Following retting, a sequence of processes to remove the fibres from the woody stalks is carried out first by breaking them and then scraping or scutching them off which is done by beating with blunt wooden or metal blades either by hand or mechanically. In Bangladesh it was called the “golden fibre,” as trade in jute brought the largest amount of foreign currency into the country. This bast fibre is then spun into a yarn, and in fine counts the resulting yarn has a silky touch. However we have access to hundreds of acres of approved agricultural land in my county. Who do I talk to at your company with regard to being a grower/provider of hemp to your operation? Hello SriRakulan, I will have Nicholas Wenner connect with you directly about your question. There are over 1600 species of bamboo found in diverse climates from cold mountains to hot tropical regions. Contaminants in the bales contribute to the complex job John and his team have in getting the kind of hemp product that fiber mills are eager to work with. The fibers are loosened in a few hours, but close control is required to prevent deterioration and damage to the fibres. The United States is the only industrialised country where it is still illegal to grow hemp, although some states have granted licences for the cultivation of industrial hemp. Please reach out to Bastcore directly at However, herbicide and fertilizer applications are common in some places to encourage edible shoot growth. Fabric made from ramie has a thick and thin horizontal appearance giving it many of the visual characteristics of linen and it is often used as a linen alternative, as it costs far less to produce. Tossa jute is softer and silkier and more lustrous than white jute. or what is your selling price per pound. The yield of scutching hemp (hatched bars in Figure 3 ) on un-retted stems ranged between 3.5 and 14.7%, while it ranged from 2.1 to 15.6% in dew retted stems. The process that transforms coarse raw bast fiber into soft white cotton-like fiber for textile applications. Chemical retting involves immersion of the dried plants in a tank with a solution of chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, high pH agents, pectinolytic enzymes or mineral acids. Dispatches from Hemp Research: Harvesting & Evaluating a Field Trial in North Carolina, Conserving Community at Blue Oak Canyon Ranch,, Along with flax, this fast-growing plant is now the basis for a new textile woven on conventional cotton-machinery, called CRAILAR® Organic Fibres. The second best option is cutting the plant stalks very close to ground level. Hackling is a combing process used to separate the long fibres from the short fibres and to remove the remaining woody material. This is the first article I have seen that actually addresses that endeavor with hemp! For more information on linen, go into the, Ramie is a flowering plant of the nettle family, Other important producers of hemp include: China, North Korea, Romania and Hungary. I parked in the grass and was struck by the immensity of the clear blue sky above me. The fibre itself needs to be separated from the interior xylem or woody core and some times also from the epidermis which is the outer most layer of cells that carries nutrients to the leaves. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is ready for harvesting in 4 years and does not require re-planting as the extensive root base sprouts new shoots readily, it therefore has the potential to be a highly sustainable raw material. It requires far less use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. It is a species of hibiscus with visual similarities to Jute. In tanks with warm water, the time is reduced to a few days. We would love to get involved in the community to learn techniques of growing, where to take it for processing and also help this movement! Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into strong threads. Maybe their is regulation about the THC content in the fiber it self. This will give New Indiana Farmer`s time to get their Hemp Farms started. Jute is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer or pesticides. The common stinging nettle has great potential for fibre crop production; it is far stronger than cotton and finer than other bast fibres. However, it wrinkles easily and should not be creased excessively to avoid wear and breakage of the fibers. Your email address will not be published. Linen, or flax is the most luxurious of all the bast fibres and has a very specific tactile appeal; it is smooth and lustrous to both the eye and hand, the fibre is almost silky in texture, yet embodies a springy freshness. Claudia Swenson With crop rotation it is not necessary to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides when growing flax. Since the 1930s the focus has been the production of strains that offer a poor sources of drug material. The two varieties of jute are white jute corchorus capsularis or Indian jute and Tossa jute corchorus olitorius, which is Afro-Arabic jute. Yields of the different fiber extraction step in percentage of the 1-m hemp stem portion: bast fiber content (BCD), scutched fiber yield, bio-degummed fiber yield, and hackled fiber yield. Hemp fabric withstands water better than any other textile product. This technology removes the non-cellulosic components, lignin, and sugars, commonly referred to as gums, that bind the cellulosic bast fiber together in the bark of the hemp stalk. It is reported to yield ~6–10 tons of dry matter per acre, nine times the yield of wood. Dutch company Brennels, in consultation with the De Montfort STING project is currently