Mitch Waite Biography

Mitch Waite Bio

Mitch Waite is a best selling author of computer books, former CEO of the Mitch Waite Press publishing group, and developer of iBird Explorer, the award-winning app for the iPhone and iPod touch. His 30-year career on the leading edge of computing technology is characterized by a continual quest for knowledge, a desire to inform others, and a practical ability to turn his discoveries into commercial success.

In 1979, after building a weather station using an Apple I computer purchased from Steve Jobs’ garage, Mitch hosted a curious Steve on his Sausalito houseboat and was asked to write about a new computer from Apple. The Computer Graphics Primer, featuring the new Apple II computer, became a best seller. This was followed by a string of best selling primers, bibles and how-to computer programming books, including the C Primer Plus, Turbo C++ Bible, Visual Basic How To, Windows API Bible, and Fractal Creations. Some of these titles became evergreen classics that are still used today for teaching computer programming.

After 15 years writing and developing books on cutting edge technologies, Mitch saw computer books become a commodity market. He sold his publishing company to Simon and Shuster and turned his focus to his other passion, nature.

As a long time birder, Mitch found the lack of intelligence in conventional field guides frustrating. Using only the table of contents and index of a book to identify species was difficult. Determining that this was a problem technology could solve, Mitch developed, a free online resource to help birders identify species. featured an innovative and patented Web-based search engine (U. S. patent number 7,363,309). The search engine was unique in providing a step-by-step parametric approach that always provided the user with a result, and it drew rave reviews.

Having helped millions of people search and identify birds online, Mitch was determined to give birders access to this information in the field, where they needed it the most. By harnessing the power of new mobile computing technology and combining it with the capabilities of, he would be able to add intelligence to an 800-year old page turning technology called books. At the same time, he could help stop the devastating environmental damage being caused by the production of paper.

Winged Explorer for the Windows Mobile platform was developed, using the search principles and core content from The success of Apple’s mobile computing devices prompted Mitch to port Winged Explorer to the new platforms. The iBird Explorer series of iPhone and iPod touch based electronic field guides became instant best sellers.

iBird Explorer has been hailed by industry analysts as having cracked the code for successful eBooks (Ned May, Finally, an eBook Worth Reading, January 2008). It has been featured in multiple Apple TV commercials, has won the prestigious MacWorld 2009 App Gem award for best reference app, and was selected by Apple as one of the top 25 apps of 2009.

With nine iBird Explorer apps in the Apple iTunes app store, and more apps in the pipeline, Mitch continues to push into new territory coupling nature and technology. The Google Android and Palm Pre platforms further stretch the horizon for mobile computing and provide new opportunities for Mitch create intelligent books that don’t damage the environment.