Is my iBird Pro HD app now discontinued?

Yes we did discontinue all three HD apps: iBird Pro HD, iBird Yard+ HD and iBird Lite HD. However Apple will keep these apps in the iCloud indefinitely and you are still able to download to any iPad.


Waite’s Guide to Birds of America for the iPad is our replacement for new buyers who are interested in a more powerful high definition app. Why did we do this? All three of these HD apps were becoming aged as their underlying architecture was based on old technology. We felt that it would a mistake to try and upgrade them and what was needed was a complete replacement.


We wish we could have made the Waite’s Guide available for free to owners of HD products but unfortunately Apple’s app store model does not support transferring the ownership of one app to a new app. The only consolation we can offer is that we will keep the new Waite’s Guide on sale as long as possible so that prior HD customers can painlessly download and enjoy it.

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