Is my iBird Pro HD app now discontinued?

Yes we did discontinue all three HD apps: iBird Pro HD, iBird Yard+ HD and iBird Lite HD. However Apple will keep these apps in the iCloud indefinitely and you are still able to download to any iPad.


Waite’s Guide to Birds of America for the iPad is our replacement for new buyers who are interested in a more powerful high definition app. Why did we do this? All three of these HD apps were becoming aged as their underlying architecture was based on old technology. We felt that it would a mistake to try and upgrade them and what was needed was a complete replacement.


We wish we could have made the Waite’s Guide available for free to owners of HD products but unfortunately Apple’s app store model does not support transferring the ownership of one app to a new app. The only consolation we can offer is that we will keep the new Waite’s Guide on sale as long as possible so that prior HD customers can painlessly download and enjoy it.

Can I have the unlocked version on two or more iPads?

You can have the unlocked version of Waite’s Guide on as many iPads as you wish as long as they all use the same account. Apps are tied to accounts not devices.


Once you have unlocked the app on one device on the 2nd device go to the app store and find Waite’s Guide or look for it under Purchases in the app store. If you are signed in to the same account you will see a small cloud where the price usually is. This indicates that the app is stored in the iCloud and can be downloaded for no charge. When you have finished downloading your version should be unlocked. If it is not go to the Unlock button on the Home page and tap it. When the message box appears tap the Restore button. It will ask for your username and password and when you press OK the app will close the in app purchase screen and all the data will be available.

I paid $24.99 for Waite’s Guide and now its on sale for $9.99 and I am pissed.

We are not aware of any industry which make a sale retroactive to anyone who paid the full price for a product. With all due respect, this is an absurd complaint. A sale is defined as temporarily lowering the price of a product. To reimburse people who paid the full price every time you had a sale would render the concept of a sale as meaningless.

Why does this app only have 50 species?

Waite’s Guide is free because it’s a sampler of the full version. The sample is made up of 50 species out of a total of 919 or about 5-1/2 % of the content. The 50 species have everything found in the full app including illustrations, sounds, text data, etc. The search engine in the free version allows using any two of the 36 attributes. To gain access to the remaining 869 species you make a simple “in-app purchase” which unlocks the full content and upgrades the search engine to access all 36 attributes you can search on. Our goal in this approach was to let you to experience the high quality of the information and experience how effective the patented search engine is.


It was a challenge for us to come up with the right balance of content and functionality. There is no perfect formula for obtaining this nor is there any course you can take on how to come up with the amount of free access. Remember that saying “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”?  Some people give Waite’s Guide a 1 star review because because they feel we did not make enough of the content free. It’s very easy to conclude that these reviewers expect all the content to be free! Of course if we gave away all the content we’d be out of business in less than a week. So we hope, in the spirit of fairness, that before you write a review, you first unlock all the content.


After this if you still feel that the app is not worthy you are now in a good position to state objective reasons, and we can try to improve the app to meet your expectations. However if you still feel all content should be free we suggest you download an app called Angry Birds which provides a great way to vent frustration 🙂

Downloading your large app is expensive, any solution?

Many people today have data plans that limit the amount of data they can download per month. Cellular and Satellite based internet ISPs are perhaps the worse, in many cases they limit the maximum data from 5 GB to 10 GB. Since Waite’s Guide is 1.1 GB it can consume a large portion of your allocation.


Many customers have asked us if Waite’s Guide is available on a disk, CD or DVD so they can avoid the expensive download. The answer is no. The truth is no phone apps are available on disk unless they have been hijacked (stolen) and someone goes to the trouble to copy them.


While we sympathize with the situation, we are compelled to point out the cost of software, even including an expensive data plan, is still hundreds of percent less than it was 5 years ago.


The only advice we can offer is to visit a public WiFi hot spot such as Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and many others which can be found by doing a search on Google for “nearby hotspots”.

I’m getting a message “insufficient room to install”

If you get a message indicating there is not enough memory to install an app it generally means you need to free up some room on your iPad. You can find out how much memory is available by first going to Settings->General->About. Look for the caption Capacity, this will tell you to the total amount of space your iPad offers. It will always be lower than the advertised size for example a 64 GB iPad will show approximately 57 GB. The remaining 7 GB is being used by the Apple operating system, iOS. Next look for the caption Available. The value to the right of Available tells you how much space is available for new apps. If this is lower than the size of the app you are trying to install you won’t be able to install it. You must remove apps, videos, songs or photos to make more room on your device.


Since Waite’s Guide is 1.1 GB you might think you only need 2.2 GB available to install it. However when an app is being installed it makes a copy of itself so  even double it’s size (2.2 GB here) may not be enough. We suggest you have at least 4 GB available to install Waite’s Guide.


Sometimes you still won’t be able to install an app, even though you appear to have more than sufficient memory. In this case you may need to completely restore your iPad.

Do iBird Pro and Waite’s Guide have equal number of birds?

iBird Pro has 938 species while Waite’s Guide to Birds of America has 919. The reason Waite’s Guide has less species is that we have not included the 29 species endemic to Hawaii. We plan to create a module for Waite’s Guide that will include all the endemic species of Hawaii, there songs and detailed range maps. This should have about 60 species and be available as an in-app purchase at a reasonably low price.

I have iBird Pro, why do I need Waite’s Guide?

iBird Pro on the iPhone is the best app when you are out in the field and need portability. iBird is our best selling field guide to birds of North America for the iPhone. iBird has much of the same content as Waite’s Guide to Birds of America (WGBA) but because it’s on a small device you can slip in your pocket, you will most likely always have iBird with you. People often say the best camera is the one you have with you, and field guide apps follow the same rule. This portability makes iBird perfect for field trips. However when you are sitting at home using iBird for study the small screen is not ideal. And of course iBird is missing many of the powerful features found in WGBA.


Waite’s Guide to Birds of America is the best app when you are mainly learning about birds. We like to say WGBA is ideal for armchair birders. Because it is designed to run on the iPad, with its large and high resolution screens, WGBA is not ideal for the field. It’s too heavy and hard to hold with one hand. But it’s the perfect app for the study of birds. It is also ideal for identification at home because it has a way more powerful search engine (using SAVE) than any bird app, including iBird. The search engine takes full advantage of the processing power of the iPad CPU and won’t work on the iPhone. Waite’s Guide also has many more features than iBird Pro. Here are a few of them:


  • Field Marks on every image that can be turned on or off
  • Topography maps that define anatomy
  • Landscape mode as well as portrait mode which makes for more comfortable viewing
  • Advanced slide show that lets you choose any photos, illustrations, bird families, artists, photographers and display the accompanied by the birds song and call.


So bottom line is the apps are complementary and have different goals. You can’t really pick one as being better than the other. For your field trips iBird works great since its so easy to carry around. You can use it on a iPod touch as well so you don’t need an iPhone. While you can use the iPad in the field most people find that its kind of unwieldy, harder to read in the sun and requires you use two hands to operate (one to hold it and one to press buttons).

Note that the iPad Mini can make a good compromise device since it has almost the same portability as the iPhone coupled with the larger screen of the iPad.