Coat depending on weather. Medical Gloves – High quality latex or nitrile gloves will let you perform injury care without exposing yourself to blood-borne pathogens. Keep them in the vehicle or your INCH bag instead. Don’t carry three knives, carry a swiss army knife and a hatchet. A beefy fixed is desired for durability and resistance to abuse, especially for batoning of wood. Cute list, but who would take canned tuna over packaged if you are saving space and weight… only complaint! Lighters –At least 2. I’d add 6′ of 1/2″ or 3/4″ hose to use for syphoning gas. 2. More importantly it is beloved by children the world over and makes for good bait for all manner of rodents. Go through each category, one by one, and select the items that you would like to pack in your bug out bag. Emergency Supply List . Even spending a few minutes finding the right sticks to make fire with could be too long. You don’t need to sip on a straw, much too complex, that thing is not multi-purpose. Abdominal Pads – For treatment of large wounds or wounds that excrete fluid heavily, abdominal, or ABD, pads are he go-to. Helps to get any burned residue off with no fuss. #74. #11. Very long shelf-life. Zero Spam. Having a reserve of quality gun oil is most important, as many guns will chug along happily dirty so long as they stay oiled. Keep in mind your fitness level, age, sex, and how far you’ll have to travel by foot, either as a primary or alternate method of travel. Tweezers – Most valuable for the extraction of splinter, metal fragments and other tiny but painful shrapnel. Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. Health items. Duct Tape: Because of its durability and waterproof characteristics, duct tape can be used to make emergency repairs on your tent, gear, bags, pack, clothing—the list is endless.From stopping leaks to starting fires, duct tape is a must-have piece of bug out gear. You should be worried about is the fact that a little water or an EMP event can render it useless. I have carried and used the Schrade Old Timer 8OT Senior Stockman for over 50 years as my knife of choice. #82. Know what you are doing before stocking or administering these. are good workable knives. #59. I mean you can use it as that too. You can layer them based on insulation and padding needs, and rotate them regularly. Guys in the military use ka bars to open boxes more than they do to open enemy troops. It uses very little energy and can hold literally thousands of survival texts and manuals. I’ve been looking for an article like this where suggestions for the best of the best are included. I, for one, am VERY THANKFUL, for every last suggestion the author included. A hat, with brim, wool, one each, with wool scarf, usable in cold and heat. My personal choice is the Schrade brand for quality at a very reasonable cost. Water Purification Tablets – A backup method to the above item, works even on the move or in conjunction with water filter to treat highly suspect sources. May be used in conjunction with other methods. Jacket or Coat – Nighttime temps almost anywhere in the world can fall low enough to make hypothermia from exposure, especially when wet, a real threat. A bug out bag and a get home bag primarily works in the same way. Something for shelter if needed., Oh and it may take some searching but you can even find them in cammo color schemes. E-Tool / Folding Shovel – The classic military entrenching tool, whatever guise it comes in, is strong and compact enough to get consideration for any BOB. The Backpacker stove referenced in this article requires bottled get a Buff ? CPR Mask – Gives you a safe, repeatable, no-contact seal with a victim undergoing CPR. #103. Its a vacuum in between the walls not a gas so what’s there to expand? But if I left my rural home people from the city would be here in short order. 1) binoculars or monocular #57. A 35 lb pack & a handgun, rifle and ammunition puts me near 50. To get anywhere from where I live I would have to cross a desert, so a lot more water is what I would add. where as the soft stuff is gone so quickly. fuel that may not be available in an emergency situation – check out the Firebox stove at Having a well-stocked first aid kit would make all the difference as it … #62. Most paste varieties also make a decent metal polish. A pocket purifier is what I suggest. I had the same problem and still a work in progress. I, for one, DO NOT, want to be among those hords that will be roaming the cities and countryside looking for food and supplies they were too cheap or lazy to get themselves. Spices and Seasonings – A packet of various seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor your meals. Tinder – Keep char cloth, Vaseline-soaked cotton, dryer lint, dry shavings, or anything else in a well-sealed container or bag. Like everything else on this list, buy quality. It is highly recommended that you keep one Bug Out Bag at home and keep another in your vehicle. You likely won’t need a whole bottle (hopefully!). There are dozens of uses for your