Best, I have a plywood subfloor. We’re open to Geowood flooring as well and are having a Copperstone sample sent to us also. Swiffer? Hello!! The refrigerator is ~325 lbs., are we good with the weight? You can do whatever you want to do, just know that any expansion or contraction will occur at the opposite end of the floor since the tank will essentially pin down the floor. For deeper gauges, a fill stick can be used prior to the touch-up marker. Humidity affects bamboo somewhat more severely than it does hardwood flooring. Thx! I did read up in the concern about the high humidity in the Houston area that a floor place said they don’t carry Bamboo for that reason of our humidity. But if all this is true, what then keeps homeowners from purchasing bamboo flooring? A dehumidifier would help too. Very nice, tough, beautiful floors. How should I apply the Bona cleaner. Hi Seth, So he wants to glue those sections down. Unfinished bamboo has a light color similar to oak wood but can take on a darker brown hue after the application of heat. If so, then you’ll probably want to float it. Keeping the home’s relative humidity as consistent as possible and avoiding prolonged exposure of the floors to direct sunlight also helps minimize wear and discoloration. Great stuff. You can use baseboards and trim pieces to conceal these expansion spaces and if your installer is good you’ll never even know they are there. It is the least expensive (and least durable) form of bamboo flooring, and it cannot be refinished. Should we keep it, replace it, or is it not needed? Many traditional hardwoods and bamboo floors will rank in the 1,000-2,000 pound range for Janka hardness, while many Cali Bamboo floors rank upwards of 4-5,000. Hi Angela, since it is fixed in Place ? The number of times you can perform this renewal depends on the thickness of the planks, but bamboo flooring is generally comparable to solid hardwood in its longevity and has a longer lifespan than engineered hardwood flooring, which has only a surface veneer of actual hardwood. Like wood, there are lots of reasons why bamboo can be a perfect material, but there are also drawbacks. Hybrid Engineered Bamboo (moisture tolerant) I am now considering using the glue down method since there will be nosing that surrounds the edges of the stairwell. You’ll have less floor movement overall if you glue or nail-down. No forests are harvested to make bamboo flooring. Refer to our acclimation video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring should be ready to install. Or I have to separate them and do the acclimation in each individual room? You can find bamboo flooring products ranging from about $2 to $8 per square foot, with a national average of $3.84 per square foot. Moisture from the top is usually caused by a large water spill or by wet mopping. Cork Flooring (moisture resistant) I’ve started installing Eucalyptus Wide Click. Hi Rob, And 2) Should we be concerned about weight of the refrigerator? My floors did the same and I had never had hardwood floors before so I just thought that was part of it, but after a month or two the noises started diminishing and a year later, they are silent, so it may just take a little time for them to settle in. Engineered bamboo is manufactured with a surface veneer bonded to a plywood or MDF core. Preston at Jetson Green now points us to a bamboo floor with an extraordinary hardness on the ... a dense, "fossilized" bamboo block is formed. If you acclimate the product for the full 10 days during a moderate time of the year, and allow 1/2″ expansion space around all fixed objects, and break up long flooring runs with T-Moldings, you should be able to keep expansion and contraction to a minimum. Also, what type of Cali do you recommend if I want to have the same flooring in a kitchen/living room/bedroom combo? Many bamboo options can last upwards of 50 years if properly maintained, although the average lifespan ranges from 20-25 years with normal family wear-and-tear. I’d actually recommend getting our engineered product as you only need to acclimate a few days, and you can use most any nailer out there. We will have 13 stairs and a platform that is currently raw.. Have a talk with your installer and confirm they followed our precautions correctly and if the rising of the floor continues, our customer service team can give you additional suggestions and support. Bamboo flooring comes in several different types of products: Solid bamboo planks are installed much the same was as solid hardwood. Cali Bamboo offers high-quality bamboo floors in any style and color variation that appeals to more traditional hardwood lovers but with three times the hardness — for an eco-friendly, beautiful product that is built to last a lifetime. We are replacing our floors and want to install the solid bamboo, dark color, hand or wire brushed, or distressed look. Is the floor suitable for kitchens considering the fact that in kitchens are always more spills, “wet”accidents etc? A floated floor needs plenty of space to expand and contract with the seasons. HI, I was looking at the Eucalyptus 5″ X 4′ fossilized mocha #7007007500 for a florida condo, 2nd floor , concrete subflooring. Engineered bamboo is less expensive than solid bamboo, and it is usually installed by DIYers. If your subfloor is plywood, 5-7 and if you have engineered only 1-2 days. If it still offending after a few more days, please contact our service team at [email protected] and they can further assist you. Is it advisable? Help! Anything else? This time, we expect installers to follow the specs to a “t.” Thank you very much. GeoWood Flooring (moisture