Before we can make any progress, we need to make the goal as easy as possible to achieve. This teaches him that the fun stops if he's over exuberant and over time, teaches him self-control that the older dog will benefit from. I just wish some dog owners would take your words to heart. Keep it civil. How could she stand waiting around for me to get my ish together? However as soon as I started to reach for it, Athena started to get excited again so I withdrew my arm and waited again. It sounds like the one who needs to learn patience is the human. These are all signs of over-excitement. She needs a lot of help right now, but since I’ve been asking her to get her stuff each day before runs, she’s improving. If the dog starts getting too excited and you're not keeping him beside or behind you, stop and make the dog sit. Kilo the Pug doesn’t really like going for walks much but he does bark at the door so I try to give him alternate things to do. Whereas before you had no way to satisfy your dog's prey drive in these moments, now you will be inserting yourself into the cycle in a way that is VERY fulfilling for your dog. Any activity that requires mental focus and energy counts as a job, such as solving a food puzzle, finding hidden treats or playing with a treat dispenser. Not by yelling. The leaders stop the pack with nothing but their energy and body language. How does the other soldier stop this? Things like playing fetch, having your dog search for a hidden treat, or running him through an obstacle course are all good ways to stimulate his mind and drain his energy.The key here is that you control the length and intensity of the activity. She is really good with waiting for my commands. Too many times, people want their dogs to learn something quickly because the person is impatient. If you only go on a walk once per month, of course it’s going to be the most exciting thing ever. This is a gentle sort of negative reinforcement. Be it in the dog park, at the front door or while you’re sitting low in a chair, the strategy … If your dog is getting too excited, then the game ends. Since a dog’s primary sense organ is her nose, capturing her sense of smell can … Wait until he is calm, then start again. The key is regular training and clear rewards for good behaviour. Scents like lavender and vanilla can help calm your dog down, especially if you associate them with times when the dog is calm — like having a scented air freshener near her bed.Be sure that your dog doesn’t have any allergies to particular scents and ask your veterinarian for recommendations on the scents that work best at calming dogs down. I kept proceeding this way, step by step until I was able to open the door while she remained relaxed. All rights reserved. Here are six steps to take to get your dog from being constantly over-excited to be calm, submissive, and happy. If your dog is naturally high-energy and excitable, it can take a while to see results with these techniques. This is just telling him that you like what he is doing. Spraying the dog with water, vinegar, citronella, or just about anything else. Copyright 2020 Cesar’s Way. First, make sure your dog is properly leash-trained and has a reliable “sit” and “look at me” command. So then, how do you deal with an overexcited dog when you want to take them on a walk? It provides directed exercise and channels your dog’s excess energy while draining it.Just letting your dog out in the yard to run around and do her business is not the right kind of exercise. There are no quick short-cuts in training. It’s sweet to see her excited, but it annoys everyone else, and it makes it difficult to get out of the house without being disruptive. This way, you can teach your dog impulse control at the right distance by focusing on you. Your dog will be more likely to pull you if they are excited before leaving the house. Seems to work. However he knows (when im getting ready to take him out) if I stand still for a couple of seconds he will imediatly sit and if I put my hands behind my back he lays down.

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