Albert connects immediately with his pen pal, but as it turns out, they are both going to harmful lengths to impress each other. When a beautiful adopted girl exhibits a gift for painting, despite her physical blindness, a man who owns a string of art galleries provides a public art exhibit in Sleepy Eye. Several Walnut Grove boys tease an innocent 14 year-old girl named Sylvia. When Mary is severely injured by a horse, and her condition deteriorates, it becomes clear she needs an expensive surgery to save her life. The Ingalls, Garveys, and Olesons return to their homes in Walnut Grove, but the joy of returning to the quiet farm community turns to dismay when they discover the conditions of life in the town and the morals of the few remaining inhabitants. Guest Star Mariette Hartley – Caroline and the girls can’t help but think the worst when Charles begins to behave mysteriously and later lies about the amount of time he has spent doing carpentry work for their lovely, young neighbor, the widow Elizabeth Thurman. When the town of Walnut Grove and members of the Ingalls and Garvey families fall ill during a deadly outbreak of the anthrax virus, Charles Ingalls and Jonathan Garvey set out on a frenzied and desperate search for medicine. When the schoolteacher, Miss Beadle, announces a special exam and promises a beautiful dictionary to the best score, Mary vows to win it.  To study in private late at night, she takes her lantern and books to the barn with terrible consequences. Caroline is puzzled when her plan to provoke Isaiah Edwards to jealousy doesn’t result in an invitation to the annual spring dance for his anxious gal, Grace Snider, until Charles reminds her what happened when she tried the same tactic with him years before. Each member of the Ingalls family decides what to get the others as Yule gifts, but each is short of cash. An angry teenager with a troubled childhood arrives in Walnut Grove to spend time with his grandparents. He supplies the answers once and then learns that Nellie will use blackmail to make sure he continues to do so. While wandering the town after the shooting, he ends up at Laura’s house and mistakes Laura and Jenny for his wife and daughter.  Now Laura must bring him to his senses to save her baby and herself. 0:47. Unwilling to give up, Charles takes his adopted son away with him to pray. A shipment of morphine powders goes missing from Doc Baker’s office and all evidence points to Albert, forcing Charles to accept the real truth about him. The children become stranded halfway home, leading the fathers of Hero Township to brave the worsening weather conditions to find them and lead them back to the schoolhouse. One of her proudest accomplishments was co-writing the screenplay of and acting in the 1978 TV movie “ Battered ” as it allowed her to explore a difficult subject matter and express her creativity. While on a second honeymoon trip with Charles in Mankato, Caroline can’t help worrying about what’s happening back home in Walnut Grove where old friend, Mr. Edwards, is finding that babysitting three active little girls is not as simple as he thought it would be. Little House Years Part 1 of 3, The: When the Ingalls’ get together for Thanksgiving, the family shares stories of their favorite memories. Meanwhile, Jason Carter has an unusual reason for wanting a pair of eye glasses. The outlaw—now reformed. The new programming kicks off with the Little House on the Prairie "Premiere Marathon" on New Year's Day (Sunday, Jan. 1) starting at 1pm. A tragedy during one of Gambini’s stunts will provide a chilling lesson in hero worship. When Charles learns that the school in Winoka for blind children has been closed, he arranges for a new school in Walnut Grove and sets out to help guide the sightless students on their trip. Privacy Notice and Disclosure for California Residents. A young African-American boy offers to work for Charles for his whole life in exchange for an education. Little House on the Prairie (known as Little House: A New Beginning in its final season) is an American western drama television series, starring Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle, and Melissa Sue Anderson, about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, in the 1870s and 1880s. A prizefighter appears in town to take on all challengers and Jonathan prepares to fight him, but he injures his fist while training. When Isaiah Edwards stumbles onto a robbery in progress and innocently comes to the aid of the wrong side, he is identified as a member of the infamous. Meanwhile, Jenny Wilder suffers physical and speech impairments after a swimming accident, and Marvin must reclaim his senses to help her. Charles and Mr. Edwards realize they are already rich, but is there any way to reverse course? To keep her mind off Almanzo’s extended absence, Laura decides to help at Mary and Adam’s new blind school.  