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iBird Pro 2 Android App Review

Spotted a bird in the wild and cannot tell what it is? You can learn more about this beautiful creature with the iBird Pro 2 by the Mitch Waite group, which is packed with detailed photos, information, and even song clips for over 900 bird species in North America and Hawaii. Search for a particular bird according to a variety of attributes, including location, body shape, size, song, habitat, color, Latin names, flight pattern, and bill shape.

The search function of this app is intuitive; it narrows down your selection as you type. For instance, typing “rob” streamlines the list from 924 total bird species to just four species of robin. And while you can select a state or province as a location parameter, it does not make use of GPS functionality.

The search results come in stunning, detailed illustrations, photographs, text descriptions, range maps, taxonomy and ecology information, and audio clips of bird calls. Wikipedia articles and Flickr photo galleries are attached to each species for further research.

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Ned May, Vice President and Lead Analyst of Outsell Inc. says, “…the creator of the iBird application has cracked the code for creating a truly successful e-book.”

Finally An eBook Worth “Reading” – Ned May

I recently ran across a software program called iBird Explorer that was featured in Apple’s iPhone application store. Having a grandfather who was a published ornithologist, and being a bit of a backyard birder, it is unsurprising that the application caught my eye. So after browsing through some user generated reviews, I decided to buy the application – and not just the featured version priced at $4.95, but the deluxe version priced at $19.95. In the ensuing weeks, despite the continued prognosis of further global economic doom, I have felt every penny of that was well spent.

My personal reaction should be very welcome news to publishers because what I bought was less a software program and more a digital book. Further, I had recently bought a printed bird guide for about half the price and though it contained nearly identical content, I now feel that I overpaid for the print version, or (perhaps even more encouraging for publishers), underpaid for the digital one.

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“I look at it like Apple paid me $10 million to show my application on every single major network, every major television show-no, I can’t even put a figure on it,” Mr. Waite said.

Shooting to Software Stardom on the iPhone – Randall Stross

Mitchell Waite could think of only one reason that Apple’s legal department would leave a voice message last February asking him to call back: he was about to be sued. Mr. Waite has a tiny software company bearing his name-it has no full-time employees-whose principal product is a field guide to birds called iBird Explorer, which runs on the iPhone and the
iPod touch.

Mr. Waite said an Apple liaison told him, “We pick apps not for how well they’re selling-we pick apps that will sell more iPhones and iPod Touches because they show off the best features or are something you can’t get elsewhere.”

Fitting that bill is Mr. Waite’s iBird application, which turns the iPhone into an always-in-hand field guide replete with bird calls that a printed field guide cannot provide.

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Stephen Ingraham, who for years has reviewed and written about birding optics for Better View Desired and Birding Magazine, sets his sights on iBird.

iBird Explorer UK – Stephen Ingraham

If you have followed my reviews of iBird Explorer Pro for the iPhone and iPad here on Cloudy Days and Connected Nights, you will know that I consider this app family to be one of the best examples of what can be done with iOS. It is a wonderful reference app for anyone with an interesting birds and birding…

iBird Explorer UK only demonstrates that the iBird folks are not resting on their laurels. Each version of iBird, including this one, continues to set a new standard for birding applications, and iOS applications in general.
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iBird Pro for iPhone Revisited: still the best (and even better)! – Stephen Ingraham

As I have mentioned in past reviews, iBird’s search mode can be an excellent tool to teach new birders the kinds of things they should be looking for as they are observing birds in the field.

With this breath of features and depth of solid information, iBird Explorer Pro for iPhone 3.0 continues to set the standard, not only for what a birding field guide can be on the iPhone, but for what any iPhone field guide can aspire to. There is more information here at the tips of your fingers than any birder could digest in a lifetime…but it is all information that a birder might need, sometime, somewhere. The magic is that, with iBird Explorer Pro, it is right there in your pocket!
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iBird Pro HD: iBird Pro for the iPad – Stephen Ingraham

iBird Pro HD builds on the exceptional user interface of iBird Yard, one of the most effective uses of the iPad’s potential we are likely to see. It has the same amazing search engine, with instantaneous predictive search…but it includes iBird Pro for iPhone’s full 924 species, the full set of illustrations and photos, all the photos, the extensive identification and conservation notes, and and the new expanded set of sound recordings from Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It also, like iBird Pro, allows multiple sets of notes on the species, multiple “Life Lists”, and multiple “favorites lists”.
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“Bird watchers have another indispensable tool with this mobile app.”

iBird Explorer Plus Review – Jeffery Battersby

iBird Explorer Plus is nearly perfect and one of the best field guides to birds you’ll find anywhere, whether on your iPhone, in print, or on the Web. Powerful search tools, detailed identification information, recorded bird calls, great photographs and drawings all wrapped in a great, easy-to-use package put a wealth of birding information right inside your pocket.

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See why professional photographer Ned S. Levi calls iBird Explorer Pro “…one of the best bird identification apps for smartphones I’ve found.”

