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iBird Pro Guide to Birds
  • Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4070)
  • Last updated: April 18, 2017
  • Version: 10.01
  • Species Count: 944
  • Database Size: 1,370 MB

iBird Pro Guide to Birds is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of advanced birders and professional naturalists. It offers comprehensive identification, behavior, habitat and ecology information, twice as many search attributes as iBird Plus Guide to Birds, hand-drawn illustrations, professional photographs, range maps, and playable calls for 944 North American and Hawaiian bird species. view screenshots

▶ NEW RELEASE - IBIRD JOURNAL - A LISTING APP MADE FOR IBIRD ▶ iBIRD PRO VERSION 7.22 UPDATE SALE - 33% OFF SALE ENDS SOON, SO ACT NOW. PRICE REDUCED TO $19.99 ▶ Voted the #1 best birding app in the world. ▶ HAVE YOU SEE OUR KILLER IPAD-ONLY WORLD CLASS BIRDING APP? Go to http://bit.ly/waites_birds "IBIRD PLUS FROM MITCH WAITE GROUP EXEMPLIFIES ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE IN A POCKET-SIZED REFERENCE APPLICATION" - Jeffery Battersby, Macworld ▶ MWG’s GREATEST UPDATE EVER! We’ve added 12 new species to iBird’s database for a total of 938 species, aligned with the AOU / ABA standards, optimized for iPhone 5, iOS 6 & iPad Mini and added hundreds of new drawings and photos. ▶ WE’VE ADDED THESE NEW SPECIES TO 7.22: Apapane, Common Waxbill, Hawaiian Coot, Hawaiian Petrel, Brown-chested Martin, Cape Verde Shearwater, Parkinson's Petrel, Red-lored Parrot, Rosy-faced Lovebird, Tundra Bean-Goose, White-chinned Petrel and White-eyed Parakeet. ▶ IPHONE 5  NS IPHONE 6 SCREEN SUPPORT - iBird now takes full advantage of the taller iPhone 5 AND 6 screenS. ▶ FULL SCREEN & LANDSCAPE VIEW FOR ILLUSTRATIONS – with zoom and pinch. ▶ NEW TO BIRDING? Try our free iBird LITE or inexpensive regional or backyard versions. ▶ CHECK THIS IBIRD PRODUCT COMPARE TABLE: http://tinyurl.com/ibird-products iBird is the app everyone has seen in Apple’s TV commercial “We have an app for that” (see ibird.com/itchy) and has become the world’s best-selling birding app. It comes with a powerful decision engine for identifying any bird species of North America just like an expert. iBird replaces all your heavy field guides with a portable database that doesn’t need a connection to the internet like some birding apps. ▶ BUYER’S GUIDE TO BIRDING APPS – Before you buy any bird app compare their features at: ibird.com/compare. ▶ INCLUDES 940 SPECIES FROM NORTH AMERICA AND HAWAII – no other app comes close to this number of species. ▶ SYNCS – Automatically syncs Favorites and Notes to iCloud. ▶ 37 SEARCH ATTRIBUTES – search by color, shape, song, location, head and body patterns, flight style and much more. Includes a new way to search by color, tutorials on how to use the search and definitions of every attribute. ▶ AUDIO SONGS AND CALLS – iBird Pro offers 5 hours of bird songs and calls.  We have 154 more species song tracks than any other bird app! ▶ UNIQUE SPECTROGRAPHIC DISPLAY brings insight to the structure of bird songs by allowing you to view the sound's frequency components. ▶ SAVE & LOAD SEARCH - Now you can save, load, name and edit your favorite search attributes and use them over and over. ▶ PHOTO CENTER - Photo Center is a gallery for storing and assigning your photos to specific species pages in iBird. It also allows you to share photos via Facebook and Twitter, or email them to friends. AWARDS and ACCOLADES for iBird: ■ MACWORLD'S "BEST REFERENCE APP 2009: 4 ½ out of 5 mice." ■ O'REILLY "BEST IPHONE BIRDWATCHING APP 2009" ■ NOMINATED 2012 BEST APP EVER FROM 148APPS.COM ■ RECOMMENDED BY SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MAGAZINE, AUGUST 2012 ■ TELEVISION PERSONALITY HOST PHIL DONAHUE'S FAVORITE BIRD APP Standard Features: ■ Parameter driven search engine lets you identify birds quickly, so you spend more time observing and less time reading. ■ Search by Shape, Size, Habitat, Color, Family, Song, Length, Weight, Flight Pattern, Wingspan, and much more. ■ Taxonomic and Alphabetical Family sort options. ■ Hand-drawn full sized color illustrations, with perching and flight views. ■ Multiple professional photographs for each species showing sexes and seasons. ■ Extensive identification, behavior, and habitat information. ■ Full color range maps. ■ Bookmark birds as Favorites for fast access. As a standalone iPhone app, iBird does not require an Internet connection for access to the information in its database.