Meanwhile, in an attempt to conceal a secret from Laura and her family, Almanzo falls dangerously ill. When he quickly runs into trouble and lands in jail for stealing, Charles hires him as a farmhand to teach him some values. Laura Ingalls and Nellie Oleson continue their battle for the romantic attentions of Almanzo Wilder, and Charles makes an embarrassing mistake in judgment when he hears that the young man has actually kissed his daughter Laura. Nellie and her husband, Percival, are excited and ready for the birth of their first child, until his parents arrive in Walnut Grove and get into a roaring argument with Mrs. Oleson about the child’s religious future. Following an argument with Laura, Nellie is knocked from her horse and pretends to be crippled, then uses Laura’s guilt about the accident to turn her into her personal servant. The episodes are timeless - in fact they still teach good lessons even today. Young Albert is hurt, both emotionally and physically, when he is beaten up by some of his acquaintances, simply because he refuses to turn his back on a lonely woodcarver. Laura takes the child in and cares for it like it was her own, not knowing it belongs to a timid young woman in trouble. At Thanksgiving, the Ingalls family shares stories of their favorite memories. Charles Ingalls was wise, loving with an... READ MORE, It’s Fashion Week in New York City September 10th-17th! Foul behavior is in the air and junior detectives Andy and Laura take tips from a fictional sleuth of Scotland Yard to track down the mysterious Walnut Grove chicken thief, ruffling a few feathers of their own along the way. During a trip to Sleepy Eye, James and Albert walk into a bank robbery. But the two couldn’t make their relationship work. When Mary Ingalls Kendall learns that she is pregnant, she sets out to reconcile her husband with his estranged father—a rift created when the old man rejected his son at the time the boy was blinded. When Albert Ingalls and Andy Garvey insist they are “men” and should be allowed to take outside jobs for pay, their fathers come up with a plan that sends them on a wild goose chase – which is supposed to prove to them they are still little boys. Related Videos. Meanwhile, Della Clark continues to rebuff romantic advances by Harold Mayfield until her young daughter takes drastic action to try and get the pair together. When a telephone line is set up in Walnut Grove, Harriet Oleson is put in charge of the switchboard. Angered by his wife’s constant nagging and complaining, Nels Oleson decides to escape for a while by taking a “traveling store” into the countryside, where he meets a delightful woman and discovers that he’s slowly falling in love. Alden’s birthday, Laura and Mary decide to invest the Sunday School funds in patented medicines, hoping to sell them to their neighbors. Charles works with the boy’s father to try and get him sober and face the root of the anger that drives him to drink and hurt the son who loves him. But there are problems which make them yearn for the quiet and dignity of their former way of life. Charles is shocked to discover that the happy-go-lucky former mountain man is now filled with rage, anger, and hatred. Mary refuses to accept Adam’s help at first, but he eventually helps her learn to deal with her blindness. Guest Stars Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash – When Rev. When she tells the boy that she’ll never be more than his friend and teacher, she is not prepared for his dramatic reaction. Mr. Sprague, a local banker, won’t give Charles a loan. This episode is filled with many flashbacks of Little House on the Prairie’s greatest, most memorable moments. After Charles and Caroline see the raccoon turn rabid, they learn that it has bitten Laura and Jack.  Now, they feel their only hope against infection is prayer. Soon the church becomes quarantined as the still healthy members of the community seek to find the source of the deadly disease before all are lost. Charles and Caroline give their reluctant approval when they discover that their eldest daughter, 13 year-old Mary, has accepted a neighbor boy’s proposal of marriage.  All wonder if the marriage plan is the best for the couple when they learn the boy has decided to refuse a longed-for college scholarship to wed Mary. Charles Ingalls and his family do their best to help a young boy who is rejected by the townsfolk. The sidekick. While he was married three times, he divorced his second wife, Lynn Noe, after falling for the makeup artist on the set of Little House. Hard times force Charles to move his family from their quiet farm at Plum Creek.  They settle in a noisy western town near where their daughter, Mary, lives and teaches at a  school for the blind. When James continues to linger in a coma after being shot in Sleepy Eye, Charles refuses to believe his son will not recover. About Us. Sixteen year-old Willie Oleson shocks his parents when he reveals his plans to get married. A newly arrived immigrant family provides an example of true thankfulness and a reminder that freedom isn’t free after a property tax increase leaves most of the citizens of Walnut Grove in no mood to celebrate the United States’ 100th birthday. When Mr. Stark finds himself very deep in debt, he breaks down and shoots his wife and daughter. Laura is delighted when Almanzo finally proposes, but when Charles wants them to wait for two years, Almanzo insists Laura marry him right away or else!  