How do I unlock Waite’s Guide?

Once you download Waite’s Guide to Birds of America you have free access to 50 species. To access to all species you must unlock the app. To unlock the app you must get to the in-app purchase screen inside Waite’s Guide. There are several ways to access this screen but here is the simplest:


  • Go to the Home screen and tap the brass colored badge at the bottom of the screen which should be displaying UNLOCK ALL SPECIES.
  • A message box will open called Upgrade with 3 buttons at the top, from left to right: Not Now, Restore and Buy for $ (Price). The $ (Price) is the amount you will be charged to unlock all the species.
  • This message box explains the process for upgrading, the reasons for upgrading, how to contact us if you have any problems and how to get a refund from Apple.
  • Tap the $ (Price) button. A message “waiting for store…” will appear, followed by a small message box asking you to confirm your in-app purchase. You can either Buy or Cancel.
  • Note the amount shown in the Buy button is the actual price you will be charged regardless of what you have read elsewhere.
  • Press the Buy button. You will be asked for your Apple ID and Password. Type those in and tap OK.
  • If you have already purchased the app you will see a message box stating you have already purchased the app and to press OK to download it again for free. Since with Waite’s Guide you have already downloaded the app so pressing the OK button will simply unlock all the species in the app.
  • After you press OK the Upgrade screen will be replaced with the message All species unlocked and an OK button. Press the OK button and the brass badge at the bottom of the screen will say SPECIES UNLOCKED.


If you know you have purchased the app and are simply wanting to upgrade it, for example after downloading to a new device, press the Restore button. This will check to see if the account you are using on the device owns the app and if so it will unlock it. If you are using the app on a different account than the one you used to originally purchase the app you will be told you don’t own it and asked to buy it instead.


Note About Refunds. If you believe you were charged twice for Waite’s Guide and want a refund you will need to contact Apple to arrange this. Developers do not actually sell you there apps, instead they licensed it to Apple and Apple charges your credit card. Therefore we did not collect your payment nor do we have a way to credit your account. Keep in mind that when you signed up to use the Apple app store the agreement you checked off was that Apple’s would not refund mistakes made in ordering in the App store. However while Apple’s policy is no refunds, if you patiently explain that you made a simple mistake most of the time they will make an exception and refund your account.

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