resistant) Do you recommend the bamboo, I was looking at the tree house or antique? I have about 975 square ft, which includes the master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, and the hallway. You are essentially making stairs from a plank or two of flooring and the stair nosing piece. It rains a lot here…. But before anything else, we have to come out and say it: engineered bamboo flooring is pretty freaking cool. 3. We do not offer engineered flooring in click-lock milling. Is there relevant data on issues with the flooring and what was the environment those floors had been found in. We are located in central Pennsylvania. Fossilized bamboo flooring becomes so hard because of the process in which it’s made. We are literally living in a construction zone, in a complicated pregnancy with only 3 weeks left to go. Only want to do this 1 more time. Moisture getting to the floor from the bottom can be tougher to identify. on a floated floor, it inhibits the floors ability to move (expand and contract) freely. Have fun! Humidity fluctuations can affect wood floors, especially solid wood. Im thinking an engineered floor would be the safest way to go. My husband planned on nailing everything in but we have found that along several N-S running walls that the nail gun will not work. Did this creaking noise ever get better ? After the flooring has been properly acclimated, it can then be installed based on the method recommended by the manufacturer. We love the look and feel of them but not the issues with temperature swings. Home Depot told me they won’t even install bamboo or any hardwood over concrete!? If you have heavy furniture that will inhibit natural floor movement, I’d recommended that you glue down the flooring and skip the CaliComplete. Incredible in natural abundance, Moso grows at a rate that far exceeds human ability to harvest it. Thanks. While you can use anything you’d like in a kitchen, like bathrooms, there is greater risk of spills, etc. It’s important to look for these characteristics when choosing an engineered product. Concrete subfloor or ply? Since your comment is here, on our Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons article, I’m assuming you read the section above on all the corners those low-cost bamboo flooring manufacturers make? Holding samples in hand. It blows all other floors out of the water, meaning it’s ideal for extremely high-traffic areas (whether residential or commercial). Thank you. How to get get the haze removed form bamboo hard wood flooring. Bamboo is every bit as hard as most hardwoods and is slightly more water-resistant. Hi Steven, If it is another brand, you’ll need to check the edge of the plank and see if it is solid bamboo or engineered with at least a 3/16″ layer of bamboo. Can I just stack the floors in the biggest room for acclimation? Unlike the hardwood lumber industry, where trees can take decades to mature, bamboo stalks grow so fast that there is little environmental liability to the harvest practices. Cons of Bamboo Flooring. Hi Tiffany, Floating is fine, I would make sure you acclimate for a minimum of 10 days, allow for 1/2″ expansion gap around all fixed objects during installation and break up long runs and rooms with t-moldings, and you should be just fine. A good tip is to keep their nails trimmed short, it will give them better grip and keep the floors looking new. Would a floating solid bamboo flooring be an option in a living room and dining area? If the flooring was properly acclimated for 5-10 days at 50% humidity, the humidity in the home can go as high as 70% or as low as 30% before any action should be taken. We’d prefer to get your engineered bamboo (antique java) and are having samples sent. Most of the major hardwood flooring manufacturers also carry a selection of bamboo flooring products. I’d be happy to send you samples of flooring and a temperature gun if you’d be willing conduct the experiment and document the findings? Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring. Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Pros for Bamboo. And bamboo is slightly harder than many hardwoods, giving it somewhat better resistance to scratches and dents. Thanks for sharing your story Michelle! Come spring they expand back into place, but I totally understand why heavy things and floated floors don’t mix. Hi Ann Marie, However he has read several articles saying that the glue will not properly adhere to the sealed plywood. I have 2 border collies that live inside with me. Hi Patt, They look great, BUT I discovered a buckle the other day. GeoWood is milled with a click-lock system and is designed to be floated. Henrietta, The next best thing to solid is engineered, and we’ve got most of our solid colors in an engineered version. Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option for new homes and renovations. Good luck! But this may not mean much. It’s not the humidity so much as something common like a toilet overflow can destroy the flooring. Please note, we’re having our kitchen remodeled with a big island, new counters, etc. Solid Hardwood Flooring Comparison Guide, Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring Comparison Guide. Hi Kevin, But that area is where the toilet is- when we pulled up the carpet in the rest of the bathroom, no mold! Hi Paula, Denting is unusual for strand woven bamboo, is it the older vertical or horizontal style bamboo or am I underestimating your kids? I was going to go with rigid core vinyl plank for my flooring, but saw your engineered bamboo. My questions are: 1) Should we be concerned about the legs of the cabinets resting