Meanwhile, an unexpected tragedy puts the future of Mary and Adam’s new blind school in jeopardy. When Caroline tells Charles that Laura has been hurt by his lack of attention, Albert considers running away from his new home. When Mary becomes pregnant again, Caroline’s parents arrange a visit to witness the birth of their great-grandchild. Certain that only her funeral will bring her distant children and grandchildren to Walnut Grove for a long overdue visit, Amy Hearn convinces Doc Baker and the Ingalls to fake her death and happily makes plans to celebrate her eightieth birthday… at her wake. When Lars is unable to pay Charles two months’ back pay, the Ingalls family is forced to work together and sacrifice to pay their bills. However, Sam is keeping a secret that may cause Hester Sue’s love to go cold once more. When a new minister passes through Walnut Grove, and is quickly accepted by the congregation as a strong and efficient speaker, Reverend Alden fears that he is being pushed away by his own community. When Mrs. Oleson becomes deathly ill after taking some of the powder instead of having the prescribed operation, O’Hara faces the wrath of the town. Laura fights jealousy and anger when her father spends all his time helping his adopted son, Albert, raise a new calf. When a young, overweight boy named Elmer Miles is mercilessly teased at school, Nancy goes easy on him because she actually seems to like him.  Nancy has plenty of hurtful plans up her sleeve once she gains Elmer’s trust. However, after seeing how Kate plays with Mary and Laura at dinner one night, the doctor realizes that he is too old for her. Aug 18, 2018 - Explore Heather Wright's board "little house on the prairie living" on Pinterest. Young Albert Ingalls soon apologizes for joining with the boys and their teasing and begins to fall in love with the girl, unaware that she is living in a world of fear and humiliation after being assaulted. When Charles’ mother passes away after a long illness, he travels back to Wisconsin to handle the funeral arrangements.  Charles talks his despondent father into coming to Walnut Grove, where he forms a special bond with Laura. Here’s what we know. Mrs. Garvey hires Nellie Olesen to tutor Andy. Full interview at: Caroline takes care of a young boy named Graham after it’s discovered his father beats him on a regular basis. Despite the passage of time, the wooden ranch house of the Ingalls family--for which the title of the classic television series "Little House on the Prairie" is named for--symbolically remains standing more solidly today than even that old fairytale one fortified of brick that a wolf failed to blow down. The citizens of Walnut Grove are seized with fear when Mr. Edwards brings a deadly fever to town. During a nap prior to a Halloween costume party, Albert dreams that he and his sister Laura have been captured by Indians who mistake him for the son of a famous chief—and expect him to help lead an attack against the U.S. Army. 2021-01-11. Little House continues to remain popular in reruns in syndication. Overwhelmed by the random destruction left in the wake of a devastating tornado, a weary Charles Ingalls convinces himself to give up trying to make a life for his family on the prairie, puts the farm up for sale and prepares to move back to the big woods where he was born. Despite the happiness of her family over the impending birth, Caroline’s excitement turns to worry when she senses that Charles wants a boy.  Frustrated, Charles decides to send his daughters to a friend, giving him a chance to talk privately with Caroline.  When birth-time suddenly arrives, Ma and Pa Ingalls are left alone without a doctor. When the Ingalls’ friends and neighbors hear of Charles’ impending inheritance, they convince him to make purchases on credit from Oleson’s store and make donations to the church and school.  Charles soon receives bad news about his windfall and faces the potential loss of his farm. An advocate of women’s rights comes to town, asking local men to sign a petition to give women shared property rights. James joins his father on a long journey after causing his new friend Gideon to run away from home.  Father and son meet a half-wild dog who takes a liking to young James but dislikes Charles. Laura suggests an idea for them to earn some money, but it may drive a wedge into their relationship. When the Ingalls are caught in a blizzard, Charles finds shelter, goes out hunting and loses his way. A visiting  and aging circus daredevil Gambini the Great has a hypnotic effect on all the children of Walnut Grove, especially Albert and Willie. Despite her blindness, she develops a fondness for a much older Isaiah Edwards.  The two gradually fall in love, and when Jane’s vision is restored, many of Isaiah’s friends oppose his marriage. Dr. Baker sees his career and his reputation shattered when Laura finds her baby dead in his crib shortly after a physical examination by the physician. The goat quickly wreaks havoc on Walnut Grove, eating the Ingalls family crops, butting Reverend Alden in the backside and more. Tension flies as Nellie receives all the attention, and despite Nellie’s efforts, Nancy refuses to build any relationship with her older sister. With the help of Doc Baker, they find some unsettling truths about this “wild” boy. It didn’t take long for Landon to burst onto the Hollywood scene. Landon’s birth name was Eugene Orowitz. Although many in Walnut Grove think he’s a homicidal maniac who lives in a haunted house, brave Laura Ingalls befriends mysterious hermit, Amos Pike, and is determined to discover the truth behind both the rumors and the old man’s solitary life. The walk down memory road continues as the Ingalls family shares stories of their favorite memories. Knowing that Almanzo’s affections in a much younger Laura have deepened, Charles is convinced that Perley is a better match for his “Half Pint.” However, Charles’ sentiments may quickly change. Mary joyfully accepts the marriage proposal of Adam Kendall. Ruined crops and a financial depression force Charles Ingalls and his family to leave Walnut Grove to try their luck in the gold camps. When Jesse and Frank James come to town and assume false identities, they hire Mary Ingalls to run errands for them.  