Most grievances go to higher-ups in the company or the human resources department, but you may have to file the grievance with a union representative if you are a union member. A complaint can be filed individually or as a group. ... Finding proof in a case against a union is similar to finding proof in a grievance against a company. This is where the organizer should step in and take over! Federal Labor Relations Authority 1400 … Most unions have several representatives. In the first action against a union under the federal workplace bullying laws, three workers have applied for stop bullying orders against the MUA and international port operator DP World, which employs the three general stevedores at the company’s West Swanson Dock ¬terminal in Melbourne. It is also your right to resign from a labor union at any time without threat of discrimination or fine from your former union. Nevertheless, if you feel uncomfortable or pressured by a union rep, your options are to speak up internally – that is, within the union ranks – or to file a formal complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. .manual-search ul.usa-list li {max-width:100%;} Draft adopted Representative Assembly resolutions into specific legislative proposals, as appropriate Coalition-building with other unions, groups and/or interested parties (parents) Prepare and present testimony at legislative hearings Role of a Union Representative. ... (NLRB) and file a complaint against your union. .cd-main-content p, blockquote {margin-bottom:1em;} Click on the link and a form will open. Prohibition Against Violence - No one may use or threaten to use force or violence to interfere with a union member in the exercise of LMRDA rights. He may try to bully or intimidate you, but your only response should be to maintain documentation of what you believe constitutes harassment. The national union filed a motion to dismiss the case against it and against the two individual union officials, but the district court has now issued a decision, dismissing some claims and one defendant, President Cox, but leaving the defamation suit against the AFGE and against Nelson as an individual to have its day in court. ... (NLRB) and file a complaint against your union. The NLRB's site indicates that ULP charges are filed with the agency's regional director, but the person with whom you initially meet is an intake officer or board agent. The most common complaint is that supervisors and managers won’t feel free to ask questions and/or express concerns if there is a union presence in the room. • The union learns from complaints and where complaints are found to be justified, takes appropriate measures. Representatives must act fairly, equitably, and without discrimination when taking action on behalf of members, including the negotiating of contracts and the settling of official grievances or complaints. Please contact the OLMS field office closest to you for guidance in filing a complaint with OLMS about a civil matter. This is where the organizer should step in and take over! The goal of organized labor is strength in numbers – solidarity, it's called. #views-exposed-form-manual-cloud-search-manual-cloud-search-results .form-actions{display:block;flex:1;} #tfa-entry-form .form-actions {justify-content:flex-start;} #node-agency-pages-layout-builder-form .form-actions {display:block;} #tfa-entry-form input {height:55px;} The NLRA imposed restrictions on employers that prohibits them from interfering with those rights. Give as much detail as you can about … It's not unusual for union members themselves to be subjected to harassment by the very union reps who encouraged them to join their ranks in the interest of solidarity. "Unfair practices with the help of union representatives ought to be stated to the nationwide hard work relatives Board."