environment very badly. According to Nola: ‘plastic six-pack rings can do to marine life. Before we examine the topic of environment I would like to give credit that, 13,629,563,106+ trees have been planted as of the 4th of February 2020 toward the Plant 1 Trillion Trees initiative. Brazil and Indonesia should be helped by the international community to save these precious resources from deforestation. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; Yes friends, it is necessary to be discussed among us so that we can know about world environment day and other points related to it. 218. If it were to completely melt it would raise sea levels by 7 meters. They tangle the wings of sea birds, choke seals and warp the shells of growing sea turtles. Your email address will not be published. It is also known as the Environment Day, Eco Day or WED. Although much research exists on how children develop in the outdoors physically, and imaginatively, very little independent research exists as to the benefits of such an environment on speech and language development. Ltd.). By the end of the century if current heating of the planet rises as predicted large areas of every major city will be flooded. Paying higher energy prices is a sacrifice we have to make for cleaner fuels. This year “Fit India School Week” will be celebrated virtually by schools in December. High temperature, extremely changing weather conditions and depleting water supply are causing rust and fungus which inhibiting the production of coffee. “ It is the time to chill, to cheer, to shine , to inspire and to be inspired”. Good morning to the Excellencies, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, my seniors and my dear friends. In the recent years it has started melting and is getting thinner day by day. Following are some short speech and long speech on World Environment Day given by us. Johnson, Burke & Gielen say that six topics come up repeatedly when polling groups of students: “student behaviors, norms of behaviors, relationships with school staff, learning environment, school safety, and neighborhood environment” (2012, p. 97). A … With the improvement of technology and medical care, the interaction with the environment has changed. … An opening that suits the formal context, addressing the very particular audience of the speech. World Environment Day is celebrated in many ways in countries such as Kenya, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and the United States. All profits of the book are going to the World Wild Life Fund. 3R techniques (reduce, reuse and recycle) can be very effective in lessening the impact of our bad activities over natural ecosystem. It is a great annual event focusing on the issues of environment and trying to solve them completely. The host city of this campaign in 2016 was Angola. Following World Environment Day speech provided below are written using very easy words and small sentences especially for the students. 15 year old activist Greta Thunberg speaks truth to power at the UN COP24 climate talks:"My name is Greta Thunberg. In November 2019 Australia recorded Australia’s 2 hottest days since records began. Past mass population drives have helped cause the problem. Several human activities and the high growth of populations are the most important factors causing harmful affects to the environment. The best way to protect and save the environment is that human beings should be made aware of the fact that what the environment provides us and what effects the degradation of the environment will have on us. Reading Week: Welcome Speech. World environment day is a day especially celebrated to know and solve all the environmental issues. First time it was celebrated in 1973 with the theme of “Only one Earth”. My dear friends, this event is celebrated globally in more than 100 countries because this issue cannot be solved individually by one country. Education can be likened to a great big canvas and this year we would like our students to throw as much paint as they can on the canvas of their education. An unprecedented list of animals will become extinct as habitats shrink and oceans encroach the land. Sainik School; RTE; Talent Search Exam; School Admissions; More. Today is a special and memorable occasion one that we will remember in the year ahead. Restrict every household to 50 gallon can on trash and yard waste a week. We are dependent on the environment for our basic needs. Staff and students at Iona Academy Catholic School (CDSBEO) wore blue and green clothing for their School Grounds Clean Up event to demonstrate their commitment to a clean environment. World Environment Day is a great annual event celebrated globally on 5th of June to understand our mistakes and act positively to neutralize the bad effects of those mistakes. A team of researchers have found a way of storing CO2 harmlessly under the ocean floor. Humankind has in it’s power the skills to halt the problem. Lets look at some cases for the good of the environment. A few great forests remain, namely the Amazon and Indonesia’s great forests. Human beings have started overusing natural resources and have broken this natural balance. Nations have pledged to keep global warming down to 1.5 % under the Paris Accord. Such developments have given happiness to us however on the other hand; it has snatched many natural heritages from us. We should be conscious what is going wrong in our environment and try our best to stop that in nearby areas. The celebration of this campaign in 2016 was based on the special slogan “Go wild for life” and theme “fight against the illegal trade in wildlife for life” (means zero tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife). Antarctic ice melting is speeding up at 6 times more than 4 decades ago according to National Geographic. Short Speech On Soldiers. The increasing rate of crime in wildlife has damaged the ecosystem balance very seriously which needs urgent action to reverse it. This will cause a huge problem in our future generations. Read Greta Thunberg's full speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Monday. The environment is precious and has existed in a remarkable state to allow humans to thrive. Representative (see the National Science Week website for contact details). /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ I am sure that if all the human being understand and follow their responsibilities regarding earth and environment, that day is not so far when all the living beings will be happy under one roof of healthy environment on this planet. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; Such herbicides are toxic to the bees and other pollinators. Tryst with Destiny – Speech on 15 August 1947 by Nehru, Where there is a will there is a way essay, Speech on Article 370 of Constitution of India. English, Speech. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', We like honey a lot and want to add one spoon of it to our daily diet especially morning smoothie. If we live in warmer climates we can use ceiling fans which are more energy efficient than air conditioning units until industry stops using HFC’s which are warming the planet. The oceans are being polluted by plastic waste which causes sea life like dolphins to die from stomach problems. We should promote the activities regarding solution of environmental issues through arts, crafts exhibitions, flash mobs, film festivals, social media, etc. You probably won't deliver the kind of speech you hear in the movies, but that's a good thing: people will enjoy your original take much more. My name is _____ I am studying in class _____ As we all know that we have gathered here on the very special occasion … To save the environment is the need of the hour and some active steps or actions should be taken immediately as the world teeters on the brink of environmental doom. Speech on electricity. In short the tipping point is nearer than first imagined. google_ad_width = 300; speech on science day celebration in school; short speech on science day (Visited 83,266 times, 3 visits today) Republic Day 2018 Independence Day Speech. My dear friends, we have gathered here to celebrate a most important day called as world environment day. Newer research revealed by scientists and the BBC is that melting from underneath the surface of Greenland ice is much more severe than thought, causing run offs in to the ocean. Upon determining the type of speech required, start … Promote earthfriendly cars by tax … All of the major ice sheets are showing alarming rates of melting. However Greenland’s ice sheets will continue to melt at more alarming speeds while temperatures rise. Related Posts. Humankind is filling the atmosphere with green house gasses like CO2 and other harmful emissions from industry and fossil fuel use. Keeping these objectives in mind, Fit India School Week program was launched in 2019. According to Business Insider and NASA some scientists believe the earth may heat up by an incredible 6 degrees by the end of the century. Environment Climate change Wildlife Energy Pollution More Greta Thunberg Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at four school strikes in a week – video Play Video 1:57. Human societies are playing a vital role in upsetting the conditions for wildlife and the wellbeing of the environment that allows humans, sea life and mammals to thrive.

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