How do I backup and/or restore my Favorites and Notes?

There are two ways to backup and restore your Favorites and Notes. The best way is to enable iCloud. With release 5.1 and later iBird has iCloud support to automatically backup and restore your Favorites and Notes. Once enabled you no longer have to go through the time-consuming process of manually backing up your Favorites and Notes.


Backup and Restore Using iCloud


To enable iCloud support open iBird and tap the “More” button.

Select “iCloud Settings” from the options on the More page.

Tap the switch to enable iCloud support for Favorites or Notes or both.

You will be asked to confirm, tap ‘Yes’.


With iCloud enabled your device will automatically save any Notes or Favorites that you create to iCloud when you have an internet connection. If your device does not have an internet connection the note/favorite will be uploaded when a connection becomes available. Any Notes or Favorites that have been lost will be automatically restored when you open iBird and have an internet connection.


To learn more about iCloud please see the FAQ about iCloud or from iBird: More>Help>iCloud.


Backup and Restore Using iTunes


You can also backup your Favorites and Notes through iTunes:


Sync your device with iTunes and select iBird under Apps.

You will see any Favorites or Notes files in the iBird Documents table.

To backup your files all you have to do is drag them from the iBird Documents table to your desktop or destination folder of your choice.


To restore them you simply drag them back into iTunes to the iBird Documents table.


Please see the Help section in iBird to learn more about creating, backing up and restoring iBird Favorites and Notes: More>Help>Favorites and Notes.


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