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iBird Journal
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  • Last updated: February 1, 2015
  • Version: 7.22
  • Species Count: 972

Ready to take birding to a whole new level? iBird Journal is the first sighting app designed to make list-keeping fun, easy and most of all unforgettable. Whether you keep a life list, a backyard list or never have made a list before you’ll find iBird Journal the perfect app. iBird Journal saves observations of birds with incredible detail, and it seamlessly integrates with iBird - the world’s most popular line of field guide apps. Whether you wish to keep simple lists of the birds you see everyday, start a list of birds you see in the backyard, on a trip or every bird you have seen in your life, iBird Journal is the app you have been waiting for.

  • Create “checklists” of birds you would like to see. Checklists are perfect for bird outings, tours and bird counts where you know what you are looking for but need a way to instantly check off those birds from a pre-made list.
  • The reporting feature in Journal lets you analyze your entire database of observations by date range, list, locations, minimum observed count and species – answering questions like "How many times have I seen the Black-necked Stilt between April and June of 2010 in California?"
  • Share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter or by email – including as much sighting detail as you wish – even photos. You can think of iBird Journal as the ultimate rare bird alert app.
  • Back up your observations via email or Dropbox.
  • Journal is a “universal” app so it works perfectly on iPad or iPhone.
  • No limit to the number of observations.
  • Integrates with the entire iBird product line, but can be used in conjunction with any birding app.
  • Finger-friendly interface, which makes it the perfect app for doing “bird counts”, such as the Audubon Christmas Bird Count or the Great Backyard Bird Count.
iBird Journal is the perfect app to keep a record of all your bird sightings and the ultimate way to memorialize your hobby for the future.
In addition to the standard features, Waite’s Guide to Birds of America also includes More search attributes (38) than any other birding app!
  • Reporting tool allows you to quickly search ALL of your observations. Search for observations for a specific species, date range, location, or tag. Tags provide a powerful way to organize your observations.
  • Checklist interface allows you to quickly update bird counts while you are in the field. It also allows you to quickly see which species you’ve observed, and which ones you haven’t.
  • Attach photos to your observations.
  • Choose different icons for each of your Lists.
  • Record observations with tremendous detail. Record species, count, date, location, sex, age, weather, habitat, distance covered, area covered, duration, number of observers, protocol type, notes, and more!
  • Filter observations by date, location, or species.
  • Backup your observations via Dropbox or email.
  • Goes far beyond my expectations ★★★★★ Like others I have been waiting for iBird Journal since I first heard about it on their whatbird forum. I can say I am very pleased with the result. When compared to other listing apps I have struggled with Journal is exactly what I have been waiting for. It's so much more functional than the Favs and Notes feature in the developer's iBird app, which I found lacking. In iBird I can only enter a date/time stamp and a GPS lat/long (with two unreadable long numbers) into a Note. But with Journal I can enter far more. I can now see all my observations as pins on a map, I can enter and save tons of details like sex, age, weather, habitat, distance covered, and too many things to list here. Basically it looks like they used all the same details I can enter in eBird which is great since I use eBird for sharing. I love that I can put "tags" on my sightings, add photos and then share them on FB, twitter or email. I also like that I can use Journal's search feature (along with tags, locations, species, etc) to create great reports of what I've sighted over any time frame. The app is very well designed and simple to use, however I had to read the tutorial to figure out how to use the Checklists feature. Checklists let you set up lists of birds you want to see in the future so it's perfect for excisions where you know what to expect. They also made the count buttons large and easy to tap so I will for sure be using this on the Christmas Bird Count. There is a LOT more to this app then I can describe here and I expert to be spending many hours with it. I thank the developers for paying attention to the little details and not rushing this out. And compared to similar apps it's a bargain at the full price, so the sale is awesome. Oh one last thing - the database is small but full of detailed illustrations and range maps. iBird seamlessly opens Journal from any species page with the important parts of the observation form all filled out. I did find one issue that I'd call a flaw but the developers may disagree. As far as I can tell you can assign an observation to multiple lists. For example today I saw a juvenile American Goldfinch being fed by its patent. I assigned it to my Backyard Feeder list and them went to assign it to my State list. Couldn't do it. One observation, one list.
  • Well worth the price and the wait ★★★★★ I have several life list formats, this app is the best I have used. Its integration with iBird is perfect. Been waiting for months. Great work by the developers!
  • Easy to use and works flawless ★★★★★ Just bought this yesterday and really enjoyed this app. Wanted this for a long time. Love you can back up to dropbox or email. No lost lists again. Thanks developers for a fine product. Get it now for just 10 dollars. Well worth it. Thanks again for a fine product at a great price.
  • Renewed my interest in birding ★★★★★ For twenty years, I kept a written life list with sightings ranging from New England to Alaska to the Galapagos. That book was just collecting dust as I got older and thought I have seen everything I'm ever likely to see. Then an ornithologist friend suggested I get iBird pro and I found that my 7-year-old grandchild was delighted to "play" iBird on my iPad, and so I bought the journal app today to add to the fun. It has been a huge hit! We listed various birds we saw during the day and when I came back from an errand, she insisted we add another chickadee sighting. I asked how she knew it was a really a third chickadee and she said because they were all three in the same lilac together. She never asked to turn on the tv today: she was too busy looking for more birds to list. My husband also jumped into the effort to spot other species. We will visit the nearby Audubon sanctuary one day this week. This app inspired my whole family to engage in birdwatching. I particularly like the option to back up our data to Dropbox.
  • Awesome - just like they promised ★★★★★ I have been looking forward to this app for over a year, and they did not disappoint! Very intuitive, easy to use. Sinks seamlessly with iBird. You can't have the detail and pictures on a paper list. My favorite part is that it automatically fills in date, time, place and bird when you click the journal link from iBird. Buy this app!!!

As a standalone app, iBird does not require an Internet connection for access to the rich media information in its database. This does mean that the application is large, so please be patient when downloading.

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If you use iBird in the field, please do so responsibly. We recommend the American Birding Association's Code of Ethics (http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html), particularly section 1(b), for guidance.