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iBird Lite for Kindle
  • Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (12)
  • Last updated: December 1, 2012
  • Version: 2.0.10
  • Species Count: 30
  • Database Size: 40MB

iBird Lite is an interactive guide to 30 bird species of North America and Hawaii, designed for you to sample the iBird family of apps. This innovative eBook contains illustrations, photos, bird calls, and comprehensive facts he help you identify and enjoy some of the most popular birds in North America. No internet connection is required once installed.

iBird Lite 2 is a great bird reference app for ornithological fans. It contains entries on 30 birds and includes 50 illustrations, 127 photos, 58 audio recordings of bird calls, 30 range maps, and thousands of facts to help you identify some of the most popular birds in North America. Each drawing is hand drawn and full sized, with perching and flight views. Multiple professional photographs show plumage, sexes, and seasons. Zoom and pinch the portraits for viewing fine detail. You’ll have access to extensive behavior and habitat information, including diet, egg color, band codes, and much more. If you want to know even more, you’ll be linked to Flickr photos and detailed Wiki pages for each bird. You’ll also get an extensive glossary of bird terms and definitions. Note: No Internet connection is required to use the app. However, the large database of bird illustrations, photos, and sounds must first be downloaded from the iBird server, so a fast WIFI connection is required. Please use iBird Lite in the field responsibly. The American Birding Association’s Code of Ethics, particularly section 1(b), is suggested reading.
Notable Features of all versions:

  • Location search has two attributes: Common for the most popular species in a state and Uncommon for rare and state listed birds.
  • Attributes are grouped into basic, head and flight related area.
  • 14 new search attributes including search by patterns, length, wingspan.
  • Updated state and province bird lists using official references.
  • Taxonomic and Alphabetical family sort options on Browse screen.
  • Great app for a new bird watcher! ★★★★★ I love having this on my Kindle Fire when I’m at the park. The best part is being able to match up the sounds to what I’m hearing around me. -Stephanie Anderson
  • Enjoying this app ★★★★★ I love that you can hear the sounds the birds make as you are looking through pics and other info. Fun app to learn about birds. -hortmel
  • Delightful ★★★★★ I just love this app. As a grandpa I like to stimulate my grandkids in birdwatching. This little app is perfect, and it is free. I am definitely going to check out the PRO version. If you have any interest in birds or bird watching I highly recommend this free app. -Alan A
  • iBird Lite 2 ★★★★★ I love this app! Educational and entertaining. Especially helpful during the spring bird migration when new species appear at the feeder. Lets you quickly identify a new visitor by sight or call. Loads of fun for all ages! My grandkids love it and it drives my dog crazy when he hears the crows on it! Well worth the price! -Maureen Q. Nichols “CHLOESMUM”
  • Paved my way to iBird Pro ★★★★★ I downloaded and installed iBird Lite app easily. The bird images and sounds must be downloaded from the More page. Be sure to tap Synchronize and it will go fast. You can also sync one images for one bird at a time but why bother. The quality of the art and bird songs was outstanding however there are only 30 birds. But its free so whose counting? The search engine is neat. After playing with Lite for 15 minutes I felt comfortable spending $9.95 to buy iBird Pro 2. -murderofcrows
  • iBird Lite: Excellent Starter for Birding ★★★★★ This free app with 30 species is the perfect way to get started with birding. The product has all the features of the paid Pro app but does not have the full complement of 924 species found in North America. Instead there are 30 birds which is enough to get a good feeling for how it works. While many of these birds are found in the yard I would like to see the developer offer a version that covers all the backyard birds with a lower price than the full iBird Pro version. -John Lanum
  • Nice but… ★★★★★ This was a nice product… What do you want for nothing? Don’t bother and just go to the full iBird Pro 2 version. This one has 30 birds. The Pro 2 version has 964 birds. This one costs $0. The full version costs $4.99. You do the math! The full version will overshadow the best of the field guides out there. -Bartski

As a standalone app, iBird does not require an Internet connection for access to the rich media information in its database. This does mean that the application is large, so please be patient when downloading.

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If you use iBird in the field, please do so responsibly. We recommend the American Birding Association's Code of Ethics (, particularly section 1(b), for guidance.