iBird isn’t working! Some suggestions from users

There are now more than 1,200 different Android based smartphones and tablets and each manufacturer implements the OS differently. So its just impossible for us to guarantee we can get our app to work with all of these devices. In the marketplace this is know as “fragmentation” and it’s a continuing issue with development for the Android OS. We try the best we can but in some cases the manufacturer has modified the standard way Android works so we are stuck, just like you are, with no solution. We are working very hard to solve this problem.


Whether iBird is freezing, illustrations and other information is missing or you can’t get the latest version to load or the database to sync here are some things fellow iBird users have done to get iBird working for them:


  • Force close iBird then restart
  • Reboot your device
  • Clear your device’s cache
  • Uninstall iBird then reinstall using a stronger WiFi connection.  This may mean going somewhere like your local library or simply moving closer to your router.
  • Some users have let us know that keeping their device active allowed iBird to load.
  • Another user said that repeatedly clearing his device’s memory during the installation process solved his problem.


If something else has worked for you please let us know:


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