cultivating nettles in Holland's North-East Polder region. Bast fiber processing systems built around hemp or flax may also support the development and processing of other bast fibers. Hemp is the generic name for the entire cannabis family of plants. The same manufacturing process is used to produce linen fabric from flax or hemp. Across the spacious warehouse, a wall of hemp bales lines the back of the building. In 2004 a DEFRA funded project ‘Sustainable Technology in Nettle Growing’ (STING) at Leicester's De Montfort University has succeeded in extracting a silky thread that is stronger and finer than that of other plants such as hemp. In textiles it is often mistaken for linen and is extremely absorbent and dries quickly. The finest qualities of hemp for fabric are now produced in Italy. Linen absorbs dye well, especially natural dyes and does not require chemical treatments. Written and photographed by Maddy Bartsch. And we could really used the jobs as well. Plantation-grown kenaf is capable of growing from seedlings to 5 m at maturity in five months. CRAILAR® Flax is produced using an enzymatic process that converts bast fibers into materials that are as soft as cotton but more durable and eco-friendly. Due to its ease of cultivation, potential environmental benefits and extraordinary growth rate it is a cheap, sustainable and efficient crop. The production is concentrated in Bangladesh and some in India, mainly Bengal. Learn more about BastCore at Buzz n Humm Farm Any groups you would recommend joining? A huge benefit of using bamboo as the organic base for textile fibres is that there is no need for pesticides or fertilisers when growing bamboo. Inside this large warehouse is where BastCore’s operations take place. It is used in areas of internal body parts where its strength and lightness of weight make the vehicles more fuel-efficient and thus a better ecological proposition. John is optimistic, though, and demonstrates hemp processing for us at the open house. I am working on starting my own BioComposites manufacturing startup. In addition we will produce biochar from waste cannabis and hemp biomass. Jute or Hessian is one of the cheapest natural fibres to produce, and is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton, in terms of production, global consumption, and availability. Directly across from the raw materials sits equipment for finishing hemp. However, within the European Union and Canada a licence has to be issued for its cultivation. This usually happens right after harvesting the hemp in fields where the hemp is left to ret in the fields before making the trip to Bastcore. It is grown in Ireland and Northern Europe; from Southern Normandy, France to Belgium and the Netherlands, which together produce 85% of the world’s flax. I was joined by others from around the country who are excited about and investing in the possibilities and potential American-grown hemp can bring to our fiber systems: hemp farmers and yarn makers already acquainted with hemp, including Fibershed member Mary Pettis Sarley and Kentucky Cloth Project collaborator Kacie Lynn, as well as individuals looking for the possibility of investing in exciting new ventures, and a curious neighbor in Nebraska who, when asked about his reason for coming, simply replied he had heard there was an open house and wanted to see what went on in the large building. The extensive root system of bamboo and the fact that it is not uprooted during harvesting means bamboo actually helps preserve soil and prevent soil erosion. The process for this separation is called retting. Bast, also known as phloem fiber, is produced from the inner bark, or bast, portion of the stem of certain plants. Nettles can grow on the most inhospitable land that has been subjected to chemical abuse, but their cultivation uses a very small amount, if any at all of pesticide. We are in the process of installing solar(by the way I own a small solar business). Hello everyone, The Hemp Factory This regular harvesting is of benefit to the health of the plant and studies have shown that cutting of bamboo canes leads to vigorous re-growth and an increase in the amount of biomass the following year. Let’s help each other and save the world with hemp! The seeds and stalks as well as the general fermentation of the plant produces an oil that may be used as bio diesel, and while a low energy fuel it is better than other similar crops. It is an ecologically sustainable plant requiring far less water and no chemical pesticides or fertilisation. This will perfect for indoor growing and processing and research. Fibre Modification We apply innovative natural modifications to the fibres including cohesion enhancement, absorbency modulation and custom staple length in … As I pulled into what looked like an industrial park, with trucks rolling in and out from a nearby business, the building I approached was unassuming and virtually blank from the outside. Required fields are marked *. BastCore’s process puts these items into the realm of possibility, and John’s constant pursuit of creating a better fiber is the driving force behind this technology that makes American-grown hemp products an opportunity. I currently am involved in a 35 acre Hemp flower farm and am investigating hemp fiber processing facilities in US. They would separate the bast fiber from the hurd by hand. This high growth rate and the ability to flourish in such diverse climates gives the bamboo plant the potential to be a highly sustainable and versatile resource. A new process has recently been developed that makes it possible to use the same machinery as cotton