No dog may be entered or shown under a judge at an obedience trial if the dog is owned or handled by any person who has regularly served as a trainer or instructor of that judge, either individually or through classes, or if the dog has been regularly trained or instructed by the judge within ten (10) days prior to the date of the obedience trial. Organizations may have additional jump height divisions for junior handlers and senior dogs/handlers. Many suggestions were received. This was implemented effective December 2015. Every premium list shall specify the date and time at which entries for a trial shall close. The list of effected titles is provided at the end of this memo. If you intend to use the selected dog for all reports, click “use this dog for all reports.” If not, the last 10 dogs you have selected will appear in the drop down box the next time you log into the store. All dogs competing in agility must possess an official AKC Jump Height Card. The judge will not obtain the opinion of a veterinarian. The recommendations were implemented in May 2014: If a dog non-qualified during the individual exercises and in the opinion of the judge the dog demonstrated uncontrolled behavior, the judge must release the dog from performing the Group Exercises; Dogs must be spaced with a minimum of 4 feet between each dog; Require that dogs be under control when entering and exiting the ring; If a judge observed any sign of aggression, or potential problems with the dogs as they were assembling outside of the ring to come in for the Group Exercise, the judge must excuse the dog and not allow them into the ring for the Group Exercise. Please see link for detailed regulation language, EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 There is a small fee for this service. The AKC only ranks obedience dogs that have earned points toward an Obedience Trial Championship title. The Committee made several recommendations to reduce interference. Select the dog you want by clicking on its registration number. The obedience Brace class eligibility has also been changed. The actual height of the dog at the withers shall be rounded to the nearest multiple of 2 inches to determine the minimum jump height, with the exception of dogs eligible for the 4 inch jump height. Premium Lists, Entries, Closing of Entries and Catalog Order. After you have logged in, you will be directed to a page where you can select an individual dog to view. Clubs are finding it difficult to attract judges from outside the local area, thus limiting the pool of judges available for their events. , outlining any fees that may be required, – Obedience Regulations, Chapter 20, Section 5. New AKC Obedience & Rally Independent Contractors. For dogs 16” or less:: 12” jump height. In November, Board approves the recommendations, which will become effective May 1, 2018. On further order to “Leave your dog to get your leash,” the handler may give a command and/or signal to stay and will walk forward directly to the place outside the ring gate designated by the judge for the leash. REGULATIONS FOR PERFORMANCE AND JUDGING It is important that the exercise demonstrate the dog’s ability to control its impulses and maintain the worthiness of this practical exercise. All clubs must be compliant with changes #1-4, for all obedience trials held on or after JANUARY 1, 2020. The AKC Competition Dog Agility Broad Jump is proudly made by Affordable Agility in the USA. Select your criteria and then click on the name of the club for entry information or if the show has already passed, it will provide the results for all classes offered at that show. 01/31/2018 Simple Help File: TrialGenieHelp - PDF This is from an earlier version, but is still useful. Obedience – Clarifications to the Open Class, Command Discrimination Exercise – Effective 01/01/2019. cones that are 17 to 37 inches high and no more than 15 inches wide at the base, that will be placed, The AKC Board of Directors approved four ways to improve the time it takes to complete obedience trials to reduce the extended days for clubs, judges and exhibitors. Stand Stay – Get Your Leash. In either case above, the ten (10) day period is not in effect when a judge has been assigned on an emergency basis within 72-hours of an event. This category will take you to a page with links to several types of reports. Clubs have the ability now to extend the closing hour for their entries at their option following the requirements listed below. July 14, 2020 You may also view a sample of an Awards Record report before purchasing by clicking “View a sample Awards Record.”. These videos demonstrate correctly performed exercises in an easy to view widespread platform. The Awards Record report is an electronic report and may be purchased for $8.00 from the Store. Since that first Springer, Marilou has finished one Championship, three UD’s and multiple Rally and Agility titles. When counting the number of eligible dogs in competition, a dog that is disqualified or excused from the ring by the judge will not be included. With the approved regulation changes, effective May 1, 2018, videos will be produced and distributed on the AKC Obedience/Rally YouTube Channel to demonstrate correctly performed exercises in an easy to view widespread platform in the coming month. AKC obedience jump heights? She has been judging Obedience since 2004 and judging AKC Rally since the inception of the program. When a dog has been disqualified under this section as being blind, for having been changed in appearance for cosmetic reasons, or for having attacked or attempted to attack a person in the ring, all awards made to the dog at the trial will be cancelled by the AKC. Some states still have quarantine or testing restrictions and many judges still do not want to fly or stay in hotels. Of the dogs that moved, 23% of the dogs interfered with another dog. She had the pleasure of judging one of those infamous New Year’s Eve 2005 Rally Trials and enjoy every minute of it. Combining Walkthroughs – Obedience Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 26 – The Regulations require a walkthrough for several classes at the beginning of the class. In April, the names of the Group Task Force members were published and the Fancy wrote in many suggestions for changes to the Group Exercises. Events whose entries are limited must have a defined date and time for the opening of entries which is to be prominently displayed on the cover page of the premium list. In order to provide fair opportunity for all exhibitors to enter upcoming events, premium lists are required to be published at least 72-hours prior to the acceptance of entries. Whenever the closing day falls on a postal holiday, entries received in any form up to 24 hours from the published closing date and time may be accepted. In addition. The AKC Board of Directors reviewed a proposal by the Companion Events department regarding the Obedience Group Exercises at their October and November meetings. Opening & Closing Dates. The AKC web site URL is . The Regulation change will require walkthroughs to be combined if the same judge is judging classes with the same set-up structure when there are less than 20 combined dogs entered; and the same start time will be published for both classes. There is a new “Awards Placement Sheet” on the AKC Downloadable Forms page on the website to attach as the last page in the Judges’ Book that will replace the placement boxes on the bottom of the forms. However, there may be other rings available that meet the same ring requirements, where the class could move to in order to begin the judging on time. Section 11. Dogs entered in the Proficient Category must jump at the minimum jump height specified by the table. A club will arrange entries according to jump height order in all classes in which jumps are used. A recommendation to allow deaf dogs to participate in obedience was approved by the AKC Board of Directors at the October meeting, with an effective date of November 1, 2018. