Why does this app only have 50 species?

Waite’s Guide is free because it’s a sampler of the full version. The sample is made up of 50 species out of a total of 919 or about 5-1/2 % of the content. The 50 species have everything found in the full app including illustrations, sounds, text data, etc. The search engine in the free version allows using any two of the 36 attributes. To gain access to the remaining 869 species you make a simple “in-app purchase” which unlocks the full content and upgrades the search engine to access all 36 attributes you can search on. Our goal in this approach was to let you to experience the high quality of the information and experience how effective the patented search engine is.


It was a challenge for us to come up with the right balance of content and functionality. There is no perfect formula for obtaining this nor is there any course you can take on how to come up with the amount of free access. Remember that saying “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”?  Some people give Waite’s Guide a 1 star review because because they feel we did not make enough of the content free. It’s very easy to conclude that these reviewers expect all the content to be free! Of course if we gave away all the content we’d be out of business in less than a week. So we hope, in the spirit of fairness, that before you write a review, you first unlock all the content.


After this if you still feel that the app is not worthy you are now in a good position to state objective reasons, and we can try to improve the app to meet your expectations. However if you still feel all content should be free we suggest you download an app called Angry Birds which provides a great way to vent frustration 🙂

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