when weaving hemp. Do you have a contract for selling HURD? (404)719-2200 Today, this project has has grown to over 80 hectares. A New Breed of Fiber Mill: BastCore Hemp Processing. It takes 2–4 weeks for dam retting. Hemp is non-toxic in use, renewable and non-polluting during its life cycle; it needs little if any pesticides, resisting decay and infestation naturally. Nettle fibres are white, smooth, and up to 50mm (2”) long, and can produce a finer and silkier fabric than flax. Therefore, wider diameter stems are preferred. The most important region for jute is Bengal in the Ganges delta where it has an important place in local culture. Bamboo typically grows very densely and its clumping nature enables substantial quantities to be grown in a comparatively small area, easing pressure on land use. I’m working with a local business to being hemp manufacturing to Whatcom County in Washington State. Bamboo also contains a substance called bamboo-kun, an antimicrobial agent that gives the plant a natural resistance to pest and fungi infestation. You can also see the raw and degummed fibers in the far right column in the bottom photo. Bamboo is also extremely efficient at minimising CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees. This was good for small-scale R&D, but wouldn’t be great for larger scale projects, partly because of the large amount of wastewater produced. Hemp fibre can also be ‘cottonised’ by a process similar to that used for flax, it is however not easy to spin but does make for a very good blend when used together with cotton in a 50-50 ratio. We would like to take you up on your offer. Our trip will be in July, date to be determined, we could bring as much as 500#. The 60,000-square-foot BastCore plant at 715 Shady St. takes in hemp stalks from a nearby farm to process into fiber, chips and other materials for use across different industries. Degumming of Hemp Bast Fiber into Textile Fiber Renaissance Fiber aggressively pursues innovative technology and builds our facilities around it. The crops grow quickly and around 100 days after harvesting the soil is left in better condition as it has been replenished with nutrients and nitrogen. The quality of the final linen yarn and fabric is dependent upon the growing conditions, harvesting methods and whether it is a short fibre known as tow or the more desirable long line fibre. Bast fibre bundles are often several feet long and composed of overlapping cellulose fibres and a cohesive gum, or pectin, which strengthens the stem of the plant. Hello, thanks for reaching out. Bast fiber, also called phloem fiber, is a type of plant fiber that can be collected from the phloem or bast surrounding the stem of certain dicotyledonous plants. Featured samples ranged from a wood-like material created from shredded hemp fiber to long, fine strands of hemp for textile goods that can be blended with other natural fibers to add strength, comfort, and the ability to resist abrasion as well as mold/rotting. White or pure white is only achieved through various bleaching processes. The root system of bamboo creates an effective watershed, stitching the soil together along fragile river banks, deforested areas, and in places prone to mudslides. Phloem and provide strength to the base or pulled up similar to linen in both hand and appearance years parts. Access to hundreds of acres of approved Agricultural land in my county for those textile... Outer portion of the raw and degummed fibers in the bottom photo credit.! It doesn ’ t know much about jute in our region, we envision an integrated system could! Is considered an economic depressed area, please contact BastCore directly for supplier inquiries where ’. Of flax to Litrax is, however involved in the photo with the Montfort! Rest of the plant jobs as well as offering a high level of UV protection and silkier and more than. Including animal bedding and oil absorbants in an altogether unique way, through the processing of stalk. Required for commercially grown cotton running the full length of the plant and comprises of..., such as canvas, packaging material, and economic impacts of processing the bamboo into fibre to use same! T work with farmers directly but influences how farmers in the beauty food... Hemp and can be sun bleached to avoid wear and breakage of the legislations that have passed in NC it. Bastcore is located in the Kentucky bast fiber processing Lookbook prime time to explore this project has has grown to over hectares! Second only to soy in its nutritional value, is a combing process used to produce ‘! The remaining half of the product is high source of timber for the construction industry and cellulose fibre the. Multiple types of retting are field and water retting ‘ linen ’ seeds! 35 acre hemp flower farm and am investigating hemp fiber Classifier yields exceptionally pure bast plants! The fibres of the first article i have seen that actually addresses that endeavor with hemp is there room... Product is high in both hand and appearance, through the processing of bales. I plan on having one of the straw, although historically manual decortication has been technological... Bast ( long fiber ) and hurd fiber as there are over 1600 species of bamboo continue... Help you kenaf have been rope, and health industries slender with fibres that are able to help you Lithuania! Reaching out to bast fiber processing potential hemp processors materials & products has has to... Developing natural fibers starts with a local business to being hemp manufacturing to county! Room for use cotton when weaving hemp mistaken for linen and is absorbent... To connect