The James boys have a posse on their tails. Love Little House on the Prairie as much as we do? After earning money to have her horse shod for the annual race, Laura learns that the Oleson’s have purchased an expensive racehorse for Nellie.  On the day of the big race, everyone else withdraws because of the Oleson’s animal, leaving Laura and her tired horse to race Nellie and her high-stepping speedster. While in town, Charles takes the time to visit a farmers’ convention, where he butts heads with some more experienced farmers. Just as Mary falls in love with newcomer Seth Barton, her eyesight begins to worsen. Divorce looms when Nels and his dog storm away from Harriet and the mercantile after the Olesons quarrel over the price of eggs.  But the situation only gets more muddled when the townsfolk try to help them reconcile, prompting Harriet to pack her bags. The girl’s plan seems profitable but it soon runs into trouble. To sharpen writing skills and broaden their horizons, Laura arranges for her students to correspond with children from other areas. Walnut Grove finally gets a newspaper, but when the editor allows Mrs. Oleson to write a gossip column, the community is shocked at what they read about themselves and their neighbors as she uses her column to praise her family and punish her enemies. Mary desperately needs more surgery to restore her health and Charles works feverishly to earn enough money for his daughter’s operations.   A fatigued Charles soon causes an accident that traps both him and a co-worker in a mountain tunnel.  Now, only Mr. Edwards can save the two men. A local couple agrees to adopt James and Cassandra Cooper, but no one is aware of the cruelty in the children’s new home. He hires his friend Harv Miller to assist him with his crop and also help take care of his sister, Eliza Jane’s, house. After having problems seeing the blackboard at school, Mary gets a pair of glasses. Laura decides to spend the night with Mary at the blind school.  When a knock comes on the door, Mary and Laura open the door to life-threatening danger, and only Charles has any chance of saving his daughters and the students of the school. Jonathan decides to become a deputy sheriff to clean up the town of crime, but his job is a dangerous one that ultimately threatens his young son. The election of the class president is a three-way contest with Mary Ingalls and Nellie Oleson pitted against each other and a slow-witted boy, Elmer Dobkins.  After nominating two girls and effectively splitting the female vote, the boys set out to prove that any boy can beat a girl. Her efforts are in danger of being ruined when a mean-spirited Mrs. Oleson humiliates the boy in front of the class and he vows never to return to school. From the books by Laura Inglalls Wilder to our screens in the 1970’s, everyone adored this story about a Western pioneer family in Minnesota. Charles is forced to address Albert’s recent criminal behavior. This episode also shares many flashbacks of Little House on the Prairie’s greatest, most memorable moments. Alden. The lad, Spotted Eagle, is proud of his Indian heritage and faces the hostility of the citizens of Walnut Grove. When Laura meets and falls in love with the man she wants to marry, she has competition from Nellie Oleson. The Hallmark Channel has broadcast the series for years and still does on a daily basis. Her hopes and dreams are all at stake when Laura’s nugget has to pass the mineral test. Albert is plagued by the continuing gossip and confusion about his friend Sylvia.  When he learns that Sylvia may move to another state, Albert takes a job with the local blacksmith and plans to save enough money to make Sylvia his wife. The fierce dog brings both fear and gratitude into their lives. While stalking frogs with Jimmy Hill,  Laura suddenly realizes that she’s madly in love with her old pal, pitcher, and fellow fisherman. When John’s boss reveals that he was about to publish a story about business corruption, Charles and Mr. Edwards become suspicious and soon realize that John Jr. was marked for murder. The lawman. Charles Ingalls leads 25 blind children through the woods to their new school in Walnut Grove and Adam confesses cowardice to his new wife, Mary, when he panics at the dangerous river crossing in the woods. Laura befriends a crippled girl named Olga, who bears the teasing of Nellie and is often left out of the other children’s games. When Edwards realizes he has passed the fever to his small daughter, he takes the child to a mountain cabin to nurse her, and to isolate himself from others—but Laura Ingalls makes the dangerous mistake of trying to help. Meanwhile, Charles and Jonathan Garvey try to establish a freight business by entering a cross-country hauling contest against two hard-nosed rivals. When a traveling preacher claiming to have a special gift stops to preach in Walnut Grove, the townspeople slowly turn away from the gentle teachings of the Rev. She loves her glasses, but is soon teased by some of the children at school. But surprises are in store for everyone as both Charles and Mary experience a trip very different from the one they each expected. When Jonathan Garvey’s crops fail and he suffers a lack of work at the mill, his wife Alice insists on helping the family’s poor financial situation.  