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It's hard to believe we launched iBird 13 years ago. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he promised only Apple would build apps for the device, because "only we know how to create great software." In mid-2008 when Jobs opened the store to all developers iBird was the first app to show birders didn't need to lug heavy printed field guides to identify birds.

As long as iBird is on your iPhone, not only can you identify birds, but also play bird songs and calls, review range maps, see detailed photos, use a search engine to find birds by attributes and much more. iBird represented a large paradigm shift to the world of birding, and Apple helped the world discover this new phenomenon through a number of clever television commercials, including this one: We have an app for that.

New Consolidated Architecture
In 2018 Apple requested that we consolidate our various apps into one universal app. Originally we had separate apps for North America, the UK and Ireland, Hawaii and the island nation of Palau. Apple wanted customers to be able to choose what country they wished and buy it from inside a single app. This was part of an effort by Apple to "clean up" their App Store, which in the last decade had ballooned to over 2.5 million apps. They believed this clutter made it difficult for customers to find the apps they wanted. We decided to make our consolidated app a version of iBird Pro with the North America database built in. Current iBird Pro owners can update to the new consolidated version of iBird Pro 12 for free. Apple required us to discontinue iBird Ultimate, Plus, Canada, and Hawaii-Palau. Unfortunately, they did not create a way for previous owners of these apps to transition to iBird Pro 12.0 for freFor more details please read our FAQ: iBird Plus and iBird Ultimate: Why Can't I Update?

iBird Main Features

(1) Multiple Country Databases: Version 12 of iBird Pro comes with the default North America database, and provides, as optional low cost, In-app purchases, the country databases for 3 regions:  Unitied Kingdom & Ireland, Hawaii and Palau. Previously these were only available as separate apps. Now you can use the new "Countries" menu to buy and download the separate databases for these countries.

(2) In-App Purchase Features:  This version of iBird provides the following features for birders as in-app purchases (find them in the navigation menu, under Purchases): Photo Sleuth identifies North American birds from even poor quality photographs, Birds Around Me (BAM), Percevia™ smart search engine, Time-of-Day plug-in and and Birds of Mexico.  

(3) Birds Around Me (BAM)
. Uses your GPS to match just those species that are found in a 25 to 150 mile radius centered on your location. You may also pick the seasons to use for matching. This helps identify birds more easily by only showing you those that are likely to be in the area you are searching and during the season you selected. You may also enter an address to show what species are found at that specific location.

(4) Percevia™. Our patented search engine uses characteristics found in birds in your area. For example, if you are selecting color from the list and the birds in your area do not have plumage in some specific colors, then those colors will not be displayed in the search engine.


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illustrators Illustrators
Michael Oberhofer, Chris Vest, Yury Lisyak, Irina Rud-Volga, Samira Belous, David Wenzel, Dwight Kirkland, Imran Khan, Juan Costa, Kavita Jhunihunwala, Ryan Durney, Santiago Cornejo, Noel Sirivansanti, David Bishop, Bill Callis.

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This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,363,309

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