At night time, she managed to get at it and lick, it’s now infected. and for the rest of you morons implying he was condoning rape or some bs like that, look at the comment again. I don’t understand how bubbles could be coming out, could you explain? If it is getting worse and/or he has breathing problems then that is serious but if it is stable or slightly reducing then it is normal. I have a 6 year old an a 18 year old and we are all scared to even go outside with the pit now. If the vet thinks so then I have to assume they checked everything. i bought my dog a halter muzzle so she cant drag me like that again. its not exactly the same thing, but it’s pretty damned close. I do not hate you and have written this out of love in hopes that you see the truth and change your views. Before he did this , he done the lower back and raise head , standing on all four legs and looked at smaller dog for about 7-8 seconds . This is the reason most cities have mandatory leash laws. This is a great lesson to people about how even ‘friend’ dogs can be aggressive with food involved. Just keep him calm and keep a close watch on him. They have a lot of testosterone and need an outlet for aggression. He is now home resting and doing well. But it’s a better bet than just trying to kick the large dog away, which will only leave your pet standing there defenseless, as physically lashing out at an aggressive dog in the throes of an attack will generally not work to shoo him from the scene. Very hard to answer as you are right they are all different. It wasn’t til later I noticed blood on the back of her neck. Good luck! My little maltese was attacked by a husky 2 days ago and although she was shaken she seemed okay and I couldn’t find any bleeding at the time (in my stressed and shaken state!). Sounds like its worth a vet visit. So weird! Do you think he will be ok or with no blood or proof of bites could he still have internal injuries? I guess it’s just in their bloodline. The neck and possible back pain is a concern. Yesterday my maltese s shitzu, Delta therapy dog was attacked by a mastif at the dog beach. Now his body is better and everything but we will bring him to the vet for the throw up and eating part. However, you should never use it to hit the dog. I have a flight to catch in about 12 hours and was gonna leave her with a sitter. Kuper is 11 years old, by the way and not prone to fighting unless defending himself. My dog plays rough. There is really nothing you can do except rest and vet visit. You were lucky. You need to warm compress it with warm soapy water 3-4 times a a day for 5-10 minutes a time. Is you lab acting normally and has no punctures? How dare you say that women ask to get raped! Move! Sounds very bad if he is not doing anything?!?! My dog is my family and there is nothing I would not do for him! Is it worth a vet visit? The size of degloving was about 3″ by 1.5″ on the right side. They have been together since the lab was 6 weeks old. I wound not recommend giving any more aspirin! as in…. The heart medication and future treatment is a good idea and the pain medication and antibiotic sound correct. My dog was still alive and I had to decide whether to pts or try to save him. Hello Sir, Other Dog Attack My Labrador dog so he is injured and littel injured in his tummy little blood also blliding but now blliding is stop but my doggy have a pain so what to do please advice me. Then I brought her home and she started acting all different. The pitbull then got a hold of our second dog, which is also a chihuahua mix. The last one was with a larger dog she was becoming friendly with (a reversal – IT didn’t react well to HER enthusiasm unrelated to it … and it was her yard) has made her wary of that dog. dog? Muscles will be very sore as well so her mobility is limited but at least she is home with me and I can give her 24hr care. Right after I brought her in and checked her out. every dog, person, squirrel was a target. It could be overwhelming muscle damage and infection too. He wagged his tail and walked to the vet tech. This does not sound good and he sounds like he is suffering. How time! After that he got antibiotics and draining of the wound done by the vet on a regular basis and seemed to be recovering. I don’t want anything to happen that would cause a dog – anyone’s dog, big or little – to be harmed. The have many good uses, but these are not them. I examined for blood and cuts but didn’t find anything. or what can i do now ? I moved to San Angelo Tx in Dec. One of the wounds was 4inches deep. GOD BE WITH. I forgot about it in my haste to get my son to school and me to work. He has some small punctures on his right side between his lower rib cage and his right hip. I’m worried about my puppy too. I really do not know. I completely agree my neighbors pit bull killed my little five pound dog it’s ridiculous I’m Suing he was my baby too and I have 23 stiches in my hand trying to save him wtf are we suppossed to do to protect ourselves and our beloved little dogs. You hit the nail