Re-installing iBird on Android

Before re-installing make sure iBird is completely uninstalled:

To uninstall an iBird app on your Android, follow the steps below:


1) Press “Settings” on the home page of your device

2) Press “Applications”

3) Press “Manage Applications”

4) Press the icon that you want to uninstall

5) Press “Uninstall”

6) Press “OK”

7) Press “OK” again


Then re-install:


Your application purchases are tied to your Google Account(s) and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. So, for example, if you remove ‘My Favorite Game’ to save memory, you can reinstall it at a later date with no charge by simply signing into your Android Market account and going to My Market Account. Since you’ve already purchased the app, you will see “Purchased” once you click on the icon. You just click on the word and the download will start.


If you change devices, you can install previous purchases by making sure you sign into your device with the same Google Account (or any synced account) you used on your previous phone.


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