About the New iBird Photo Center

NEW PHOTO CENTER – If you love photography this new feature is going to blow your mind. The Photo Center lets you import your own photos and then add them to a bird species. But it does more. It lets you share them on Facebook or Twitter, or email to friends. You can set up the slideshow so it shows only your photos with the species bird songs playing behind it. We spent 3 months building the Photo Center and we really think you’ll find the functionality outstanding.


Below – Photo Center Screen Shots
Click on an image to see it full size.

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4 thoughts on “About the New iBird Photo Center

  1. I’m glad you added the ‘add your own photo’ capability to the ipod version of your program. It’s a feature I wanted & requested when I first bought your program for my ipod touch. From your video on your blog, it looks like you implemented it very well. Congrats.
    I’ve since upgraded my hardware & operating system – to the Droid X2 Android OS, & bought iBird Pro for it also. Of course, I’d like the ‘add your own photo’ capability. Any idea when it will be available?
    Yakima, WA

    • Hi Kevin

      I’m happy to hear how much you like the new iPhone Photo Center. We have plans to add new features to make it more powerful and useful. As far as bringing it to the Android it’s on our list along with several other features we wish to bring to that platform. Sorry I can’t give you any dates on when.


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