▶ NEW RELEASE - IBIRD JOURNAL - A LISTING APP MADE FOR IBIRD ▶ HAVE YOU SEE OUR KILLER IPAD-ONLY WORLD CLASS BIRDING APP? Go to http://bit.ly/waites_birds ▶ iBIRD PRO VERSION 7.22 UPDATE SALE - 33% OFF SALE ENDS SOON, SO ACT NOW. PRICE REDUCED TO $19.99 ▶ Voted the #1 best birding app in the world. ▶ MWG’s greatest update ever! We’ve added 12 new species to iBird’s database for a total of 940 species, aligned with the AOU and ABA standards, optimized for iPhone 5, iOS 6 and the iPad Mini, and added hundreds of new drawings and photos. ▶ WE’VE ADDED THESE NEW SPECIES TO 7.22: Apapane, Common Waxbill, Hawaiian Coot, Hawaiian Petrel, Brown-chested Martin, Cape Verde Shearwater, Parkinson's Petrel, Red-lored Parrot, Rosy-faced Lovebird, Tundra Bean-Goose, White-chinned Petrel, and White-eyed Parakeet. ▶ IPHONE 5  AND IPHONE 6 SCREEN SUPPORT - iBird now takes full advantage of the taller iPhone 5 AND 6 screens. ▶ UPDATED ILLUSTRATIONS - 60 iBird species have brand new illustrations by one of our award-winning artists, Michael Oberhofer. ▶ FULLSCREEN VIEW OF ILLUSTRATIONS - Now by tapping on the illustration for a species you can open a full screen view of the illustration that allows you to zoom. ▶ LANDSCAPE MODE - All of the iBird portrait screens now support landscape orientation on the iPad and the iPad Mini. ▶ IPAD FULL LANDSCAPE MODE – All screens on iPad now work in Landscape. ▶ UPDATED SPECIES NAMES - Updated the common names of 6 species, and 46 species have had their Latin names revised. We made changes to the taxonomic ordering and band codes for all the species with new Latin names. ▶ MISCELLANEOUS – Syncing of Favorites and Notes to the cloud has been made more robust. There is now a warning if you try to close Notes without saving. The glossary has been added to the species page slider for easy access.
Notable Features of all versions:
  • Location search has two attributes: Common for the most popular species in a state and Uncommon for rare and state listed birds.
  • Attributes are grouped into basic, head and flight related area.
  • 14 new search attributes including search by patterns, length, wingspan.
  • Updated state and province bird lists using official references.
  • Shake your device to automatically play a random bird song.
  • Taxonomic and Alphabetical family sort options on Browse screen.
  • Fantastic app for college students ★★★★★I recently took an ornithology course, in which I was required to purchase either a print copy of a bird identification guide, Sibley’s e-guide, or iBird Pro. I actually purchased all three, as I was unsure what my needs would be in the field. The paper copy turned out to be fairly useless, as I found it too time consuming to flip back and forth between pages in order to search for characteristics that would identify a particular bird. Sibley’s e-guide is a very good one, but I felt that the search capabilities of that app are not as good as the ones in iBird Pro. I also disliked the lack of actual photographs in Sibley’s app. The illustrations are excellent, but I very much prefer photographs.During my ornithology studies, I kept finding myself going to the iBird Pro app when the Sibley app just didn’t provide me with enough information to make a definitive identification. In short order, iBird Pro became my go-to app for field identification as well as sttudying. My professor required us to memorize the scientific (genus and species) names of 160 North American birds; we also had to know which family each bird belonged to, and be able to identify each bird by sight alone and by hearing just its song or call (without actually seeing the bird). For my purposes, iBird Pro turned out to be the better option. The Favorites List made it extremely easy to study the characteristics of my assigned species whenever I had a free moment, without having to constantly search for each bird individually. There is also an option to group the birds taxonomically, which helped me learn the family and scientific names. The embedded audio in iBird is absolutely fantastic, and the inclusion of actual photographs along with illustrations really makes this app stand out. I cannot remember whether the Sibley app offeres a favorites list and taxonomic grouping, as it’s been so long since I used it. I did find the Sibley app useful for supplementary study, as the audio in Sibley’s app differs from that in iBird; it was nice to be able to hear a wide range of recorded songs and calls between the two apps. However, iBird Pro is still my go-to app whenever I want to identify a bird quickly. If you are a student of ornithology and you have the means, go ahead and try both iBird and the Sibley app. Both have useful features and are nicely designed, and you may find yourself going back and forth between the two as I did. However, if you’re limited to just one purchase, I recommend that you avoid the paper field guides and go with iBird. The Sibley app is an excellent one, but in my opinion, iBird offers a more intuitive interface with more features. The inclusion of photos (usually several for each species) made my studies so much more successful than they would have been if I had just used the Sibley app and had to search online for actual photographs. -attack_puppy
