I’m getting a message “insufficient room to install”

If you get a message indicating there is not enough memory to install an app it generally means you need to free up some room on your iPad. You can find out how much memory is available by first going to Settings->General->About. Look for the caption Capacity, this will tell you to the total amount of space your iPad offers. It will always be lower than the advertised size for example a 64 GB iPad will show approximately 57 GB. The remaining 7 GB is being used by the Apple operating system, iOS. Next look for the caption Available. The value to the right of Available tells you how much space is available for new apps. If this is lower than the size of the app you are trying to install you won’t be able to install it. You must remove apps, videos, songs or photos to make more room on your device.


Since Waite’s Guide is 1.1 GB you might think you only need 2.2 GB available to install it. However when an app is being installed it makes a copy of itself so  even double it’s size (2.2 GB here) may not be enough. We suggest you have at least 4 GB available to install Waite’s Guide.


Sometimes you still won’t be able to install an app, even though you appear to have more than sufficient memory. In this case you may need to completely restore your iPad.

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