Migrating Favorites and Notes Tutorial 

This document is a tutorial on how to migrated the favorites and notes you have stored in iCloud to the NEW iBird Pro 7.01 update. First we remind you of how you saved favorites and notes in the iCloud then show you how to use the new Migration feature in Settings. If you would like to know more about how this happened as well as read our apology you can jump to the end of this page to And Now a Word From our Sponsor.

How Favorites and Lists were managed in iCloud (iBird Pro 6.11)

How to Migrate data in iCloud to iBird 7 Pro device (or Dropbox)

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

We Goofed. I would like to take this time to apologize for the trouble we caused those of you who rely on Favorites and Notes in iBird, and lost them when you updated to the new iBird 7 Pro. There is really no good excuse we can offer; we simply rushed out the update too fast. Why? We were launching iBird 7 Ultimate, with a number of new features, and didn't want our loyal iBird Pro customers to think we were neglecting them. Unfortunately our programmer had some critical commitments that could not be avoided, and we did not have time to get the Migration code working. Looking back we should have held off launching iBird Pro 7 until he was available again, and just taken the punishment we always get when we launch a new app. By punishment I am referring to the people that accuse us of being money grubbing, insensitive pond scum, who only care about making a profit and leave scathing 1 star reviews on iTunes. We certainly understand how frustrating it is to have an update seem to destroy something you love, but if we really only cared about making money then why would we update iBird Pro sixteen times since May of 2009? There are other things that we changed in the iBird 7 Pro update we have taken heat for and I'd like to explain what they are and how we are rectifying them.

Text Colors. While the new update, iBird Pro 7.01, fixes the problem for those of you who had saved your Favs in the iCloud it does not address the complaint about the white text on a black background. Many of you expressed that this combination is just too hard to read and wanted the old black text on a white background to be restored. I have good news, we are about done giving you the ability to switch between the two modes, which we refer to as day or night. Believe it or not the white text on a black background is much better for using your app at night. It's not only easier on the eyes, the phone generates much less light and is much less likely to reveal your presence to the birds you wish to identify.

Save and Load Search. Another feature we left out of this update, and will be restoring in a subsequent update, is Save and Load Search. The previous Saved Searches were NOT stored in iCloud so they were destined to be erased when you updated. This is a legacy condition we could do nothing about. We had no idea how people would respond to Saved Searches, how many would use them and if they would even be noticed. Based on a few of the attack reviews it's clear some people use them a LOT. So in a future version of iBird Pro and Ultimate we will restore Saved Searches and have them synced to Dropbox so you can share them and never worry about losing them again. One reviewer requested that we add the ability to save every bird in a search result list to a particular favorite list. I just don't see the value of that to the majority of our customers. Perhaps this reviewer could post there idea on the iBird forum so we can find out if anyone else cares about this idea? In fact if you reviewers who like to attack us on iTunes have the courage, why don't you jump to this forum and leave your comments and ideas, so we can see how many people think like you do? We can have a man-to-man debate. And get you out from hiding behind the one-way, read-only reviews on iTunes.

Miscellaneous Changes Coming. Some other things we are going to add to the next update are as follows...

Those are the main changes you can look forward to in the next update of iBird 7 Pro. While we know it's a pain to install such a large app, especially if you are on a limited bandwidth Internet plan, we hope that this and the next update will get you back to loving iBird like you did before. If it doesn't, well there is probably nothing we could to do make you happy. :-)

If you have any questions about the subjects in this page please contact us at iBird.com/contact-us.

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