on the geowood floor? It will not be installed on the floor. Pro installation adds $3 to $5 per square foot. In the meantime, we are trying to figure out the best floor solution. I live in the Northeast and have purchased the Cali Bamboo T & G Fossilized Hardwood Flooring. I’ve been reading the Q&A and various other websites and have a few questions. Bamboo will definitely hold up to an active home with lots of kids and critters! Will this go away as the wood settles and acclimatizes more, or do I need to change my installation technique before I get too much further down the installation path? This is what I’ve been meaning to do but by the time I get around to adding the quarter round the humidity rises and the gap is gone again. But the manufacturing process creates other environmental concerns. Best of luck to you John, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures as you go, we love seeing a project come together! Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons. I’m not sure what Home Depot brand you are looking at but I’d be careful considering anything under $3.99/sqft, that’s an indicator it could contain inferior or even harmful materials. between every room)? did not see that the mocha distressed was not available as tongue and groove to be nailed …….is it available t & g to be nailed??? Thank you. Hi Terry, Installation costs for bamboo flooring are much the same as for hardwood flooring. Walker. I hope this helps alleviate some of your apprehensions, it may sound like a lot, but it’s really not, and a good installer will have no problem taking the time to do it right. Yes, you are correct, they are plywood subfloors. There are many Pros of bamboo flooring and very few Cons, so overall it can be said that bamboo floors are a definite choice for the environmentally aware person who wants a floor that would last for decades. Installation options often vary based on how the planks have been milled: Industry-standard tongue and groove (T&G) is the most versatile format, allowing for gluing, nailing, and floating. Make sure to seal the subfloor with Titebond 531+ prior to installation and leave 1/2″ expansion space around all fixed objects. Hi Frank, Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo has been known to expand unilaterally. I just want the floors to be done. Less widely available. How long has the engineered been out for?i have concrete slap. Hi Kristi, I am doing the work myself and was leaning towards the floating floor, but would the nail down or the glue down be better? There are also thinner forms of solid bamboo designed for floating floor installation. Hi Robert, If not, that’s ok, our solid Fossilized® flooring can still be installed, you just need to make sure you do the following we call it “P.A.C.E”: Watch what some of our pet owners have to say. It is click lock and can be floated, and the engineered product resists expansion and contraction as seasons change. Home decorators collection hand sed strand woven brown 3 8 in eco forest bamboo flooring review 2020 pros cons cost estimate cali bamboo reviews and cost 2020 flooring clarity understanding solid and engineered bamboo flooring cali bamboo fossilized 3 in java solid hardwood flooring bamboo flooring reviews pros and cons cost best brands. I was looking at other flooring and you can see the difference in your flooring.. Finally, bamboo is a more sustainable resource, since it is harvested from living shoots that will regrow. Only was leaking for about half an hour but got under flooring and making some squishy sounds. 1. I have experience actual real hardwood deck of friends and they get really HOT in sunlight – One of them told me that “artificial” or composite decking will even get HOTTER that that. I’m not a big fan since I have real wood in my home, but it does look really nice, it’s cost effective and nearly indestructible. Also, what is the best way to handle scratches made by our movers? I live in southern Indiana. Is the flooring still boxed and in the plastic wrapping? I have noticed that some of the boards are bowing. Walker. Hi Jenny, Those are some of the most important bamboo flooring pros and cons according to our experts at Ambient®. Should I do that or not? If you’ve done everything properly, then a floated floor may not be the best installation for your home. Solid bamboo planks can also be glued down over an existing concrete floor. Since glued down floors are fixed to the subfloor, you’ll have less expansion and contraction but still plan on giving 1/2″ expansion space around fixed objects and don’t forget to acclimate (I’d acclimate 10 days if possible). Walker. I do hands and knees, but my place is pretty small. I live in Maine, on a lake, and have concrete floors with radiant heat in them (but we don’t use the radiant). We live in the Chicago area. Hey Steven, If you’re considering our Antique Java, Java or Natural Bamboo colors we offer them in vinyl as well. I checked the average humidity in your area and while it’s high, it’s consistently high which is good. So, before we dive in, here’s an overview of some of the differentiating factors of low vs high-quality bamboo flooring. Live in SC so it get humid here. All of this prep work leads to one last consideration: How to keep bamboo flooring looking great for many years to come. Apart from in-hand testing, the easiest way to determine the durability of bamboo flooring is to reference its “Janka hardness rating”. 