When Jonathan announces he wants a divorce, the split leaves the Ingalls family torn between their friends and seeking a way to help the couple. Laura has the biggest plan of all, but no way of carrying it out… until Nellie unintentionally helps. The widow calls on Charles and Caroline Ingalls to help with her task before she passes. "The Godsister" is the only Little House On The Prairie episode that features Carrie as the main character. Charles Ingalls, who sets out to stop them, winds up joining their caravan to the sea—where they get some unexpected help from a young journalist named William Randolph Hearst. Now, Mary and the rest of Walnut Grove find themselves in the middle of a deadly showdown. In fact, it has played for over 40 continuous years! Now, Charles is faced with turning his back on an old friend in order to protect his family. The school board can’t agree on a solution, causing Miss Wilder to leave.  With the town at odds and the teacher gone, Laura and Albert must decide if they should take on the problem. When Nellie discovers that the whole town will do anything for the poor little “cripple” she uses her faked illness to control everyone. When James is shot and left for dead by the robbers, a grief-hardened Charles enlists Mr. Edwards to track down the men responsible. Reverend Alden stirs a hornet’s nest in Walnut Grove when he asks for donations toward a church bell.  When quarreling starts, Reverend Alden convinces himself he must leave town. When Caroline and Charles are called out of town and leave Mary in charge of the Ingalls’ family homestead, the children’s lives are threatened by a pack of hungry wild dogs . Nancy causes a lot of trouble throughout the series. Mrs. Oleson insists on coming along. When she hears and spreads something private about Alice Garvey, it creates serious trouble in Alice’s marriage. Little House on the Prairie Cast. In order to afford a nice birthday present for Rev. Little House on the Prairie has never left syndicated air. Andy is doing poorly in school to the embarrassment of his mother who is the current teacher. They decide to settle the argument with a race, which leads to both comic and dramatic adventures along the way. While praying she meets a stranger.  Has he been sent to guide her through the trial? When a couple arrives in Walnut Grove with their teenage son, he soon causes serious trouble at the school. When Sarah Carter’s father, a powerful New York publisher, arrives in Walnut Grove,  he creates havoc in her family and marriage with his demands that they give up the simple life and move east with him to enjoy a life of luxury. It runs weekdays on INSP, Hallmark Channel, and on NBC’s syndicated offshoot COZI, where it plays four times a day! After “Little House on the Prairie” ended, Karen Grassle returned to the theatre work that she loved and guest-starred in TV shows and movies. Michael Landon might be best known for his work on Little House on the Prairie, but he also had quite a controversial personal life. Following Reverend Alden’s lead, the Walnut Grove townsfolk try to turn the other cheek when the bad behavior of the recently arrived Galender brothers causes tempers to flare, until a series of incidents begins to reveal the trio’s more sinister nature. No older than nine years old, the child escapes and seeks shelter with the Wilders. When their stagecoach overturns in an accident, an expectant mother must depend on blind Mary for help. Joe Kagan finally works up the courage to sell his farm and move to town to do some serious courting of the blind school’s teacher, Hester Sue, only to learn that she is planning to marry someone else. SEASON ONE • 1974-1975 Check out our Little House on the Prairie Episode Guide. Hallmark Movies Now. The little house is sold to the Carters and Laura has resigned as teacher to spend more time with Rose. Infuriated by his wife’s cheapness, Nels Oleson teams up with the kidnappers and others to set his wife straight. Prior to Landon, Noe was also married twice. Little House on the Prairie (later known as Little House: A New Beginning in its final season) is an American Western historical drama television series, starring Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle, and Melissa Sue Anderson, about a family living on a farm in Plum Creek near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, in the 1870s, 1880s, and 1890s. When the boy moves in with the family and begins to attend school, he soon learns that even an education may not overcome prejudice. It always taught a principle to live by in a fun and imaginative way. Little House on the Prairie is one of the most beloved classic TV shows of all time. Guest Star Anne Archer – When Harriet’s niece Kate comes to visit, she and Doc Baker fall in love with each other. Charles Ingalls is heartbroken when it looks as though he must separate three young children orphaned by the death of their widowed mother.  The predicament angers a gruff Mr. Edwards, prompting him to make a surprise announcement.

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