on the head, you should see an “expert” to get an opinion. Sometimes, with intensive training, perhaps by you alone but preferably with the help of an animal behaviorist or a professional trainer, a dog who has acted aggressively (but not necessarily harmfully) with a smaller dog can be taught to come back to you or “leave it” rather than attack in the heat of the moment. Stools are involuntary and firming up now that the antibiotics have stopped being administered. My dog is very submissive and did not provoke the other dog. I honestly can not tell very much from that description. Two days ago my 60 lb lab mix was attacked by another dog that got away from its owner. We named her Ghost (she is all black but for the paws) and started obedience training. Get rid of one of the dogs. I would die if shih poo got killed. I’m so thankful she will be okay. Good luck! Unfortunately, we never realized that a fight was still possible through the baby gates. Good story and very true. Please reply with any possible information, thank you. Do not give her any human medication and you need to get her pain medication in the morning and possible have an xray of the leg. my friends say he did not raise a lip, or growl, just chomped down on her mouth when she sat down. I’m not kidding. Wow, yes you should be worried! Even stress drugs like prozac do not always work. When he follows through, it’s your job to reward him with warm praise and delicious treats. It’s just so sad . Ok, I would like to give very bland responses to your questions because you are CURRENTLY in a vet office under veterinary care. You need to be the judge of his future ER visits based on these symptoms. A human should not buy OR adopt a PET (any kind) if they are not physically or mentally or FINANCIALLY able to take care of every need the PET has, now or in the future. so i called my sister which is a Vet tech for over 13years now working at our hometown vet. This article is talking about medium to large breeds with a strong prey drive and no training, not giant dogs. It sounds more like a nerve damage than circulation damage. I took him to the dog park for the first time today. My husband had Princess and pulled, I had Marlee, I lost my grip and went flying down the steps to our walk out basement. Should that be reason enough for me not to fear for the shih poo? Kintamani dog is the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD, very loyal, protective. Other than seeing a vet you are doing everything you can and be careful not to get bitten by her in pain. There is almost nothing you can do easily at home for her. Small dogs often act aggressively when. I’m not making excuses but it cost me 1800.00 dollars for VET bill . For pictures of my dog Toaster and additional footage, follow me on Instagram: @kevinrose. They should be out in 3 days, so after that. When your dog plays with a rope toy, he might grab it and shake it vigorously in his mouth. These dogs share food, toys, beds and have never showed signs of aggression before. No, it’s never pretty. Dont know if ill be same with their dad again. i hit my dog on the head and made her let go and she rolled over. We left them both on leashes for the first few days to be able to grab them if something were to happen since this was Marlee’s territory. My male daschaqund was playing with the German Shepard puppy as the pit charged out the door my male played dead but my female ran towards the female pit as the pit ran towards her. Give him some more time, pain medication, antibiotics and rest and see how he does. After a week I took her back to the vet because that side the skin was starting to slough off and he gave me antiseptic to flush the wound. When I put him down to see if he could walk he did not limp or anything, he walked just fine. I insisted we go to the vet though, just in case, and get her checked out. they are scared. Sorry to hear about this but there is no silver bullet. Would the medications have any effect on his little heart? My cihuahua dog just got attacked like half an hour ago. So he was damaged and no doubt bruised. If the attacking dog is listed as "dangerous" and your dog has to be put down, the owner may be held responsible for the original amount you paid for your dog. She had no lung damage, but has drain tubes in and is stitched back up. Omg, my 50 pound dog may have been beating up on my 12 pound poodle. I had already made up my mind she wasn’t going back. He is just not his self. He first time was nothing serious, pain med & antibiotic. Those wounds are much bigger then the skin wound and can have deep pockets. Rosie is a 24 lb. Sorry I can not be more helpful but dog aggression is a very complicated situation and I’m not sure we will ever fully understand it. Actually my little dog did instigate and cause the entire fight that happen between my big dog and little dog so you don’t sound very bright. but he looks twice is size. Great story, I will defer to the professional dog trainer. For this, he had been prescribed very strong antibiotics. He