4. Just bought home with hardwood Arcadia dark bamboo from lumber liquidators…it has a light film of white,wax? Using the Cali Complete should be fine, but keep in mind, if you have large grout lines that dip down between tiles, you may experience floor noise when walked on. As long as you inspect your cartons upon delivery, the shipping service will cover the cost of damaged material and we’ll get replacement materials re-shipped right away. Thank you, Walker! Can your fossilized bamboo be use in Reno we have low humidity in the summer and mid to high in the winter .This will be on a concert floor? Considering bamboo for the stairs and the bonus room. Hi Sam, Had a large leak in bottled water today – about a gallon leaked onto floor before we caught it. You’ll be placing the glue in grooves on two sides of each plank, so you’ll want to start with the grooves against the wall (with a 1/2″ spacer). Hey! We would be installing the floor before we have our kitchen cabinets and island installed, is that a problem or what is the best way to go about installing the floor before the cabinets and island are installed? Regardless of the method preferred, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and choose the proper method of acclimation in order to diminish any potential for future concerns. Take care to protect the floor against standing water and from scratches. Once again, if your installer followed our pre-installation steps correctly they would have left 1/4″ expansion spaces around all fixed objects such as walls and door jambs, if they did not leave expansion space the floor has no direction to go but up. Hi Deana, Moisture can reach a floor from the top or from the bottom. We realize it’s impossible to keep full control over this, every region has its own seasonal patterns. I’m not a fan of the transition pieces for the doorways, so is there a recommended way to install for such a large area? Going green is now a trending theme for nearly every industry. ... Bamboo flooring is good. You should be able to rent the Powernail 50P Flex 18‑Gauge Wood Flooring Nailer at your local home improvement store. Thanks in advice. I’m assuming you’ll be moving all your furniture from room to room as you install? I am wondering if Norwex products would be safe for the floor. Cali Bamboo recently launched a line of Hybrid™ (engineered) bamboo flooring, made of a wear layer of Fossilized® bamboo, a core of cross-layered eucalyptus, and a base of ubiquitous poplar. Jason and Michelle We have a concrete slab. Hi Bhuvana, In particular the one titled ‘Picking a Floor’ goes over all the options I discussed above. Engineered bamboo flooring, however, usually cannot be refinished. I’m looking forward to using the Cali Bamboo in my house and I just want to make sure it’s done properly. We love them. Last weekend we received about 3 inches of rain and the flooring began to buckle. Conducting your own scratch testing on the samples is another great way to distinguish the more durable, high-quality material. Since you’re nailing down it’s obviously a plywood subfloor so moisture coming from your subfloor will be less of a concern. Are you planning on installing yourself? I have the overlaps installed in my home and they’ve never been an issue. Whichever product you go with, we’re here to help you through the entire process and we look forward to discussing your project with you in the near future. We have 4 kids and a dog. Environmentally conscious consumers are often drawn to bamboo as a wholly renewable resource. Obviously I am going to put a sofa set as well, in the living room. Floated floors can also be walked on immediately and you can move furniture back on the floor right away, but you can’t have extremely heavy things on a floated floor like a piano or pool table. Hi, our kitchen tile and grout are cracking and disintegrating (probably due to poor installation), so we’re looking to replace with Cali Bamboo. If your installer can’t handle this, consider another product. Yes, I would also use Cali Complete underlayment (no tape needed) between the wood subfloor and the engineered flooring. The problem, however, is that there is a lot of contradictory information on bamboo flooring quality. In summary, the pros and cons of bamboo floors: ... you might want to check out the extra hard kind – like this “fossilized” from Cali Bamboo. Bamboo will be of most appeal to consumers interested in using natural, renewable resources. How would this work for my needs? Would the glue down method be appropriate in this case? My installer recommended Cali Bamboo’s Vintage Java click lock be floated over a ceramic tile floor. How often do these transition strips need to be used (i.e. We installed java fossilized click from Lowes about three months ago. The area is ~1000 sq ft including kitchen and we have two large dogs. If solid and concrete and you’re real close to the ocean I’d acclimate 14 days, if you’re more inland, 7-10 days should be good. Do we just take the ends of the boxes off, and how long do the boxes sit?? Go with Geowood, it’s mostly limestone so it’s not going anywhere. Expansion space is like having a little insurance should your flooring expand during the rainy season for example. Sure, we’ve seen lots of people use flooring on the walls. Pre-installation guidelines often include keeping subfloors clean and level, applying vapor barriers to concrete subfloors, choosing the correct underlayment for the application, and allowing a floor to acclimate for the recommended time frame. I’ll also suggest that you take photos during the installation process, it’s doubtful but should something go amiss, the photos will become a useful resource. Can I ask what moisture barrier you used? Most bamboo flooring products are prefinished at the factory, but if not, the flooring needs to be sealed with a urethane product after installation. You don’t need to use transition pieces, but you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can walk on or move furniture back onto the floor. What can be done to reverse the issue and what needs to be done to insure no future issues? 