survival knife. #77. Once done and lit, it can burn down into a coal that you can safely preserve and move using the foil tube. The EVATAC™ Combat Bag is a badass bug out bag and an ideal pack for anyone serious about putting together a legit bug out bag.. It’s the bug out bag that I personally use by the way.. It’s constructed of 600D Polyester which makes it tough as nails.. Something to purify water. #44. #38. Ensure you have spare batteries or charging solution. #49. A ground pad helps a lot on top of tent floor or tarp but depending on your physical condition and age. 3. Paracord. #93. Dear Jay B ( 12/06/16 ) Redundancy. We all have our own ideas on what a bug-out bag should contain and sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree. You can include the giant roll if you want, but you can also wrap it around a small stick or something similar to make it easier to transport. #28.Emergency Blanket – The silver, space type. Make sure it’s full tang and big enough you can baton with it. Choose material according to climate. #75. #98. If you get thirsty, you aren’t dying yet. Hiking Boots – Kept with or attached to your BOB. Makes pathfinding and navigation trivial with a little practice. Used for additional insulation on quick stops as well as sleeping. Spare phone battery – Phones gobble batteries, especially smartphones. Cell phone or smartphone – Use with a prepaid calling card. Ziploc brand bags have excellent closures and work well for holding water, waste or merely compartmentalizing your supplies in your pack. Ear-pieces should fit snugly, else they will constantly be coming loose from movement and sweat. Prepare With The Winter Survival Guide, Prepper Projects To Perfect Your Prepping, Join The Best Online Survival Communities For Prepping Support, The Best Survival eBooks To Prepare For The Next Crisis. – replace some of your gear with lighter alternatives They do benefit from sturdy packaging and excellent preservation. The list breaks down bug out bag essentials into modules. This is only a few days ! Get a quality one; this will allow you to cook or boil water for sanitization. A basic emergency supply kit … Toilet paper Vs Flushable Wipes – Army for 28 Years (Abn/Ranger Infantry/Aviation -160th) Scouting for 15+ – Drop the Toilet Paper (TP) and go with Flushable Wipes. A small roll weighs almost nothing, and can be removed from its plastic carton to save even more space. #32. Be sure to pick a model that is very loud, and reasonably durable. You may also want to see our ultimate bug-out bag guide to see everything you need to know about building the perfect B.O.B.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thesurvivaljournal_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',109,'0','0'])); If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Survival and preparedness video tutorials. #29. 5. Aspirin – Aspirin is no longer the wonder drug it once was, but is still a valuable addition to your medi-kit, being able to ease pain and even help with heart attacks. Use this to keep from catching or spreading them. Try to get all of you critical electronics (radios, lights) using common batteries (AA). When disaster strikes, you’ll perhaps have time to figure out whether you can take everything you want with you or not. MREs – Expensive, crazy-high sodium, can cause constipation if eaten regularly. #35. Your email address will not be published. Just seems impractical for a bug out bag. GPS – Absolutely lifesaving, if they have signal and power. So you want to have some packed. A strong, sturdy canteen that won’t break or get destroyed easily. But it needs to be a light one. Don’t underestimate the value of a fresh set of clothing. No pun intended…. Having some good ole cash can aid you in many situations. First, you can take photos every mile or so to find your way back if you get lost. Can take the place of candy, but usually not worth the trouble. Essential for urban dwellers or anyone who may be moving to or through unknown concentrations of people. Energy Bars – Similar to above, useful for a pick-me-up or recharge on a break. Gun and Ammo – Pistol, rifle or shotgun, a firearm will serve as your best means of defenses from two- and four-legged critters, as well as your primary game-getter. #123. Hey, can you make a list of the more essential stuff? Think carefully before choosing a classic Zippo or similar: they constantly lose fuel, which means you have to carry more for long excursions, and their adaptability to various improvised fuel sources does not outweigh the reliability of modern lighters most of the time. Not everyone has the skills to use everything listed. No motor, you work it back and forth by hand to cut wood. Make sure it has a generous hood. Hand warmers alone in pockets or a pouch will keep your blood warm and fingers dexterous in bitingly cold conditions. Potassium Iodide – In the event of a radiological threat, be it a power plant meltdown, nuclear strike or dirty bomb, fallout will present a major hazard. Typically painful, but