told me the left side was worse but didn’t show me. ?thx a lot.. Wow, that is a crazy story. If the swelling does not go down I would certainly see a vet. Have any of you had this happen? Could this just still be swelling after this long? After the Amoxicillin she hasn’t wanted to walk around or do much. GREAT!! This occurs so often, in fact, that the veterinary community has a widely recognized acronym for it — BDLD, which stands for “Big Dog-Little Dog” — and it almost always results in an emergency situation. Recently we sheltered a woman and her dogs as she divorces her abusive husband. I have an four month puppy and he has an older sister who always tries to get him and yesterday she did. It is about 11:00 p.m. here. One of her legs (the front left) seems like it’s broken and she can’t walk with that leg. The stitches her up again on Monday, took her again, yesterday for her check up and the stitches opened up, and they re-stitched her up yesterday, however when I picked her up, the vet advised that the infection is really bad, and when we take her back on Friday, if infection is still bad, he recommends to put her down. What could be wrong with her. What do I do? Just some soft tissue damage and some intense bruising. I want to take him to an emergency vet, but I don’t think I will be able to afford it! They sent Trouble home with a morphine patch for pain and antibiotics and said he would be in alot of pain but he would be ok, that night he let out a whistle with every breath and his heartbeat was rapid and very strong, could feel his heartbeat just pounding. I just know vets want to be safe AND run every test possible which i want and will gladly do in a second if I think she needs it. We want to try getting her x-rays and surgery her neck got tore up pretty bad the skin and tissue is dying on her neck and starting to smell she can stand up but she falls to the right she has a ruptured eardrum we don’t want to put her down any suggestions. The pit was put outside and pomchi to the emergency vet. This is not ideal. Then July came, not sure why but they got into a fight, it was bad. The only way to describe her behavior is shock and what looks like depression. Any sugestions please? It didn’t attack at first but its prey instinct kicked in as the small dog became more excited. Ask your vet these questions, but you need the abscess treated as soon as you can. 3 boys and 1 female lived at the home. Could the result of the fever still be amputation? Good luck! The big dog then turned his attention to one of the two smaller dogs I was walking with and had him pinned until the other owner finally gained control of her big dog. My dogs vet isn’t open until Tuesday so 2 days…alot can happen in 2 days smh. Visit our help page for pet loss support groups. We were not there ourselves. She has a 4 inch laceration and torn muscles in her neck. Probably because it was 14 years old in simply had a hard time with the surgery.The vet bill was $1,300 and then he wanted an additional $260 for The Cremation and Ashes back. It will end poorly one day for the smaller dog I can assure you. It not infrequently enough turns into a very, very serious emergency … I’ve heard if dog taste blood once they have a higher chance to attack again. My 5lb papillon was attacked by my sons 45lb dog when no one was home yesterday. DOg behaviour is very complicated and as dogs age and become more vulnerable they can also change their behaviors. The Mastiffs broke through the fence and got my little dog. The vet says he’s losing all his muscle mass in the liquid, and that the blood supply to this leg might be permanently damaged. Yes, and Yes. I guess he was shocked. I don’t think so. You are right, but your parents are also correct. The question is: RAPE IS PERVERTED POWER WHEN WEAK MINDED MAN WITH NO REGARD FOR ANYBODY’S WELLFARE WILL RAPE,BEAT MURDER ECT A WOMAN. Bring him to a vet for an evaluation is the best advice I can give. They might be bast friends, but when food is involved then the fight. Need some advise. Psychologically she is very quiet timid withdrawn and untrusting. Unfortunately this dog attacked my other dog, seemingly unprovoked (no food or toys were present at time, behaviour was loose relaxed and happy). The bite punctured both sides of the Russell’s neck, just broke the skin. I’ve tried search the web but it’s always ‘take him to the vet’. My Schnauzer mixed dog got a couple of shallow wounds from a large pit bull that my husband and I were fostering for a little while. As expected he is extremely tender on both sides more so on the left though. He is happy to be home and his wounds are looking good. The vet told us these remedies are for humans, but he told us don’t have risks. She has a kitten and a quite instigating chihuahua friend. Just to update the Dr. held him for observation almost all day and did several X-rays of chest and stomach area. Wow, I guess it is possible the blood supply to the leg was compromised, but this is pretty rare.

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