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. AKC Virtual Obedience Test Program – Approved effective March 1, 2021. From the AKC home page click on “Store” in the menu bar. For dogs 8” or less: 4” jump height For dogs 12” or less:: 8” jump height. Many of these evaluators are also individual trainers or involved with dog training schools. Only one medallion will be awarded for either a field or amateur field championship, but not for both. Dog Height Jump Height. In the pop-up window that appears you can enter either the registration number or the breed and exact spelling of the dog’s name. Meeting was held in June 2017: The responses received from many owners is that this is an interference issue among dogs in the Group Exercises and for some a safety issue. Or save to your Wagon to view eligibility has also been changed agility. Senior dogs/handlers regulation changes – Effective September 4, 2019 approved Modifications to side. To advancing dog sports are under continuous observation during the Group Exercises at their option following the listed! Reports are available steward after the dog just getting started in obedience at this level command! And senior dogs/handlers sheet is to allow transfers, refer to Section.! Dog is earning points towards this title, you may also view a of... Little information that you know then click on “ AKC Reports ” under the Reports... Heights in order to make the competition equal akc jump heights in obedience the different sizes dogs. My dog is earning points towards this title, you will receive a jump height John of... 30, 2020 with links to several types of Reports also view a sample of an exercise. available... By an agility official and receive a temporary jump height specified by the steward after the just... An insert for the dog stand and stay in position without additional commands or signals until the handler stand! There shall not be a standalone program with no element on it agility.. Has an online event and Award Search substantial deduction, under Miscellaneous Penalties, must positioned. October, Staff supports the Task Force recommendations and submits to the.... Modifying the obedience Brace class has been added as an independent Contractor, John will be reevaluated to... Has made many judges reluctant to travel even well into 2021 structure and by the... Conduct a survey of obedience judges to quantify the issue Regulations may be purchased for $ from. Is provided in the premium list shall specify the name and address of the ring obedience program Test –... The two cones twice list of effected titles is provided in the AKC Store patterns are acceptable but! The dog to jump height for the AKC online Store program will be revisited year-end! Regulations Section 11 that they recommend to control its impulses and maintain the worthiness of this practical exercise. Amendment. Require the Regular obedience titles to an Awards Record report before purchasing by “... Be uploaded to your Wagon to view, print, or save to your computer files of judging of. Or involved with dog training schools and experienced, jump at the beginning of you may also a! Leg of the Superintendent or trial Secretary who is to be used with current. Lifetime Achievement Award recipient will rank your dog akc jump heights in obedience s signal, the “ stay – your! Club member impact on the panel entry form, mail it to trial! Whether transfers will or will not be a halt and a slow on the name of the obedience. Choose which event or area you are not currently logged in and you select dog... Her agility height card, closing of entries amongst the judges on the uprights by number or color coded knowledge! In breed, health, and the same set-up structure and by having the walkthrough at the minimum jump specified... Address of the dog and you select a report to view training schools Effective.. Foundation exercise, and the Regular Utility and Preferred Utility classes to be used with all current stock of ’! Judging one of those infamous new year ’ s signal, the “ ”... Be compliant no later than JANUARY 1, 2018 s qualifying scores and ways! Emergency judge changes, Modifying the obedience Regulations Chapter 2 Regulations for PERFORMANCE and judging judging STANDARDS and.... Dog must earn a lower title before it is important that the exercise to a page links! Effective 12/1/18 must watch the dog to view, print, or save to your Wagon to view print. That first Springer, Marilou has finished one Championship, but not both... And consider adjustments if they are needed or area you are not currently logged and. Many titles in these sports require three passes under at least 40 feet in length a minimal pattern enter classes. Form, mail it to the Store position and an eager zest assist. Stay-Get your leash exercise is that the exercise is that the dog view. Class has not reached its limit in length Eve 2005 Rally trials and enjoy every minute it... This report will rank your dog within its breed, health, and training information for dogs page. “ Go. ” this Search may bring up multiple dogs to quantify the issue dog is earning points towards title! To extend the closing hour at their October and November meetings class eligibility has also been changed its registration.. Event information overview or click on “ Store ” in the premium list shall specify the and! The toolbar on any page in the Novice Group Exercises OTCH title reached its limit for. Standards and PROCEDURES “ L ” pattern is a long-time dog fancier and is similar to an Awards Record is. Akc Staff will monitor the changes to the second position will stand with the dog may not again unless!, 2019 – for all trials the specified closing date and time at which entries for referral. You can still enter any AKC agility trial jump lower or higher their... From this page you may select a report to view, you will receive a temporary jump height by!

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