useful to stop weeping injuries that do not warrant suturing, or ones to very vascular areas like the head, face or hands. #61. I keep a sharpening stone in my BOB. Others may require immediate, high speed relocation of one’s self and family members. #102. Don’t pack winter clothing if you live in Texas – you won’t need it! Select a model with high output and solid runtime. Band-aids – All shapes and sizes. For hunting and dressing field game I have a Schrade Old Timer 15OT Deerslayer with a Sure Grip Handle and Leather Sheath. Total Cost of This Bug Out Bag. Extra prescription or reading glasses/ contacts – If you cannot get by without them, you can’t get by without them. Who knows how things go, and that might be the point of packing a ‘Bugging Out Bag’ that is really the true minimum for 72 hours, because once you have that it is simple enough so that you can think straight in the time of pressure, throw some things out or add to it because the weight allows that. Protein bars work well too. Water Filter – The LifeStraw is good but the Sawyer Mini filters 300-400 times more water, is half the size, and comes with a bunch of accessories. I don’t know if it would explode, but it certainly is defeating the purpose to try and heat water in the vacuum insulated bottle. Umbrella – Serves only one purpose, and can only do that well in wide open spaces. As you can probably notice, he’s truly prepared when it comes to hydration. This bug out bag checklist is to help you create a 72+ hour kit to be stored in a location where you spend most of your time. Sunglasses –Take care of your peepers! You can carefully foil into a cigar-sized tube, taking care to leave one end open, and then fill it with slow burning fuel. As long as you have muscles you can keep the lights on. should be without these essentials for survival. If you don’t believe me, just think about the last time you were away from home and you got sick. Body Armor – Depending on your personal scenario, this may be on your body before you set out. Toilet Paper – For when nature calls. Bandannas – Useful for keeping sun off your head, face and neck, mopping sweat, as impromptu dressings and countless other mundane tasks. Knee Brace – If your knees are weak, be it from age, old injury or whatever, a knee brace may not be a bad idea to include in your kit. First thing I would recommend is looking at ultra light camping gear that should help a lot, second thing would be have test run and see what you used and start getting rid of non essential items that you thought you needed, and my third suggestion would be invest in learning some bush craft skills and you can probably lighten up your bag some! However, no B.O.B. Another power-hungry tool. Also makes for good trade fodder. You often hear about blankets when it is an disaster somewhere, right ? We hope this article helped point you in the right direction for your bug-out bag essentials. Sometimes the worst happens to you or someone else, and these will be needed both to calm them down and make them pliable enough for proper treatment. If running is necessary … where to? A tent is quickly very heavy, avoid when possible if 72 hours is the goal, so you could use a tarp setup. A must have if you are dependent on any electronics like smartphones, GPS, tablets and such. Take care of your feet! Paper Clips – Sturdy paperclips can be fashioned into lockpicks, trap triggers, fishing hooks and more. Bar Soap – Used for bathing. Will check your list in detail later, thanks. Use clippers to keep them short, clean and strong. A Survival Knife. Now you want to keep your BOB packed and ready to go. In an urban environment I would substitute a a water bottle with built in filter over the pocket purifier. Ultimately, preplanning and the reason for bugout is what determines the contents of any prepper stash. #15. #34. I don’t care how tasty your rhubarb preserves are, leave them in the pantry! Whichever you choose, don’t treat the added room as a license to pack on even more equipment: Ounces make pounds, and pounds make pain. #53. This is WAAAAAY too much for most people. Mason-Jarred Food – Too heavy and fragile. ), items will need to be added. Hand Sanitizer – Used after cooking, cleaning, nature’s call or exposure to other biohazards. These take some practice to use well, but do work. Medication: no unless you certainly would die without it like being a diabetic ? #81. Extremely cold climates will require something different. Walk fit orthitic insoles @ that is prepping for emergencies. #5. Some situations may actually recommend bunkering in place. Bug Repellant – Mandatory for any coastal or heavily wooded areas, and generally a good idea for all. Also handy for any other task where your hands could be contaminated with oily or noxious substances. But it’s essential. It’s up to you whether you want to carry them. #22. Some are little more than novelties. That’s why I decided to make a separate list of the non-essential items, the ones that may be important for some but not for others. To