I initially bought iBird Pro in one of its earlier versions for one reason and one reason only. Bird vocalizations. If I was going out looking for a rarity or even just for a bird that I hadn’t seen (or heard) in awhile I would play the songs and, especially, the chip notes prior to getting into the field to ensure that if the bird called I would recognize it. And, sometimes, I use chip notes to try to lure a bird in, using just a couple of notes and only if I was sure it would not be interfering with a breeding bird or other birder’s enjoyment. After all, I don’t want to bring down the wrath of the number one birder in the world.

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Waite’s Guide to Birds of America for iPad app review: a field guide to bird watching

Waite’s Guide to Birds of America by Mitch Waite Group is a reference app for those who love bird watching. You’ll want to act quickly on this one as it’s available for free for a limited time only.


Waite’s Guide to Birds of America by Mitch Waite Group is a reference app for those who love bird watching. You’ll want to act quickly on this one as it’s available for free for a limited time only. This app was designed specifically to use with the iPad and is meant to act as a field guide and is from the creators of iBird, which happens to be one of the most popular field guides for the iPhone. This app was released on June 21, 2013 and is available in English.

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iBird UK & Irleand Lite Guide to Birds app review: a bird watcher’s companion tool


Any bird watcher knows how important it is to have a reference guide along to answer questions about a bird you may have seen or are looking to spot. If you plan on doing bird watching in Ireland and the UK specifically we have an app you may want to take along with you. The iBird UK & Ireland Lite Guide to Birds app is able to act as your mobile reference guide with information on 283 different birds.

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American Birding Association: “Unequaled Sophistication”

Diana Doyle discusses birding “tools of the trade” in the March/April 2014 edition of Birding magazine. She has some pretty amazing things to say about Mitch Waite Group’s birding apps.

It has the most sophisticated algorithm, incorporates live location, shows search results in real-time (with a slideshow option), and has the most fine-grained advanced key choices.”

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This article previously appeared in the May/June 2014 publication of Birding magazine, a publication of the American Birding Association  
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If you have a strong interest in birding and the environment we highly recommend joining the ABA. As an ABA member, you’ll be part of a network of passionate birders, and you will be helping to advance the ABA’s education and conservation initiatives. The members of the ABA are of all levels of experience who can help you solve identification puzzles, or give you directions to species you’ve long hoped to see. They’ll show you cool new ways to share your own birding experience and perspective. Membership in the ABA gives you targeted, effective ways to give back to the community that has given us all so much. If you would like to know more about all the ABA has to offer please visit the web site If you would like to become a member click this link: Join ABA Today.


Smartphone Apps for Photographers

iBird Explorer Pro is one of the best bird identification apps for smartphones I’ve found. It’s also available for Android smartphones.

Right now it’s on sale at the iTunes app store.

What I really like about this app is that you don’t have to guess, or know in advance which group a species you’re trying to identify belongs, unlike most birding books.

iBird Explorer Pro leads you step by step toward your identification. You enter information from your observation of the bird, such as: location, shape, size, habitat, primary color, observed month, wing shape, tail shape, leg color, crown color, nape color, eye color, bill shape, bill length, etc. and the app will then list the potential birds yours might be, and will display facts and photos about them, and even play a recording of their song.

The app really helps you identify the birds you’re photographing.

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Give wing to your birding with iBird Yard Plus

iBird Yard Plus is a bird watcher’s best friend. Your next nature hike or research outing will be greatly enhanced by this fully interactive digital guide to the birds you see and hear along the way, all for less money than a single full-color birding book.

Easily search this massive collection of 234 common species by habitat, shape, color and more. Click a button to hear bird songs and sounds, then as a bird comes into view, utilize the extensive collection of photos and drawings to verify identification.

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iBird Pro for iPhone Revisited: still the best (and even better)!

As I have mentioned in past reviews, iBird’s search mode can be an excellent tool to teach new birders the kinds of things they should be looking for as they are observing birds in the field.

With this breath of features and depth of solid information, iBird Explorer Pro for iPhone 3.0 continues to set the standard, not only for what a birding field guide can be on the iPhone, but for what any iPhone field guide can aspire to. There is more information here at the tips of your fingers than any birder could digest in a lifetime…but it is all information that a birder might need, sometime, somewhere. The magic is that, with iBird Explorer Pro, it is right there in your pocket!

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Shooting to Software Stardom on the iPhone

Mitchell Waite could think of only one reason that Apple’s legal department would leave a voice message last February asking him to call back: he was about to be sued. Mr. Waite has a tiny software company bearing his name-it has no full-time employees-whose principal product is a field guide to birds called iBird Explorer, which runs on the iPhone and the
iPod touch.

Mr. Waite said an Apple liaison told him, “We pick apps not for how well they’re selling-we pick apps that will sell more iPhones and iPod Touches because they show off the best features or are something you can’t get elsewhere.”

Fitting that bill is Mr. Waite’s iBird application, which turns the iPhone into an always-in-hand field guide replete with bird calls that a printed field guide cannot provide.

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iBird Explorer Plus Review

iBird Explorer Plus is nearly perfect and one of the best field guides to birds you’ll find anywhere, whether on your iPhone, in print, or on the Web. Powerful search tools, detailed identification information, recorded bird calls, great photographs and drawings all wrapped in a great, easy-to-use package put a wealth of birding information right inside your pocket.

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The Well-Equipped Birder

iBird contains all the information you would expect in your favorite field guide book-range maps, illustrations, photographs, and a text description of about 900 species of North American birds. Plus, most of the birds’ sounds are available at the push of a button, so you can actually hear the calls of the birds in question, or use the sounds to lure a skulking bird out into view. It gives you a number of ways to search through the extensive catalog of bird info. It also lets you view more information about any particular bird by linking you to its entry in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

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