Welcome to the Macworld 2013 iBird Giveaway

We are happy to announce that brand new versions of iBird have been submitted to Apple and should be in the store in the next day or two. In order to celebrate this release of iBird 6.1 we decided to give away some of our illustrations suitable for framing, from one of best nature artist in the world, Michael Oberhofer. In case you are unfamiliar with iBird please watch this video which tells the story of how smartphone apps are replacing paper-based field guides.

In exchange for one of Michael’s fantastic drawings we only ask you fill out the form below and agree to let us send you occasional emails about iBird. In return you may download any one of 6 brand new high-res illustrations: Akohekohe, American Goldfinch, Bewick’s Wren, Pied-billed Grebe, Western Grebe and Yellow Warbler. Enter your name and email address then press the Submit button. You will be sent to a page that contains the the six images and instructions for how to download them.

By submitting this form you give Mitch Waite Group permission to send you occasional emails about iBird or other software we develop. You may remove your name from our mailing list at any time.


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SAN FRANCISCO — Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2013 – Just some of the great news about iBird which we demonstrated at Macworld/iWoRld 2013 at the Moscone convention center. We had our first majorly tricked out booth with dual flat panel screens running a custom movie we made just for the show.

1. Silicon Valley Mercury News

Fanboys and fangirls descend upon Macworld 2013
By Patrick May
Posted:   02/01/2013 07:02:57 AM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — Heavy on the celebrity quotient and jam-packed with enough Apple (AAPL) technology to please the most discriminating fanboy and fangirl, the 29th Macworld opened Thursday for its annual three-day run at the Moscone Center.

One of those apps, a $20 beauty called iBird, was mesmerizing onlookers Thursday afternoon, as the sound of iPhone-borne bird calls filled the corner of the bustling exhibition hall. iBird’s Crystal Adams calls the app “the most powerful search engine for birds out there. And it’s sure easier to carry your guide in a smartphone than lugging around a bunch of books in woods.”

She quickly described the process of using the app to figure out what kind of bird just flew over your head. “You start with the geographic region you’re in, then select its shape, color, size and other attributes from 36 search attributes until you zero in on your bird.”

2. Simon Blog – all about iPhone and iPad

5 Accessories for interesting features of the iPhone and iPad Macworld
iBird – do you love outdoor activities and nature? iBird will help you identify different birds in the field, it’s an iOS app that fits entirely on your device. So whether you’re out there offline or online, iBird serves as your mobile field guide.

Aren’t they interesting?
Source: Macworld

3. Macworld Video wrap-up

Macworld/iWorld: Day 2 wrap-up from the show floor
by Carlos Rodela, video: 1: 43

iBird is a mobile field guide that fits entirely on your iOS device, which helps you identify birds when you’re out in the wild and far away from an Internet connection.

4. Forbes Chuck Jones

Thoughts on Three Potentially Disruptive Companies at MacWorld

There was software that could take a picture of a cat and make it look like it is talking (Reallusion Animation Suite), accounting applications (Kashoo) and a field guide to North America birds (iBird).

5. Info Entropy

Peculiar things at MacWorld 2013

A bird watching app… How did they afford a booth? I understand that bird-watching is a serious endeavor but this booth was seriously tricked out with some nice HD displays and lights.