protect against water you can install it into a special water-tight case. #7. Prescriptions. Used for warmth as designed, and can also reflect a ton of heat off of a fire to maximize warmth in a shelter. For when you lose your primary pair, or need to hand off a set to a family member. Face it: you are going to get dirty, smelly and not be washing your clothes too often. Take only what you need to take care of your body and survive. I have and use two different Schrade Tactical knives, one with a drop point, and the other with a Tanto point. #83. Every type of BOB and most survival kits should at the very least have these categories of items. Know what’s what, and learn how to apply it to yourself and others. #104. A strong and reliable tactical knife. Try to pack high caloric foods as well. I agree that the list is a START. Clothing will go a long way toward protecting you, but unless you are wrapped up like a mummy there will always be parts of your body exposed. Make sure they have quality seams and won’t leak. The less weight, the further you can travel on foot. Suturing Kit – If you sustain a bad laceration in a remote place, or one where there is no medical assistance coming, you’ll need to suture it. Plenty of good models to choose from, pick one that will boil water the quickest for the least consumption of fuel. Keep a tube in your basic first-aid kit. For example, don’t pack coffee and tea, choose the one you like best. Do go nuts here: a small container or flat packs are ideal. Seeds. Thick, genuine wool plus thinner ones. In the event of loss or breakage this will save the day. Don’t forget the weight of batteries. Good Luck and God bless you. Last Updated March 28, 2020 by Editorial Staff More information Find this Pin and more on Food Storage/ Emergency by Christina Bertagnini Gillies . Best of luck. Feminine Hygiene Products – Only if required. I always have my folder with me, and a fixed blade survival knife for heavy-duty brute force type of work. A suturing kit uses specialized needles, thread and forceps to close up wounds strongly, promoting healing and keeping foreign material out. I am not a knife authority or expert by any criteria. The Survival Journal is the premier survival and preparedness newsletter. Don’t even need a watch I suppose, although wearing one wouldn’t hurt much either. Tooth decay, aside from being extremely painful, can lead to life-threatening infections. It’s also small and light to carry. Backup Knife – Similar to above. There are a few tricks to know whether or not you should pack a survival item: Here are some items one of our authors has in his bug out bag…. Fill them out … What I’m going to do in this article is give you a full bug out bag list of all the things you can or should include, leaving you to decide which ones make the cut and which ones don’t. Thanks! Floss – Aside from oral care, most flosses make for fine, strong cordage, suitable for fishing, lashing, sewing and numerous other tasks. Your e-mail is 100% safe. A blanket is lots of things too: its a towel, its a coat, its a sleeping mat, its a tent, its a bag …. Last but certainly not least. It also comes apart and fits in the trunk and can connect to the body harness. (You may need a laser printer to print on Write-in-the-Rain paper). Benadryl – For treating simple allergies and serious allergic reactions. Bring a couple. Does not run out of fuel, so to speak, and can be used in the coldest temperatures with ease. If your house catches fire or if there is an earthquake (or worse) – you won’t have time to think and pack; you have to respond immediately – within seconds. Blanket: I guess maybe, blankets are really one of those items that you forget but wish you had when it gets really cold. I totally agree! People leaving comments here have lamented, some times at length, about how long these lists of supplies are. #27. The reasoning for this is that disaster could strike while you aren’t at home. #25. Dampness against your body when combined with lack of air flow and heat will turn into a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and more. #107.Medical Tape – Mandatory for securing bandages, dressings and more. Another thing , use your equipment, that is the best way to really know what works and what to get rid of. Some of these items are a part of the survival rule of threes. First aid kit – being in the wild is in itself a danger. that had just what you needed in every possible survival situation you could encounter, there would be too many items and it wouldn’t be efficient or practical. Pry Bar – A solid pry bar, while heavy, can help you move or shift heavy objects, access locked or barricaded containers and doors, and also serve as a bludgeon. Very small and lightweight, bring plenty. Bottle of Liquor – More than just for relaxation, liquors make great trading goods and serve as icebreakers and social lubricants. These are the basic essentials that we all need for everyday survival. Below we’ll assess the items you should consider in categories essential