Smartphone apps for photographers: iBird Explorer Pro – Ned S. Levi

iBird Explorer Pro is one of the best bird identification apps for smartphones I’ve found. It’s also available for Android smartphones.

Right now it’s on sale at the iTunes app store.

What I really like about this app is that you don’t have to guess, or know in advance which group a species you’re trying to identify belongs, unlike most birding books.

iBird Explorer Pro leads you step by step toward your identification. You enter information from your observation of the bird, such as: location, shape, size, habitat, primary color, observed month, wing shape, tail shape, leg color, crown color, nape color, eye color, bill shape, bill length, etc. and the app will then list the potential birds yours might be, and will display facts and photos about them, and even play a recording of their song.

The app really helps you identify the birds you’re photographing.

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Natural history and environmental writer Chris Clarke calls iBird “Brilliant”.

Best Field Guide Ever – Chris Clarke

This app is brilliant, and it’ll get better. It’s a clever use of the iPhone’s technology that will actually increase people’s knowledge of, and appreciation for, the planet they’re on. How often does that happen? I suspect that there will be people who’ll buy the iPhone (or iPod touch) solely to use this app, and I have trouble saying that’s a completely bad idea.

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Read what the managing editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest thinks of iBird.

The Well-equipped Birder: iBird – Jim Cirigliano

iBird contains all the information you would expect in your favorite field guide book-range maps, illustrations, photographs, and a text description of about 900 species of North American birds. Plus, most of the birds’ sounds are available at the push of a button, so you can actually hear the calls of the birds in question, or use the sounds to lure a skulking bird out into view. It gives you a number of ways to search through the extensive catalog of bird info. It also lets you view more information about any particular bird by linking you to its entry in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

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Reviews of iBird and other bird related apps.

A Touch-Screen Field Guide to the Birds, for Instant IDs – Bob Tedeschi

The best part of iBird Plus and iBird Yard are the search functions. Both give you multiple attributes to select when you’re searching, like head shape, primary and secondary colors and flight patterns. iBird Yard makes great use of the iPad’s bigger screen to speed that search.

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Fairweather Zealot
Detailed review of iBird Explorer Plus, highlighting its many features.

iBird Explorer Plus – Fairweather Zealot

Since the iPhone came out I wondered how long it would take for someone to come out with some good birding apps. Longer than I had expected, it turns out. A few small apps with limited usefulness appeared early on but none had the two main rings I was looking for: a mini field guide and a checklist. Then one day I came across something new, and very promising: the iBird Explorer Plus software.

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phones review
Phones Review CEO Mark Chubb reviews iBird Yard HD.

Attract Birds to Your Yard iPad App: iBird HD – Mark Chubb

If you love birds then iBird Yard HD for iPad is definitely a download you should consider, how to attract birds to your yard is easy enough but to name all species is hard. Let this app help you with all the details you need.

iBird Yard is a stunning interactive guide to most of the planets species found in your backyard of North America, so far the app contains over 86 birds to the database including raptors and common shorebirds. This app has many photos, illustrations, bird calls plus comprehensive facts to help you identify and enjoy 234 North American bird species.

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Wildlife photographer Jeff Wendorff tells how iBird has improved his bird photography.

iBird Explorer for Photographers – Jeff Wendorff

What a fantastic piece of software for the birder or perhaps even more so for the bird photographer. Just to be clear, I am not a birder, but I am a bird photographer. I also firmly believe that you cannot be a really good wildlife photographer without knowing your subject. So I am always reading and observing in order to improve my chances of making a really great photograph. Now along comes iBird!

iBird is the first software that I purchased for my iPhone and I have had my phone for almost a year! It has everything that I need to know to identify birds while in the field. Great descriptions, great illustrations, great photographs (yes, some are mine) and even calls are included in this application.

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Popular bird and conservation blog calls iBird “…a great deal that should be in every birder’s pocket.”

Review of iBird Explorer Plus – birdfreak

While it is unlikely a mobile phone or PDA application will ever replace a printed field guide, it is wonderful to see such applications being developed. The iBird Explorer Plus from the creators of is the premiere portable field guide.

iBird Explorer provides entries for 891 North American Birds and can be browsed by scrolling or entering the first or last name of the bird or by family.

For a price of only $19.99, iBird Explorer Plus is a great deal and should be in every birder’s pocket.

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An in depth review of iBird Pro for the Android.

A Review of iBird Pro – Brent W. Hopkins

iBird Pro is a decidedly superior alternative to traditional paper field guides, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about North American birds.

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See why iBird Yard Plus is “…the first must-have bird watching app for nature-loving DROID owners everywhere.”

Give wing to your birding with iBird Yard Plus – Tim McLain

iBird Yard Plus is a bird watcher’s best friend. Your next nature hike or research outing will be greatly enhanced by this fully interactive digital guide to the birds you see and hear along the way, all for less money than a single full-color birding book.

Easily search this massive collection of 234 common species by habitat, shape, color and more. Click a button to hear bird songs and sounds, then as a bird comes into view, utilize the extensive collection of photos and drawings to verify identification.

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