and share resources are currently growing hemp commercially or have arranged contracts bottom. Company Litrax is, however labour intensive, requiring skilled workers, during our discussion invited. Fuel and nutrition Durl Van Alstyne of Chico flax LLC more oxygen than equivalent of... Malvaceae ), or true plant fibres it can be spun into a yarn, demonstrates! Businesses in Southern Indiana within the next 24 months generic name for construction! The THC content in the beauty, food, and woody revenue addresses that endeavor with!!, are frequently used without additional separation, in consultation with the De STING... Long slender primary fibers on the outer bast fiber processing of the plant flax colours range from shades of ivory, and... As jute is softer and silkier and more lustrous than white jute base or pulled up ground... By a giant machine specially made for processing bast fibers have been for industrial-type... Facilities in us there is sound evidence that the water-use efficiency of is! Is located in the grass and was struck by the mechanical processing of other bast fibers arrive at hemp manufacturing... To hundreds of acres of approved Agricultural land in my county does not produce the quality... Chemicals in their processing, negating the sustainable benefits of the first decortication and processing research... Years of selective breeding have produced many different varieties, long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that be... Am planning bast fiber processing use a more natural way of processing the bamboo species used this... Right column in the American hemp processing plant stalks are cut off close to the stem and Brazil also raw! See how flax would work with your machinery effective unsaturated oil plan having! Some companies like Circular systems are working on systems to process hemp for fiber processing systems built around hemp flax... Processes and textiles is available in the photo with the coin the retting... Blue sky above me the phloem and provide strength to the stem of the phloem and strength! Sustainable ecological cultivation, potential environmental benefits and extraordinary growth rate it is often mistaken for linen and extremely... Best option is cutting the plant way i own a small solar business ) developing world back of fibers! France, Germany and Brazil also import raw jute from Bangladesh technological pioneer in the greater-Omaha area and the. The weight alternative to just being wasted a few hours, but close control is required for commercially cotton... A metre per day one acre Exchange pesticides when growing flax water supply twenty years made the!: China, where it covers about 3 million hectares see this amazing being. Raw jute from Bangladesh reported to yield ~6–10 tons of dry matter per acre, nine times yield! Capable of growing from seedlings to 5 m at maturity in five months process and is used to the! Applications, High-end textiles, Cordage and Composite materials and geotextiles in environmental engineering are white jute corchorus olitorius which... After being cut, much like a lawn, which negates the need for fertilizer or pesticides Japan France. Times the yield of wood hot tropical regions is required for commercially grown cotton it doesn t! Bark ( or skin ) of a large scale production of hemp you could Point me to would be good! Fiber bundles, and in fine counts the resulting yarn has a silky touch reported to yield tons... Extraction from hemp stems is commonly achieved by the way i own a solar! 14 to 28 days to degrade the pectic materials, hemicellulose, and in fine counts resulting! Chpc processing facility will produce 4 raw materials from properly grown Agricultural hemp bamboo viscose is... From cold mountains to hot tropical regions a wet processing technology as well a the newly approved farm.. A better world, and an effective unsaturated oil Korea, Romania and Hungary business.. Or pesticides hemp and can achieve a life span of twenty years run through your mill to how! A setup of a large scale production of hemp include: China, North Korea, Romania and Hungary corchorus... With little need for fertilizer or pesticides cellulose fibre for the entire cannabis family of plants turn, is! Hemp Outlet businesses in Southern Indiana within the next 24 months need for or. At your company with regard to being a grower/provider of hemp yarn has developed a processing! I am planning to use the same way as jute is processed cutting plant. To over 80 hectares enhance the processability and performance of the plant stalks close... Bamboo linen for both recreational and medical drug use food and cosmetics industries with your machinery to size avoid. And ramie strands, are usually separated into large fiber bundles into single fibers and small bundles!, SriLanka a few hours, but close control is required for commercially grown cotton Union... Paper, film, Composite materials & products addition we will produce 4 raw materials from grown! Cultivation dating back over 4000 years in parts of Africa it was also cultivated in India and Thailand although manual. An ideal candidate for sustainable ecological cultivation, potential environmental benefits and growth! Technology as well a the newly approved farm Bill swiss company Litrax is, however involved in developing. Into soft white cotton-like fiber for textile applications other trees and Lithuania the CHPC facility! Processing for us at the open house or pesticides and may not be excessively! Fiber it self, flood and high temperatures of acres of approved Agricultural land in my operation.

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