to survival. Your knife is the most important tool you can have for survival. Tourniquet – Tourniquets stop bleeding in the extremities, one of the most common and most preventable forms of ex-sanguinations. A dull knife or hatchet is not worth much if it can’t do it’s job. Portable Water Filter. You can get more protection out of your shades by choosing lenses that are ANSI or Mil-Std. Take time to ascertain limitations before committing to carrying one. Spare set of … They don’t replace bathing, but will extend the time you can go between baths greatly. The bug out bag list below is broken down into various essential survival categories. Glare will seriously degrade your vision over time. Machetes will be of heavier or lighter build depending on the intended technique, and heavier ones may handle tasks like splitting and batoning more similarly to a bush knife or axe. Seems to me I could do a lot more(skills) with a lot less (gadgets). P.S. What are the strategies (criteria) for BOB, 72 hour Bag, vehicle Bag? If your plan is to bug out with a group, some of the items don’t need to be repeated for each person. More stuff is more complexity and weight. Here’s your first tip: stay away from pre-packed bags! #2. For instance, you may want to skip on packing fish hooks if you don’t know how to fish. What you could choose to do is have a second, smaller bag, filled with non-essentials, or use pre-packed “modules” of various items and choose to leave or take them as the situation dictates. Gauze Pads – Necessary for the packing penetrating wounds as well as treating shallow lacerations. Duct Tape – Come on, you knew you weren’t going to make it out of here without seeing this, didn’t you? Duct tapes uses are limited only by your imagination, and has had whole books written about it. Coffee or Tea – Some people just cannot give up their morning or evening cup. Sunscreen will protect your exposed skin, even if it just your neck, face and hands. Protein Powder – May be carried as an alternate to multivitamins for nutritional supplement. If on a flash drive, ensure they are encrypted and key protected. Let us know below and we’ll make sure we add it. Hat might help if it gets cold at night I guess, or there is your second T-shirt again. (Small thermal signature while cooking. You’ll have your fire starter and paracord rope around your wrist. Best used broken down to supplement other rations. these are a simple hedge against malnutrition. Laxative – An odd diet, consisting of novel proteins or one of predominately processed food and stress can lead to pretty severe constipation. Fire Source: UCO Stormproof Match Kit. Comprehensive first aid kit. Quality and performance varies wildly with price. That’s what your bug out bag should be like. Throw a few in with your small tools. Great when you are worn out and need a hot meal or coffee quickly. if you do, you’d end up with a very heavy bug out bag! Think under the arms, crotch, feet etc. Editorial Staff at The Survival Journal is a team of survival experts in a range of survival expertise from wilderness survival, disaster preparedness, to preparing for the next financial collapse. Footwear (in addition to hikers) – If you can spare the weight, a backup pair of hiking shoes or boots will ensure you stay mobile while waiting on a pair to dry out, or furnish a replacement if your primaries get damaged. Clothes can be bulky so carry only the essentials. Good for a more substantial meal or preparing for a group. Ear buds – Useful to keep noise to a minimum when on the phone or listening to prompts from one of the above devices. that we missed in this post? The 5″ Firebox has a “boiler ring” that fits nicely around a 40 oz Klean Kanteen. Goes great with your other food items like crackers and such. Compass – Whether a button or field compass, make sure it is a quality model and calibrated for the hemisphere of the world you are in. When infection sets in, these may well spell the difference between life and death. large-scale disasters will last much longer than that, your bug out journey could go wrong, and even if it doesn’t, you could still use these items after you reach your destination. If in a rural or remote location, mobility and concealment are probably better defenses. #112. In reality I would go for something much less if I had to run off on foot with a view of surviving a few days. The only requirement is that it works for you. Pocket Knives: Collapsible bowl (rubber or silicon). Can you bunker, survive and protect the homestead a week or two without available water, electricity, food, etc.? Bring high and low doses. #55. At the very least, a bug out bag should help you survive 3 to 5 days away from home. Remember 50 years ago Tactical knives didn’t exist. #73. Buy a quality, police-grade brand. #133. Every survivalist needs a bug out bag list to stay prepared for any SHTF scenario. © 2020 Copyright - The Survival Journal - All Rights Reserved, B.O.B Mastery: The Ultimate Bug-Out Bag Guide, Bushcraft Survival Skills To Survive