  • Great ★★★★★Being new to the bird world I searched for the perfect app for me without buying numerous ones. I was able to pick up iBird while it was on sale and was shocked at the breadth and depth of this app. It is very intuitive and easy to learn.I am very pleased with this app and with this new update I can’t help but write a review with its praise.This is the one and only bird app you don’t need to bother trying any other. -Steven Pecky
  • iBird explorer pro ★★★★★ Greatest bird app. Love the calls/songs to help identify. My favorite bird app. -lat12
  • Love it! ★★★★★ Awesome app. I love the pictures and the calls. It is easy to use and really helpful. I may even like it better than the Sibley app. -Me<3
  • Amazing ★★★★★ The new update is amazing. Retina icon looks awesome. Love this app. -Steve Gary
  • Doesn’t get any better than this! ★★★★★ Every app should be this good. You will not find a better bird app period. -Cloverboy4
  • Great App ★★★★★ Like carrying Sibley’s and an ornithologist along in your pocket. -RiggerClay
  • IBird app ★★★★★Am just getting started with iBird and so far, love it. Very complete. Thanks.A week later and I have learned SO much about the bird world. Never would have found iBird if Audubon hadn’t ‘updated’ their app and destroyed it. -Nelsbert
  • Great App! ★★★★★ Fast, tons of great info/pictures/sounds, and a great user interface. I have 3 bird apps and keep coming back to this one. -oodways
  • Awesome app ★★★★★ iBird is a great app that is a huge resource and easy to use and navigate. You never know when you may se a bird you want to identify. I paid the full price a year ago and it has been worth every penny even though getting it half off would have been better. So get it while it’s cheap. -Cedric Harris
  • Top of my list! ★★★★★A few days ago I gave this app as a gift to my girlfriend, who raved about it. I then got it for myself, though I have never been very interested in bird watching. Two days ago we went out to a salt marsh preserve and put the application to use, spotting half a dozen birds very quickly. The most astonishing moment came when I played the calls for the Tree Swallow and one started circling us. This occurred again with a Killdeer.The search function is also very remarkable. We made a game of trying to find a particular bird by guessing it’s attributes in the many search parameters.We did get the application on sale, but honestly, it’s depth-especially the quality of audio calls-justify a higher Adult/Real price. This isn’t kid’s stuff.I imagine, too, that the creators are paying attention to suggestions and will continue to support this product with updates and additions.If you are a bird watcher you should have this. It needn’t replace field guides, but the enhancement of the audio files make it extremely useful.The application also allows you to take time stamped and geo-tagged notes which you can email.There is enormous offline content. This is vital given that any nature based application may be used away from signal.If you are not a birder, this might make you one very quickly! -Letter Warrior
  • Awesome search capability (v5.1) ★★★★★I am now and probably will always be a novice and casual birder. For me the search tool is what makes this a five star app. I’ve got Sibley, Peterson, and the National Geographic books but have always found them frustrating to use when trying to ID a new bird. No doubt with some better training and experience these books would make more sense but the frustration often leads to loosing interest in birding. However, iBird has renewed my interest greatly because I can fairly quickly ID birds. The excellent drawings, photos, and bird songs do a lot to build your confidence. Plus, with the same device and app you can take photos, write notes, record your current position, and cross check with other birding resources.The search tool is great. Enter your location and a couple other criteria like general color and maybe the head color and you are down to a short list of birds. From these just start studying the results and compare to the bird you are observing. Quite often the links to similar species gets me to the correct ID.Works really great on an iPad.Some reviews I’ve read criticize this app as being not one for the serious birder. Given that this is a new medium with more functionality than a paper book those reviews to me are a bit off base. I would think that for the serious birder this app would be a valuable first pass search tool that would help narrow the possibilities. The books are always there as the final resource. Although I would bet Sibley et al are all working on iPad versions of their books right now. iBird is an excellent demonstration of the possibilities for reference and teaching tools. -DLG222
  • Terrific App for IDs on the Fly! ★★★★★ Huge amount of information and simple to navigate. Great app! -Dumaisn
  • I bird pro ★★★★★ This is the best app for birders. It is awesome and all-inclusive, It is easy to use and novice friendly. -Capt. George
  • Beautiful ★★★★★ If you like and want to know more about birds, this app is for you. I’ve checked them all and this is the best. -Krug j.
