4 thoughts on “How do you feel about Lion’s scroll bars? Please take this poll.

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  2. I actually greatly prefer the new scrolling in Lion. After using an iPad for a year, the scrolling makes so much more sense and its actually really anti-intuitive to switch back.

  3. I don’t use Apple computers, so I have no experience there, but on the iPhone and iPad, with the ability to scroll by swiping, I think the Snow Leopard scroll bar is unnecessary, and wastes real estate.

    • This story and poll will only make sense to die hard Macintosh users. Since you have not used a Mac computer you won’t be able to appreciate how it feels to lose the scroll bars. But wait you may be in luck (said tongue in cheek). If you use Windows then upgrade to the new Windows 8 you will most likely see Microsoft copy Apple and drop their scroll bars as well. Then you can tell us how you feel about it.

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