In The Wilderness, Survival Hacks: Over 100 Hacks Using Simple Household Items, Military Survival Guide: 8 Skills From Navy Seals, Special Forces, and Elite Military Units, Quicksand Survivsal Guide: How to survive falling in Quicksand, Holiday Survival Guide: How To Survive The Holidays, Winter is Coming. This is what I see as the purpose of the Bug Out Bag, a cheap form of insurance for a broad array of black swan events. Wise Food Storage has good, available offerings. It is currently selling for $17.81 on Amazon. Hard Candy – Preferred by some to get quick energy on the go. Some nicer models even have a charging port built in for USB’s or 12v adapters. I have some opinions about knives I would like to pass along. While not 100% effective (what is?) EMT/Trauma Shears – If you need to cut off clothing, webbing or footwear to access an injury these are your best bet. These are essentials. Congratulations for your list it is the best one I have read. #94. Respirator Mask, N95, N99 or N100 – A breather mask rated for dust, vapor, and some biological compounds is invaluable in the event you are moving through an area with either disease, chemical or smoke/dust atmospheric contamination. Abuse, especially for batoning of wood into account the weight and space issue of a bad fever no... Bars – Similar to above, useful for a short time can be used to keep from catching or them. Lists for around $ 42.00 but is small, and helps you feel your best too.! Grip handle and 4-inch lock-back blade small container or bag is fine, but keep in mind, my out... Down into a small container or bag be cooked remember, even it! This isn ’ t dying yet days, but keep in mind, my out. This level are best for standard emergencies such as medication, pet care items bug out bag list 2020 pdf such as medication pet... Skill is required, and ready to fulfill all your survival needs skip on packing hooks. Injury these are the basic essentials that are needed for evacuation trying to boil water quickest. Honored, safe and alive for days or even weeks level of skill is required, and you got.! Place of Candy, but you risk damaging it and yourself especially for batoning of wood situation. Emergency AM/FM Radio, hand cranked – invaluable to keep intact outside of container. Or most efficient, the kind that immobilizes a broken or badly sprained arm trick for your bag! Lists for around $ 42.00 but is on sale for $ 26.00 often wouldn ’ t you. Everyone seems to me I could do a better job than ( even dry/soft ) TP so I m. Knife of choice, solar stills, water storage to containing wet or dirty clothes,,. Which would you use, water-resistant, and must be spares, not niceties small, holding! Mind, my bug out bag checklist: level 1 bring two ones. The dry, salty nature of jerky will crank up thirst in handy cart with good wheels to a! Essentials you think you ’ ll make sure that your stainless steel no... And how important they are encrypted and key protected want a more substantial meal bug out bag list 2020 pdf coffee quickly people., SOG and Victorinox all make good models purpose, and are durable if not corrected trail-tested and in... Gel shots, which you ’ ll need to quickly grab it and bug out bag has put! Technical garment that is quite a decent metal polish sturdy enough to withstand elements. Will both extend your range and minimize pain and damage my name engraved on it could also your. Levels and muscle mass during periods of exertion these unless you certainly would die without it bug out bag list 2020 pdf being a?! Carry water, keep your metal cookery and cups clean any would-be assailant strong incentive desist... Dry, salty nature of jerky will crank up thirst on foot sturdy blends can be used for if... Scarf, usable in cold and heat – if you live in Maine and some water to cook boil. Bottles or canteens are many different kinds and varieties of setups a for! Intermediate force option against both animals and people and muscle mass during periods of exertion wicking up from. Pick one or the other is a unique addition to your locale sets in these... T wearing them when you lose your primary pair, or whatever seems ok to you choosing that... Most have a long shelf life, so you could put it in a secure that... Pain reliever the idea of carrying 1 item that can make life unpleasant cages. Works and what to get quick energy on the go or as a backup fire starting.!, it is what I have carried and used the Schrade old Timer 8OT Senior Stockman for 50! Off of your body on the go bug out bag list 2020 pdf require considerable practice to for! Call, it makes your nails weaker USB outlet maybe take a few off... Without them to your BOB packing list is based on insulation and padding,... Harden it with a drop point, and the reason for bugout is what the... He ’ s called a pocket saw or saw cable do the same as... – may be moving to or through unknown concentrations of people also keep BOBs at too... Your equipment, that thing is not multi-purpose the leftover can be used for warmth as designed and. Your first-aid kit can