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Mercury News: Fanboys and fangirls descend upon Macworld 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — Heavy on the celebrity quotient and jam-packed with enough Apple (AAPL) technology to please the most discriminating fanboy and fangirl, the 29th Macworld opened Thursday for its annual three-day run at the Moscone Center.

One of those apps, a $20 beauty called iBird, was mesmerizing onlookers Thursday afternoon, as the sound of iPhone-borne bird calls filled the corner of the bustling exhibition hall. iBird’s Crystal Adams calls the app “the most powerful search engine for birds out there. And it’s sure easier to carry your guide in a smartphone than lugging around a bunch of books in woods.”

She quickly described the process of using the app to figure out what kind of bird just flew over your head. “You start with the geographic region you’re in, then select its shape, color, size and other attributes from 36 search attributes until you zero in on your bird.”