  • Highly Recommend ★★★★★ A little about myself first, I love to watch and learn about bird behavior but am not into the serious stuff like taxonomoc naming. Have used this app since it came out and love it. Easy to use and well laid out. Clear pics and descriptions. Search function works great. Other night I heard an owl hooting. Opened up the app, did a quick search for owls in my area, litened to the calls and was able to identify the owl. Take a few minutes to learn about the features and you will have an invaluable tool at your fingertips! -Cairnblsd
  • I-bird ★★★★★ Unbelievable app. I can’t imagine how to improve this app. The sounds, photos, links are all excellent. This app is really worth ten times my cost and I would recommend it at that amount. Amazing job creating this. -Woodchurch
  • Great App for teaching ★★★★★ I used this with my daughter’s 2nd grade class. They loved seeing the birds and hearing songs after catching fleeting glimpses in the fields and woods at school. -Winnegance
  • I bird explorer pro ★★★★★ Excellent application. The combination of drawings and good photo images alone make this worth having. -TheBirdly
  • Love it ★★★★★ I’ve been super happy with this app…And the upgrades continue to be great! Worth every penny! -vatechman11
  • Recommend ★★★★★ I’m majoring in wildlife biology and am in an Ornithology class. I love this app. For tests I have to know birds by sight and call and this is very helpful. I also have to do field work and identify a number of things I haven’t ever seen before. This is perfect for that because you can: Search by: Head color, Chest color, Foot color, Beak shape, Silhouette, Wing shape, Current location And MANY other categories, and it will bring up possible birds that it could be. Perfect for learning more about birds you already know and for figuring what a bird is that you just saw for the first time. -Wwwrrraaaa
  • THE BEST BIRD APP ON THE PLANET!! ★★★★★ I have had this app for a while and just got the 4s. Even more beautiful. IBird just blows the competition out of the water by a mile and then some. I HAVE the other bird apps too. Not even close to IBird. In fact, I upgraded to 64g from a 16g iPhone 4 JUST to allow more bird apps! This app is just beyond awesome, as are ALL of the IBird apps. So easy to use and soooo many features. No, I do not work for IBird in anyway. I just love this app. It is my favorite app of all time out of 300 plus apps I own. I just got IBird UK even though I may never go there. As always, worth every penny. -PuffyClementine
  • Excellent app ★★★★★ I’ve had this app for well over six months and it is fantastic, well worth the money. It’s handy to have access to everything I might use to identify a bird in the field, like photo AND illustrations, search filters, audio clips, and more. Over the months, the updates just make this app even better. Although I haven’t used it yet, I really like the addition of the option to upload my own photos. -Khscott
  • The Best Wildlife App Yet ★★★★★ Fun, delightful software for anyone who loves birds and birding. Works great, and just when you thought it couldn’t get better, they add another fun feature. We’ve figured out several species that strayed out of they’re normal migration path because we had the app in hand. I love figuring out the species while they’re in front of you, or right when you hear them (on the iPod Touch). At home we look up the birds we caught in our photos on the iPad-where the pictures are beautiful and large. I plan to use the multiple favorites lists to track birds in the various places we visit over and over again. My one wish is to have an app like this for plants, flowers, insects (dragonflies), mammals, reptiles, and geology. -longtalker
  • I Bird PRO ★★★★★ Without a doubt the BEST app available for bird loves. With the features available, you get all the information you ever need pertaining to any bird in North America. -WRWertz
  • Best birding app to date ★★★★★ Must have if you consider yourself a birder, or would want a great reference for birds. Would like the ability to pinch and zoom on the photos as you can with the portrait. Hoping this is in one of the frequent updates. Thanks guys! …Latest update adds landscape and zoom for photos. Way to go guys. Great update! -Joe_58
  • Must have ★★★★ This is a must have for birders and photographers of birds. I love the feature that let’s me add my own photos. The app will play a randomized slide show with the pics of any photographer, including sounds. This app has made me a better birder. -Lmurrayphd
  • Bird in hand ★★★★★ Literally this app puts all the information right in your hand with your iPhone and iPad. Wonderful to be able to stand in the field and quickly search iBird and identify the bird I’m watching. Thanks! -Ladyhorse
  • Artist/Photographer ★★★★★ This is an excellent app! Very comprehensive guide with beautiful artwork and photography and loaded with plenty of information and features. I film, photograph and record bird songs so I find this app to be really useful that helps quickly identify birds of North America. -Shinrin Art
  • Amazing ★★★★★ Thanks iBird for making my life complete with such an easy to use program. -ravenstarfire

As a standalone app, iBird does not require an Internet connection for access to the rich media information in its database. This does mean that the application is large, so please be patient when downloading.

You can also keep up to date with fellow iBird users by following @iBirdExplorer on Twitter and by joining the iBird fan page on Facebook.

If you use iBird in the field, please do so responsibly. We recommend the American Birding Association's Code of Ethics (http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html), particularly section 1(b), for guidance.