iBird for other countries

We frequently receive requests to create an iBird app for other countries.

We are always looking into creating apps for other countries.  Unfortunately it would take us a long time and a lot of money to create the illustrations of the birds for these countries and in the end it is often impossible to justify the expense. The biggest hurtle we encounter is finding artists in those countries who can, inexpensively, provide the art needed for the app.  

Do I need WiFi to use iBird?

You will need a strong WiFi connection to load iBird.  However, once the app has completely loaded and the database has been synced (Android versions) iBird will be fully functional without a WiFI or cellular connection.

Can I use iBird on my Computer?

iBird is not available on your computer. However, you can visit Whatbird.com. This is a website that has all the features of iBird Explorer PRO. You can browse birds and use the search attributes to ID them.

Can I identify a bird by its song?

Unfortunately, searching by sound does not work so well with bird sounds. There are some issues that make it very difficult. Bird calls and songs are more complex than human speech. Not only does every species have a repertory of sounds – no two birds sound alike. Indeed the same species of bird in the same area can have different dialects. Then there is the problem of the device’s microphone, it’s just not up to the job of isolating a bird song from background noise. For that you need a special parabolic mic and a high gain amplifier with filters to remove noise.  We expect someday this will be feasible but for now it remains on the wish list for great ideas.

I can’t hear the bird calls

Each device is different, please look at your device’s user manual to learn how to operate the sound on your device.

How much space do I need for iBird PRO?

iBird PRO will use 600 MB after it is installed.  However, you will want to have at least 1 GB (One gigabyte – 1,000 megabytes) of space available during the installation process for the iBird database. While it only uses half that, as it downloads it may put part of the files in a temporary part of your memory so at times you may need twice the space.