I paid $30 for IBird Pro 5. Why must I pay another $20 for an update? Seems excessive.

You absolutely do not have to pay for any upgrade to our products. There can be several reasons you are not seeing a Download button instead of a Buy button.


It may be that you are not logged into the app store on your iPhone or iPad. If  you are not signed into the store there is no way it can tell that you already own the app.

It may be that you are signed into the store but with a different account. The only way you can get a free update is if you are updating the app on the same account that you bought it with.


We find that customers often forget what account they used to originally buy an app. Or they have several iPhone or iPad accounts. If you are not sure which account you used to buy our product look for the email receipt that Apple sends whenever you buy an app. The email address will be the account you would sign in with.


You will know you won’t be charged for an app when instead of seeing a price on the Buy button it says Download.

Is there any way to gift a version I already downloaded to another person?

Apps are tied to your account so they can’t be given away,  gifted or loaned. And once an app is updated the earlier versions only exist on a customers device and are no longer stored in the iCloud. Thus once you update the older version ceases to exist on your device. The only way you can share your app is to let someone share you account. This might be appropriate between spouses or parents and children.

What are the differences between iBird Explorer PRO and iBird PRO HD?

iBird  Explorer PRO for the iPhone is a “universal” app, meaning it is designed for the iPhone sized screen but also can stretch to fit the iPad larger screen size.


iBird PRO HD for the iPad, which we no longer sell, was a native iPad app, meaning its interface was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the larger-sized iPad screen. So for example the search engine on PRO HD showed more information when searching and requires less tapping to see the results.


Please read our Differences between iBird Explorer PRO and iBird PRO HD blog post to learn more.


How do I use iCloud?

When activated, iCloud automatically saves all of your Favorites and Notes in case a restore is needed at some future date.  It also allows you to sync information between devices so that you will have access to your Favorites and Notes regardess which device you are using.


Unfortunately, Apple has not enabled iCloud to give users access to their app storage on iCloud.com.  You will not be able to view your Favorites and Notes at iCloud.com.  To learn more about iCloud visit the Help menu of iBird: More>Help>iCloud

Uninstalling and Reinstalling in your iTunes account

To uninstall iBird from iTunes go to the LIBRARY in the left hand navigation menu. Then select Apps under LIBRARY and you will see a list of all your Apps. Now right click on any app you would like to remove and select Delete from the drop down menu. Click remove and then click Move to Recycle Bin.


To reinstall iBird in iTunes you’ll need to sign into iTunes using the same Apple ID and password you used to originally purchase iBird. Since you’ve already purchased it and should have a receipt, you won’t have to pay for it again. After you click “Buy” and confirm the purchase by entering your password, you’ll be advised that you’ve already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK.


After you connect your device to your computer, click on your device under the section DEVICES. Once you do that, click on the tab that says “Apps.” You will want to make sure that the iBird app you have downloaded is checked so you can sync it.


Sync your device to your computer.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling iBird on your device.

Uncheck the app’s name under the Applications tab for you device in iTunes.
Click Sync (this will uninstall the app on your device).
Recheck the app’s name under the Applications tab.
Click Sync again to reinstall the app.​

Can I install iBird on more than one device?

Yes.  Sign into iTunes using the Apple ID and password you used when you previously installed iBird.  After you click “Buy” and confirm the purchase by entering your password, you’ll be advised that you’ve already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK.

iCloud isn’t working.

In your device settings tap on iCloud.  Make sure the account information is correct and corresponds with the account you purchased iBird with and the account information on your other device.  Scroll down and make sure “Documents and Data” is on.  Tap on Storage & Backup.  Make sure “iCloud Backup” is on.


In the iBird app under iCloud Settings (from the More page) Make sure iCloud Favorites and iCloud Notes are set to ON on both devices.


After you have enabled iCloud close iBird and turn off your device then restart.


To make sure you have set up your iCloud account correctly here is a link to Apple’s How to set up iCloud page:


Here is a link to a discussion forum for people that are experiencing problems with iCloud:

My upgrade to PRO is gone/upgrading on multiple devices.

Any time there is an update for iBird your iBird will revert to Plus. To get it back to PRO simply go through the upgrade process again.  You will not be charged.  Similarly if you use iBird on more than one device you will need to go through the upgrade process on each device but you will only be charged once.

Can I get a refund?

Getting a refund can be difficult.  Apple does not share any user information with App developers This is great for user’s privacy but it means as an app developer we have no way to issue you a refund.


Apple has a very strict and confusing refund policy that you agreed to when you set up your iTunes account.  Click here to view Apple’s refund policy http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html.


You will need to contact Apple directly for a refund.
Here are two links to Apple support and their US techincal support #:


http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1933 (This link shows you how to report a problem and request a refund, from within iTunes.)


https://expresslane.apple.com/GetproductgroupList.do?PRKEYS=131629&locale=en_US (This is a link to Apple’s express lane support. You will need to select iTunes store and go from there.)




Apple’s first response will be to deny the refund and refer you to the app developer.  You will need to be insistent: Apple collected your funds by charging your credit card, the app developer did not.  As the app developer we have no record of this sale.  You will most likely have to request to speak with a supervisor.  It has been our experience that they will eventually give in.