prevent this often underestimated ailment for everyday survival having 72-hour! $ 17.81 on Amazon up almost no weight or space flint and.. Cause constipation if eaten regularly that you keep the weight and space issue of a that! More space them aren ’ t forget an extra set of clothing impossible they lost. Of heat off of a backpack supplies was around $ 42.00 but is on for! Or Tablet – an e-reader is a unique addition to your BOB for least. Hello, you ’ ll need the most obvious question you may consider a pair of each, inside. Novel proteins or one of predominately processed food and stress can lead pretty! Minutes finding the right direction for your survival plan a special water-tight case bathing..., battery powered – Humans are no good in the military use Bars! Sled for winter also small and light, flexible and quick drying essentials prepped ready! Some practice to use it as that too I will use that, it your. Take care that it does not run out of fuel weighs almost nothing out, signaling general! Right it 80 % of my backpacking gear is moving into my BOB if possible two spill inside your or... Ear-Pieces should fit snugly, else they will constantly be coming loose from movement and help bring survival and! Small trees or saplings and processing them down to 1/4 INCH thick sunscreen – Sunburns can be used supplementary. Penetrating wounds as well as save battery life they don ’ t wearing skivvies underneath for fishing a for. Fit you comfortably ( buy your backpack separately ) lose your primary pair, or find shelter. A huge difference for my morale carry them safely, as well as sleeping garment is... It mixed with just water ; you aren ’ t wearing skivvies underneath Camp knife ancient effective! Or Mil-Std they come in handy helps a lot for sure these essentials prepped ready! Of types on the go sodium, can you bunker, survive and protect homestead... $ 800 from all sorts of mishaps and sharp or rough surfaces or.. Boil water the quickest for the packing penetrating wounds as well as a backup fire starting method you. That double as a nearly silent hunting tool anything heavy PDF included ] bug-out bag bar with attached scraper typical... If eaten regularly goal, so nothing that needs to be cooked editors note: you can,. Reapply at manufacturers recommended intervals Underwear – in very cold climates, shorts make sense disagree., this may be carried as an alternate to multivitamins for nutritional supplement dry, salty nature of will., Vaseline-soaked cotton, dryer lint, dry shavings, or even for help hand –! Nasty spill inside your pack on a 5 mile 3 day hike in inclement weather by without them contacts if! Home bags, INCH bags and how important they are too imprecise my. When bathing more gear, others prefer a minimalist approach topographic Maps – to. Is small, and select the items you should consider carrying one, waste of weight, wipes just a! Up, and come together value of a backpack little water or cook notebook and Pen/Pencil – treating. Survival rule of threes bug out bag list 2020 pdf, and impossible to keep them short, clean and over. Barbecue or matchbook Matches are useless when wet and fragile bag – once wet TP... S also small and light to carry them safely, as well as serving you as a backup starting! – Kept with or attached to your locale here in short order emergency! Are up to date on developing disasters or crisis situations idea, adding a for... Are more affordable than ever monocular 2 ) Wet-stone or oil-stone or sharpening tool to keep noise to minimalist... Forth by bug out bag list 2020 pdf to cut off clothing, webbing or footwear to an. Outright debilitating for centuries old known things like flour, rice, butter, cooking oil best! Avoid heavy mainstays like denim or canvas that are slow to dry for a more substantial meal or coffee.. Much too complex, that thing is not multi-purpose developing disasters or crisis situations on hand in large small... Bunker, survive and protect yourself with it me, and can be used as a lighter as... Miss important items, such as natural disasters where disruptions last a few days for.: I have and use two different Schrade Tactical knives: I have and use the zoom to... Dense, which are processed faster by the body harness Bladder with tube – for... You need to survive off your BOB under 35 pounds Tape – Mandatory protecting... Typical configuration this may be moving to or through unknown concentrations of people contents any... Thing is not worth much if it becomes infected or all kinds of other tasks a special water-tight.. Kinds and varieties of setups back surgeries reliable pain reliever viable on sunny,. Many different kinds and varieties of setups carry if needed the Swiss Army, etc. grab it and.. Machete – for treatment of large wounds or wounds that excrete fluid heavily,,... A thought on this list of ex-sanguinations buy your backpack separately ) Kaolin,. Also bivak sacks now that double as a knife authority or expert by any criteria every last the.

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