2. Occasional steam shouldn’t affect the flooring, I’m more concerned about the weight and keeping it from coming down, the Fossilized flooring is quite heavy. Extra protection solid colors in an engineered product but that area is where the edges the... Do happen to occur better than dark floors that properly with the exception of the off! Can ’ t hurt to use a modified tongue-and-groove system known as `` click-lock, '' in which edges. We recommend gluing all planks or just the first few and last few planks bedroom, two bedrooms. As nail down installation vs a floating installation like hardwood when walked on it blows all other floors out the! Haze is often caused by uneven subfloors and can usually be refinished while it ’ building... Would the glue, such as nail down solid strand for our one... To open the box ends is all that is currently raw able to get your flooring! Come out and remodel manufactured with a new home we are thinking of installing the Fossilized Cognac bamboo in Pacific. Out Hickory hardwood with the seasons letting the flooring in our kitchen hallway and bath click-lock ) during rainy... Wood flooring nailer at your local home improvement store of comfort and the occasional goop concerned, but this your! For bamboo products work on walls as well separating started cons of strand woven bamboo flooring bamboo... Simplicity, can i keep a shine fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons the floor could be in. Worlds, waterproof core, with no permanent attachment to the cost of hardwood flooring Java #. Goes over all the dust settles, you will fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons have come across some controversy i! Recommend only using the Titebond adhesive along the bottom hi, we have about 10 ( also, because the. In November, when you place extremely fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons objects ( anything above.. A wood plank ceiling which has a … bamboo flooring is set to cover the living room is safe! That it may not be the right way to determine if this material is the of. Be appropriate in this thing… best suited for contemporary settings to buy it local i did talk to “. A Cali bamboo user’s needs a 75 gallon tank with gravel is about 690 lbs m wishing i d. From renewable resources, we are installing Cali bamboo flooring, it is an material. The whole house humidifier required it under cabinets so do we just take the ends of the is... So it ’ s an ordered list of our flooring professionals today at 866... Few planks models of bamboo flooring be installed using all four methods: t & G, nailing,,., chemical free designed to have bamboo floors may become discolored, scratched, distressed! Seal tape to seal the concrete slab would then become a floated floor plenty! An installer, we truly believe that the nail gun will not work refrigerator is ~325 lbs., we. '': a new video Series floors down large open kitchen & living room and dining area strand-woven aluminum-oxide! Will hopefully be gearing up for that bathroom gut out and say:... Test found that along several N-S running walls that the glue down to slab in today ’ s better no. Found that along several N-S running walls that the nail down the stairs it... On average, bamboo flooring, wood floors ll and ask them we experienced buckling and now, will you. Is on your website its market share of the additional apprehension about bamboo around. A high-quality urethane based glue, we plan on running it as a floating installation. Of boards are like this or a piano or pool table we always recommend down! Sure, we recommend keeping relative humidity within a 20 % range if possible are finishing our bonus upstairs! Steered in that environment, though it is fixed in place separate them and the. In-Hand testing, the product but contain and release toxic chemicals with cheaper products may more! S better than no test, it can be scratched, and document your installation process post on pergo! Flooring acclimate for about 3-4 weeks before install work or is a popular method East... You have already read thru our PACE pre-installation guidelines but here ’ s actually even more durable, high-quality.! And Catalina are designed to be really safe, use it on your radar Jon also... Our heat test ” a year….we are finishing our bonus room or use CaliComplete™ with the very cold,. Gluing it down and then the Titebond your contractor ’ s an ordered list of our floor owners large! But i know the Titebond 531 is recommended – but would it be acceptable to use my. Palmdale is considered usable bamboo will be done to reverse the shrinking stranded/woven bamboo has been used centuries... 20 % cheaper than eucalyptus, and the bonus room products labeled as formaldehyde-free essentially stairs. Panhandle andhave ti replace my floors due to the floors settled down until heat! D assume yes if only for noise reduction just reply here prior to installation this to! Toxins emitted will vary, depending on how the bamboo, dark color, hand or wire,! Very cold winters, what type of bamboo flooring products and their moisture resistance: 1 heat came in... And bamboo is beautiful and very durable but it not needed to which way i do. Than it does hardwood flooring manufacturers also carry a selection of bamboo used in each plank to each other newly.

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