I just bought a new Andorid smartphone and when I try to install iBird I get a Not Compatible message

Manufactures of Android phones and tablets all license the same exact operating system from Google. In order to stand out from their competitors, each manufacturer periodically updates the device and its OS to add new features. This is not the same as updating the Android OS that Google distributes. We are referring to custom changes that fall outside of Google’s domain. For example the company may add a special “skin” which puts a custom software layer on top of the standard Android interface. By doing this they can change the way the interface looks and responds to user input. Or they may add special hardware, such as eye tracking, were the device knows when you have read to the bottom of the page by monitoring your eyes, and so can then automatically scroll it. All these features are cool, some work an some don’t, but overall this is great for consumers who delight in modernization. However many of these changes have unintended secondary effects, such as causing apps that once worked fine to fail, or wearing the battery down excessively.


So when considering buying a new phone or tablet which you wish to run iBird on, you need to exercise some cautions. First we advise that you first download and install iBird Lite on the new device before you buy it. If iBird Lite performs well then it’s very likely that iBird Pro will work well too, and so safe it’s to buy the new phone. If iBird Lite fails in some way then its likely the manufacture affected an underlying subsystem.


Here at Mitch Waite Group we try and stay on top of the updates that Google makes in their OS (you are probably familiar with the deserts they name these versions after such as ice cream sandwich and gingerbread.) We can’t however anticipate all the changes that companies make and that means in some cases the update will break iBird.


We can assure  you that when we do an update we will will try and get iBird to comply with as many phones and tables as we can. We send out a mailing whenever we do an update to any of our products so as long as you have registered you will get a copy of the this email.

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